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Rihanna -- Chris Thought He Was Invincible

11/7/2009 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna feels Chris Brown had "no limits" because fame came to him at such a young age -- and that may have played a role in the brutal beating earlier this year.


Rihanna told Diane Sawyer on "20/20" last night, "Fame came to Chris very young ... You're a kid and the word 'no' doesn't exist? You become invincible. There's no right or wrong, you just do."

RiRi also said she hasn't heard Chris' "apology" song and thinks his apology video online looked like he was reading from a teleprompter.


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Pure lies to protect both their empires. It is ashame that DV is being made fun off using these two kids. A well rehearsed interview by both with this one filled with anger, love, bitterness and forgiveness with some contradictory statements.

Team Both - I wish they both get the help that they both need. I pre-ordered both album because my focus is on their music and not their personal lives.

1819 days ago


WOW !!! Some very violent people . provoked or not. Not one person has the right to hit another person or animal. If they do JUST ONCE they need to take a hard long look at themselves.

1819 days ago

J C    

Sean Penn did something similar to Madonna before they divorced.
Cops were called to their house and found her beaten,tied up and gagged.
He tried to beat up photographers back then too.
Sean Penn is still controlling, angry and an unstable bully today.
Might explain His politics.

1819 days ago


What the HELL is wrong with you people??? Did you read the police reports? He BEAT the **** out of her! No one deserves that. And the reason he thinks he can do things like this and get away with it, is because of idiotic groupie hoes like all of you! Are you seriously defending him?! He's a puss and should rot in hell.

I hope one day, you dumb people go through the same thing. Lord knows you will feel very differently.

1819 days ago


1)If Rhianna was unattractive, no one would care (definitely not as much)

2)Had it been some infamous rapper, this issue would have died before the awards show ended.

3)B/c Chris is/was a "good boy", it was unexpected, he was given such high expectations and one major mistake ruined it for him (temporarily)

4)Double standards are unfair to men. Not excusing his actions or hers. BOTH are at fault.

5)No matter how it went down, even if Rhianna had just a scratch, Chris would be the bad guy b/c he's well...a guy and she's a defenseless girl (sarcastically speaking)

She justly made her choice to move on from it and from him (obviously for the sake of her career b/c she clearly still has deep feelings for him) which is sort of sad b/c it SEEMED like they had something very rare and special and the events could have been prevented had she not provoked him and had he not been receiving those kind of messages from whomever (and not beating so badly; he could have easily held her down with one arm and pulled to the side to exit the vehicle BUT there's heresy she was tryna kick him out SO).

**I will be glad when a positive news story will come out and media will milk that for years to come.**

1819 days ago


Did Rihanna hit her brother with a bottle as a kid or was she a older teen? If she was a kid, who hasn't thrown something at a sibling at one time or another. I bet most have. As a kid we were always in little neighborhood fights and mine are always coming in saying so and so pushed, hit or threw something at them. Is it right? of course not, but kids can't control themselves like adults. Well, most adults. IMO unless Rihanna was coming at Chris Brown with a knife, he had no business laying a hand on her.

1819 days ago


Oh and an add on to my 1): If she was a large woman, many would argue he HAD to beat her like that b/c she bigger and stronger and blah blah. Men know women of all sizes can have a little sting in their hits/smacks and to let the anger behind it build up (b/c she was abusive to him) the good guys explode. Bad guys do it repeatedly.

1819 days ago


What is wrong with her voice? She talks very strange. Kinda like a poor black woman gangster you would see on "Cops."

1819 days ago


I'm willing to listen to what Chris Brown has to say but FIRST he has to stop calling this an "incident" or the "situation" or "what happened" and man up and say ( in first person) I'M the one who did the beating, I'm the one who smashed her face, it was ME who did all of this to her and I'm very sorry for the pain I have caused.His mother also needs to stop protecting and defending and making excuses for him and allow him to GROW UP. HE DID IT, NO doubt about it, so let him take the punishment for it and learn how to be a better man.

1819 days ago


TO VANESSA #43: She made a decision to move on for the sake of her career? How about for the sake of her life? Her self-esteem? Her dace? (anyone else notice the scar on the left side of her lip that looks like it matches her injuries?) They had something rare and special?? I hope nobody ever loves me that way. If he loved her truly he wouldn't touch her. Full stop. End of story.

We can't speculate how this would have gone down if she would have had "just a scratch" because she didn't. We can look at a similar story and make comparisons...take a look at the Tia Tequila thing. That disappeared quickly and nobody jumped all over Shawne Merriman. She has injuries consistent with someone trying to restrain her and they looked nothing like the pictures that we say of Rihanna. And I am not a Rihanna fan by any means. I could name and identify 2 of her songs. I am simply disgusted by people saying that she deserved it because she was pissed that he got a text from another girl!

1819 days ago


I cannot believe what I am reading in this site. Are you people retarded? Calling her a slut, because... she hit him first? come on... How do we even know that she hit him? And how come his defense never used this so that he could get off easily? And even if they said that she hit him... where is the evidence? Was CB examined by a medical examiner and they said that he was abused? NOOO! Come on people... The saddest thing is that many women in here say that she was asking for it.. This doesn't make me angry, it makes me sad. I believe that there is a huge problem with domestic violence in the States.I think that many women are beeing abused and the society is getting used to it, rather than react. No European would ever talk so in favor of the attacker and punish the victim. This reminds me of the extremist Muslims. Coming fron a 'civillised' nation, it is even worse.

1819 days ago


watthefrig--she is from Barbados so she has an accent.

1819 days ago


Enough of this twit. Please be reminded by her own admission she was invading cb's privacy by going through his phone. Can we say jealous, insecurity, idiot. I am sure that she would not like it if cb went through her phone only to find out that she is still going after a married man. I wonder how beyonce feels about this twit being involved with her husband. She is not even that good of a singer. The only reason she even has a record deal is can we say it Jay Z. If the walls could talk, I am sure that riri would not be such an angel or victim as she is making herself to be.

1819 days ago


To all the "women" on here saying its also not right for hitting a man. No its not but WHERE IS YOUR PROOF THAT SHE STRUCK HIM SEVERAL TIMES? He NEVER once said she hit him first! She said she never hit him and he NEVER said that wasnt the truth. He said he blacked out so what information are you going by that she hit him? and if she was yelling at him non stop, uh I dont know about you guys but if my man was cheating on me and I saw the proof in a text, I would be yelling too. Why does that mean that I deserve to get beaten to where my face is almost unrecognizeable?

CB fans, Chris will never date any of you!

1819 days ago


I think Rihanna did a fantastic job in explaining what happens when fame hits
at a young man's age. They have no limits , no boundaries, no dignity. Money makes them selfish, wild, extravagent, and free to do as they please. Women only mean one thing to them,
and they certainly dont respect them. Its all the same for athletics, stars, musicians.

Fame and money is the root of all evil.

1819 days ago
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