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Carrie Prejean's Mother Saw the Sex Tape

11/8/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean wasn't the only member of her family who got a peek at Carrie's solo sex tape -- TMZ has learned her MOM was in the room when the Miss California USA lawyers pressed play.

Sources tell TMZ Carrie's mom was in shock -- instantly turning sheet white as she watched her daughter give herself a hand.

As TMZ first reported, it took all of 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million demand from the Pageant people after the XXX tape was played.


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and again why do you assume this meeting called of all parties was not part of the discovery process?? Every state is different but to me meeting with the other side to show this tape in a pre-trial 'discovery' sense is exactly how these civil cases often go. You seem to be looking for something that's not there (like a meeting name?). Maybe Carrie denied the tape ever existed .. like every other thing she wants to hide, and the pageants lawyers said to her's hey.. we have it and we are willing to show it to you.. isn't THAT discovery since it's still pre-trial??

I believe the issue of discovery really comes into play when one side brings up something IN court/trial that the other side had no idea existed or was going to be presented so they are not prepared to defend or address the sudden information.

1774 days ago


"I hardly think that Martin Luther King would approve of this behavior."

The Afro-Americans voted against gay marriage in large majority in California. That could tell people that this is not about hate against a minority. It is closer to the truth that the Hollywood media gay community is very spoilt and corrupt, and that they can be angered by nothing whatsoever if their power is being threatened.

1774 days ago


@byjokers - You get a lawyer to handle "discovery" NOT to get you in a room where YOU AND YOUR MOM VIEW "surprising" DISCOVERY! Turn blue, or white and spend lots of hours with hyperventalating and distressed!

1774 days ago


Isi it true that she is related to actor Nick Cage? They both belong to the Coppola family.

1774 days ago


Nasty hypocritical hoe! One to follow the rules???? Mrs.Pretentious Hoe!
I feel sorry for you and you are a perfect example I use when I teach my kids why they should not judge lest you be judged. My kids will learn that it's okay to be different and to accept all that God has made. Sad to hate, judge, and treat badly someone who was born differently than you. Karma.
Hope you learn your lesson and understand what's more important in ife.

1774 days ago


I totally agree with a previous poster. Had this woman said the politically correct thing and not gone with her gut, she would not have had to be exposed, and destroyed. You need to do the the right thing, and do what is expected of you, and not try to cling to any beleifs you may have. If you fail to live correctly, political correctness dicatates you have no right to try to get back on the right road. You are what you are and need to stay that way, ask your nearest leftist

1774 days ago


It's one thing to say something against gays, but it's another thing to pretend to be a goodie, goodie little girl and then find out you are a huge liar. If you are going to stand up for something make sure your clean before you go around saying you are. Just shut your mouth and take a backseat to the media before they find more of your whoreing ways. Good Luck Carrie you are an inspiration to all the girl in America!

1774 days ago

Terry H    

"I totally agree with a previous poster. Had this woman said the politically correct thing and not gone with her gut, she would not have had to be exposed"

She would have gone on to remain with the pageant even though she clearly lied with her resume with this pageant. So it would be OK to all the right wing christians if she remained with this pageant even though it was based on lies. Since the foundation on which these right wing bible thumping nut jobs is based on lies I guess Carrie telling hers means nothing. I am sure these fans of Carrie would rather live in the fantasy world where miss holy Prejean speaks for them.

1774 days ago


you people really make me laugh. how many times do you have to be told....learn to read...SHE WAS NOT FIRED DUE TO HER BELEIFS ON GAY MARRIAGE...SHE WAS FIRED FOR ...WAIT FOR IT....VIOLATING HER CONTRACT AS MISS CALIFORNIA....

honestly if your just on here to pitch your holier then thou propaganda do us all a favor and shut up....and she was no teenager either...18 is legal adult. she messed up, she knew it, lied about it to the pageant so now she has to deal with the consequences...end of story. if anyone thinks its because of her belifs on gay marriage then it just shows how stupid you really are. because its already been said HUNDREDS of times that its not that at all.

1774 days ago

Therese Rose    

Another ho, nothing new. Same as Britney, Lindsay, Paris and what not. You make a sex tape and expect it not to get out?

Let's face it folks, we want to see flesh, sex and gore. Nothing is ever really special, especially a freakin pageant. Except this one I ain't buyin. I'm sick of these media whores, no talent, just skin. If I want to see skin I can get it free online...without buying a tape, CD or DVD. Give it a rest, I'm tired, don't know about the rest of you. Hollywood whores and the dogs that follow. YAWN!

1774 days ago

Terry H    

"It seems that every show has a gay in it. Its to the point that I fast forward through the gay parts"

Best LOL of the day. If the mentality of this persons post is not evidence enough for you of just how crazy christian nut jobs are you will never get it.

1774 days ago


It isnt blackmail, it is a contract violation, contestants arent allowed to have sex tapes out, hell she almost got stripped for nude pictures, so the lawyer was basically letting her know, you want to go to court, this is our proof that you violated your contracted and lied to us, end of game, she loses, that is why she dropped the case, and it isnt her answer that is so freaking funny, it is the fact that all these groups backed her and had her speak for them, and then it turns out she does tons of crap they are actually against, its just so funny, cause now they will try to twist it, just goes to show you, you cant judge someone til you know them, good to see this self-rightous Biatch get whats coming to her and christian fanatics.

1774 days ago

blues fan    

Why do you so-called Christians keep talking about karma? Karma is a Buddhist/Hindu concept -- got nothing to do with Christianity. It's the law of cause and effect as it relates to consequences in both this life, prior lives, and lives yet to come.....if you profess to be Christian you don't believe in it.

1774 days ago


"So it would be OK to all the right wing christians if she remained with this pageant even though it was based on lies."

No. But we know nothing about the tape; maybe it was just a private video that would not fall under the contract conditions. If it did, I think she clearly was wrong by not telling. But it would not change my appreciation of Carrie much; I think she is way cooler than the staff of TMZ.

1774 days ago

Fred Newsome    

That was rude of the attorneys working for Miss California USA.

Amanda Newsome

1774 days ago
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