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Carrie Prejean's Mother Saw the Sex Tape

11/8/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean wasn't the only member of her family who got a peek at Carrie's solo sex tape -- TMZ has learned her MOM was in the room when the Miss California USA lawyers pressed play.

Sources tell TMZ Carrie's mom was in shock -- instantly turning sheet white as she watched her daughter give herself a hand.

As TMZ first reported, it took all of 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million demand from the Pageant people after the XXX tape was played.


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Its called BREACH OF CONTRACT. Period. On a completely different note - girls a skeez.

1806 days ago


Maybe if Carrie burns a fat one with her pot head boyfriend Michael Phelps she'll feel better

1806 days ago


Just because Carrie Prejean is wrong-headed doesn't mean she's a Ho or Sl@t. She didn't have to give a politically correct answer to Perez Hilton to avoid the controversy. Maybe Perez did grade her lower, but at least she was honest about those beliefs. She could have answered that it was none of his business.

Apparently, when the bare boob pictures were revealed, that wasn't enough for her to be fired. Her explanation was lame (and probably a lie), but accepted by Trump. She then decided to cash in on her stand by appearing in various gay-unfriendly forums, trumpeting her flavor of Christianity and her stand. That was not bright, because pageants avoid controversy because they're COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, and don't want to stimulate protests, which can be bad for business.

Carrie also decided to play the martyr card. That may have gone over with her fundamentalist Christian audience, but it wouldn't go over well with any pageant because they want their product to be seen as winners.

Whether or not she was fired for not fulfilling her obligations won't be determined by any court. That's just what the attorneys for the pageant claimed, and that's just a claim. She was claiming that she was fired for her religious views, and again, that's just a claim.

Her views on homosexuality are not necessarily Christian. They are a part of the Fundamentalist dogma. As a former Fundamentalist (&) Christian, I find it repulsive and ignorant. They pick and choose the parts of the Bible they honor. When was the last time one of them stoned someone for adultery? There's also a lot more said in the Bible about discarding one's wife than about homosexuality. As ridiculous as I found Tammy Faye, at least she had the message that God loves everyone.

Carrie is a hypocrite because she was setting sexual standards for others, yet she not only didn't follow the basically anti-sexual tilt of fundamentalism, (which has the attitude that only sex in marriage between heterosexual spouses is right), but she made a videotape of her actions, which exposed her as a hypocrite and a liar.

I actually feel sorry for Carrie. She grew up in the insulated world of the fundamentalist, yet she appears to want to make her mark in the entertainment industry, which has a lot of gays in it, and is much more tolerant of them. She must not know the history of Anita Bryant, who, with her anti-gay stance ruined her career. At least Anita didn't make (what I assume is) a masturbation videotape to literally expose herself.

O.K., you Christians out there, tell me how many weddings Jesus performed. Tell me why the church didn't perform marriages for around 1500 years (and even then only for royalty). Tell me where Jesus specifically condemned homosexuality. (Maybe he did, but it's been a long time since I read the Gospels).

My points? Pageants are a part of the entertainment business. They exist to make money. They sell sex, and expose some talent. It's no place for a Fundamentalist Christian who wants to "witness" her faith. All Christians aren't like Carrie Prejean. Marriages were not performed by Christian clergy until late in the religion's history. She's ignorant and a hypocrite, and she'll disappear for a while.

Unfortunately she'll probably reappear as a preacher once she has confessed her sins and been declared forgiven. That's Christian's form of rehab.

1806 days ago


Amanda Newsome, yes, it was rude of the attorneys to show the tape, but they're out to win, and to get her to go away. I also doubt that they paid her attorney's fees out of the goodness of their heart. That was also probably to get her silence afterwards.

Joke: A man stands up in a bar and yells, "Attorneys are a$$h01es."
Another man at the rear of the bar yells back, "I resent that."
First man: "Why, are you an attorney?"
Man at rear: "No, an a$$h01e."

1806 days ago


"maybe it was just a private video that would not fall under the contract conditions"

People read the contract!

MAYBE if you read the contract you would understand that ANY type of racy video IS a violation.

The contract can be found here, complete with Carrie's signature and initials!:

It's not like it's that hard to find and read.. Then MAYBE you can stop speculating!

1806 days ago


Carrie: a Parting Shot :)

Spiritual Adviser, Master Bates gave her a stimulus package.
She was on a Slippery Slope and we had to Get Her Off Fast,
Thrusting Handi Philangi Inside her divide to release her pain.
This climaxed with Carrie screaming "OH GOD!...OH GOD!"
Repeatedly praying for a second coming...
Carrie now Worships us daily.
Whipping up her cream pie with a cherry on top to celebrate her pleasure with us.
Carrie found the Good Spot God created for her.

1806 days ago


I hope they ask easier questions next time. This is the second time an answer to a question led to so much humiliation. These girls are young, nervous and have no time to think about an answer or how to answer to please everyone. If you have to try to please everyone, you probably can't be true to yourself anyway.

1806 days ago


So "Hope for the best"...let me understand you better.

So you're saying they're just dumb beauty queens and in this day and age of cyber brilliance we should just continue to allow them to be dumb, not have a brain or be able to think quickly because they're "young, nervous and have no time to think".
Should we also overlook the fact that that they lie on beauty queen applications, show their tits and stick their fingers in their cooch with cameras rolling ?

1806 days ago


for those who are saying this is blackmail. is this blackmail. It's textbook how the law and legal teams work for presenting proof of their case. If carrie had been a mobster who said he was just a business man and a tape was shown proven that he was a mobster no one would be saying this is blackmail. And remember Marion Barry former Mayor of DC...there also was a tape showing he was smoking crack...was that blackmail? you're obviously being willingly blind to what's going on. Carrie did this to one would care had she not been doing the "tour" to make herself seem "above it all". She defintely has a right to free speech and her opinion. She had no right to disavow her contract with Miss California like she did. And lie about what she did (ie make a racy video)

1806 days ago



1806 days ago


These 'so-called' christians are the biggest phonies in the world.
The last true christian died 2000 yuears ago.

1806 days ago


The only thing that could have possibly made this story better is if it somehow involved Sarah Palin too. Wasn't she the one who came to Carrie's defense?

All I can say is remember the line that Carrie's mom yelled in the Movie "Carrie" as she left for the prom...."They'll all laugh at you!"

Well now we know who she was named after.....

1806 days ago


She can now Change her Campaign from "Stand With Carrie" to "Lay With Carrie" She was a complete joke all along. I knew God would make sure she would get what was coming to her.

1806 days ago


"Carrie is a hypocrite because she was setting sexual standards for others ..."

To my knowledge she didn't. She only spoke out against gay *marriage*; that's an important difference. Anyone can engage in a civil union; I'm not against that. And I certainly would not critisize other people's sexual practices; this is only about the marriage. Get your facts right.

1806 days ago


Hell, George Castanzas's mother caught him masturbating back in the 70's-80's and lived through it lol.

1806 days ago
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