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Carrie: Sex Tape Was 'Biggest Mistake of My Life'

11/9/2009 11:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean wasted no time getting into the nitty-gritty while on "Hannity" tonight -- immediately saying her solo sex tape was "the biggest mistake of my life."

Carrie: Sex Tape Was 'Biggest Mistake of My Life'

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend -- who she "loved and cared about" at the time -- the extremely intimate video of herself.

Carrie said she takes "full responsibility" for the "humiliating" tape.


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I'm taking total responsibility for this but...
it happened because I was young
I was naive
I thought he was the one
I loved him
Plus I was really horny that day
Way to take responsibility Carrie!!
Love the crazy eyes

1774 days ago


"If you read the contract it is crystal clear that a sex tape is a violation."

This tape will likely more be regarded as a private tape than as a sex tape in court. I certainly would hope so for Democrats who signed contracts with similar clauses for other jobs and have similar tapes lying around somewhere. It would not be very practical nor ethical if our private lives could be part of job contract negotiations. Like "what do gays do in their private lives?! Do you really want that sort of questions in a job contract?!

1774 days ago

Pink Blonde    

Wow. It's a pretty sad day for Christians when you jump to defend someone who pretty much goes against all you believe in. Unless you believe in premarital sex, fake boobs, and naked pictures strewn across the net. Simply because she said she is a Christian. I'm a Christian, I know a lot of Christians. We don't act like that. And getting fake boobs, making a tape, and posing nude are not "mistakes" everybody makes. Don't defend her, pray for her. Pray that she finds her way back to her values, and not where this is sadly going. Is this honestly who you want representing you as a public Christian figure?

1774 days ago

Cynical Sally    

THAT's the sex tape? She was a teenage girl sending a video of herself to a boyfriend? While I think doing that truly was a BAD decision that young ppl themselves shouldn't just disregard merely because it seems to be becoming a "trend" among kids and "oh, everyone does it at one time," it was back when she was a stupid teenager. We've already established that she's done things she regrets. Now, if you show me a video of her maiming a living puppy, with her looking into the camera saying, "Satan ROCKS!", a video made YESTERDAY, then I'll hop on the "Carrie Prejean is fake" bus.

1774 days ago


So when is the video gonne be released? I gotta see that one. She is HOT!!!

1774 days ago

Bobo Frog    

TMZ, how old a teenager was she in that sex tape? Over 18? If so you could show the footage with her itty bitties blurred out. If not, you could do a close up of her face as she moans and take a still photo. No laws against a photo of someone's O-face. C'mon, TMZ, YOU KIN DO EET!!!!

1774 days ago


As I expected this tape was private and made several years ago. So where is the relevance to her being fired. If her contract does not mention unpublished material from private correspondence then she is simply being blackmailed, the fact that the organization payed for her legal bills could indicate that this is indeed the case.

1774 days ago


"It's a pretty sad day for Christians when you jump to defend someone who pretty much goes against all you believe in."

Religious people don't all believe the same things. You don't have a monopoly to call yourself a christian because you have certain values. It's the same mistake that TMZ is making. Religion is not about rules; it should be a source of energy you want yourself, otherwise it has little real meaning.

1774 days ago


One thing good out of this is maybe it will show other teenasge girls that if they send soemthing like this on their cell phones or video, etc.. it will come back to bite them later in life. Young people do not have a problem taking pics of themselves nude or doing a sex act & filming it or taking pics, but just like in this case do not think someone will not show it to a lot of others, Young Love does not last & can be vindictive.

1774 days ago


I don't know Kevin how does it feel to be a 'hate filled bigot'?? At this point anyone defending this liar who preaches one thing and does the opposite ARE kooks. Are they all Christians, probably not since this IS TMZ and trolls abound... BUT since you seem to be all to willing to jump right into the name calling I'm guess you probably are one of those Christian kooks ready to attack critics of this hypocrite. Works both ways Kevin. You don't get to lay biblical laws on others if you aren't following them yourself.. I guess that's why God threw in the whole 'don't judge others' bit eh? ... because when you do, it just might come back to bite you in the arse... HARD.

1774 days ago


Maybe she can be born again and get a fresh start?

... just sayin'.

1774 days ago


Poor poor TMZ. All this over a 17 year old girl (at the time of the tape) masterbating for her boy friend (who apparently thinks it's OK to share this kind of material with others). It could have been much, much, much worse. It would have been devistating if Carrie were engaged in something as demeaning and deviant as homosexual relations. Fortunately she only proved she is an attractive, and healty, woman. Carrie has awaken America to the fact that homosexuals don't deserve special treatment. Kudos to Carrie!

TMZ's next revelation - Carrie engaged in pre-marital sex with her boyfriend. WOW - stay tuned.

1774 days ago


I suppose the reason she makes a point of saying that she was 17 when she did it is because she hopes that by saying that she was a minor at the time that legally it cannot be distributed.

I'm sorry, but I feel that I am witnessing the moral decline of young women in society and it's been going on for about 20 years. Madonna led the way and now it's normal to see "bad girls" on t.v. and "real housewives", "the Kardashians", the supermodel crap, etc. We are not teaching our daughters (I had 3 sons) to protect their reputations or to know the difference between sleazy and classy. I hope that Taylor Swift can hang in there and show that it IS possible to be beautiful, talented and successful WITHOUT stooping to the level of Ms. Prejean (who's next move is Playboy, no doubt). The problem is that young women think that beauty alone is a ticket to fame and money without having to have any talent to go with it and being noticed is the be all and end all of their existence. Then they realize that beauty fades (people mature and want to forget their past or start a family) and all those nasty pictures and videos are what is left behind as a LEGACY and no amount of regret can erase that. It's all very sad........

1774 days ago


Hannity predicted that the tape was going to surface so many times he made it perfectly clear where he and his hand will be the minute that tape comes to light.

Sean "never looked at porn" Hannity is prettttty excited about Miss Prejean's "big mistake"

1774 days ago


"... I feel that I am witnessing the moral decline of young women in society and it's been going on for about 20 years ..."

People have been saying that for centuries, but I think that society is still rather prudish if you would go by TMZ's very restrictive sexual double standards. They come across as old, frustrated, moralistic men who have little real life experience. More typical of Puritan America than they probably realize.

1774 days ago
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