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Carrie: Sex Tape Was 'Biggest Mistake of My Life'

11/9/2009 11:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean wasted no time getting into the nitty-gritty while on "Hannity" tonight -- immediately saying her solo sex tape was "the biggest mistake of my life."

Carrie: Sex Tape Was 'Biggest Mistake of My Life'

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend -- who she "loved and cared about" at the time -- the extremely intimate video of herself.

Carrie said she takes "full responsibility" for the "humiliating" tape.


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I hope all the ladies out there who are throwing stones at her,have done some pretty stupid thing they regret that will bite them in the azz someday. Women should learn that it's a DUMB IDEA to allow some idiot to take pictures or videotape them in compromising situations, no matter how much they think they love the guy and have their feelings reciprocated.Sorry to break it to you but Real gentlemen are an extinct species.There is no such thing as real men anymore.

1619 days ago


She slurs her words. Pill popper.

1619 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

What's harder, aiming to live by rules but break them, or living by no rules and break them?

1619 days ago

Amber Berglund    

She's got crazy eyes.

She looks like the Runaway Bride from a few years ago.

Her eyes are about to fall out of her head.

1619 days ago

sicko Lambert    

at least she was honest...honesty will put you back up...go for it!!!

1619 days ago


There's lie after lie after lie, that comes out of this girls mouth. Why are people still booking her and listening to what she has to say?

1619 days ago


No one is perfect. This girl has never claimed to be perfect! She is just a human being like the rest of us and gave her HONEST opinion when asked. She didn't "bash" anyone. She didn't say anything derogatory about anyone and frankly, whether you agree with her opinion or not, she doesn't deserve to be spoken about in a derogatory manner either. Before you go judging people, put yourself in her shoes. Half the people on here making stupid comments are teeny boppers who haven't experienced life yet and leftists...who uh...always claim to be tolerant of others' beliefs and opinions and the moment someone says something you don't agree with, you jump all over them. Who is the real hypocrite???

1619 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

The more the christians are investigated the worse they look.All those christian politicians having all kind of gay and straight affairs.They are supposed to be loving and tolerant,so their religion says,but they opposed everybody's civil rights which makes them intolerant.By the way same-sex marriages laws would apply only to the civil part of the union.Churches do not have to marry same-sex partners so it really does not affect their religion ideals.Muslims are suppose to be loving and tolerant also but they kill everybody that is not a muslim.Religions are such a farce.I used to be catholic but now the hell with it and I'll see you all in hell.

1619 days ago


She says she was a teenager. Eighteen and nineteen might end with teen, but you're considered an adult. I can't believe that people are so blind to keep taking her word when everything out of her mouth has been a lie. Lying made it into the top ten.

1619 days ago


I'm sure she is also donating every penny of her book income to the poor. Yep .. it's in the bible, God says to do it!!.. read it and follow it or shut the hell up. You don't get to pick and choose which verses we have to live by while you seem to have the right decide which ones YOU live by. THAT is what makes her and so many Conservative Christians and Biblical Literalists so damn annoying and hypocritical. America is tired of the whole "do what I say not as do" BS these types keep throwing around.

1619 days ago

Mikey M    

Aren't her 15 minutes up yet??

1619 days ago


Don't like anything about this young woman, but poster #1's comments is really beyond the pale.

1619 days ago


Only stupid girls with no morals make sex pictures and video. What morons, put another bullet in your enemies' gun.
Men who love their women don't want them to be whored and sold. They keep private what is theirs.
God, America has been reduced to such sleaze and cheap tragedy...

1619 days ago


she's a beautiful girl

1619 days ago


Carrie Prejeant = the new porn star!... she has no dignity , self respect etc... she is an insult to women kind.

1619 days ago
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