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Jackson Doctors at War

11/9/2009 3:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's two warring doctors are going at it again ... Dr. Steven Hoefflin just accused Dr. Arnold Klein of being a lawbreaker for the things he said last week on TMZ Live.

Hoefflin -- who performed numerous procedures on Jackson -- says he believes Klein may have violated federal controlled substance and trafficking laws, since "...he knew Michael was a narcotic addict yet he repeatedly injected him, probably with others in his office assisting him, 51 times over three months with a minimum of 100mg of Demerol and charged him a large amount of money."

Hoefflin added, "Other Dermatologists use topical and nerve block anesthesia and not repeated Demerol shots."

Hoefflin also accused Dr. Klein of violating the Federal HIPPA laws "by disclosing health care information on Michael Jackson without permission."

Klein and Hoefflin are suing each other.


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i was wondering who dr. klein was talking about because he wouldnt say his name. now i know!

1807 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

To Andy, r u from Canada?. Where about? Calgary is small, basically an oil town. So much oil & gas related. L.A. is huge. That's what happened in life of a big city. Especially Hollywood. Good luck to the two doctors.

1807 days ago


i just checked out dr. hoeflin's wiki page. he's done three of the jackson family's plastic surgeries and quite a few other celebrities too, if the page is true. weird wild stuff.

1807 days ago


Google Dr. Steven Hoefflin if you want a real good laugh. I did one day and spent 2 hours reading and laughing.

This man is the Jackson Family Plastic Surgeon. He has done Joeseph, Katherine and all of the kids. Did you ever notice that they all have the same nose?? Must be the picture on the wall of the operating room. He did the reconstructive surgery on Michaels head after the Pepsi fire. Also Liz Taylor, Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers.

I would not let this guy do surgery on anyone in my family. His nurses sued him for sexual harassment and won. He put people to sleep and moved the clocks forward and charged them for surgeries.

We have heard the Jackson family has investigators working on the case, well on SUSAN ETOK's web page the investigation is trying to prove Michael is not GAY. These folks are trying to find any woman Michael was seeing to ask if they had sex with him. Dr, Susan Etok, the one that says she is a "insider" but can't remember when or where she saw Michael over the years. This woman is writing a book on Michael and is using his fans to help put it together. She is also the nut calling herself susan, that comes in here and copies and pastes every post that we write to correct us, because she , as a "insider" knows all.

She also went to Brashier and Dimond to be interviewed for $$ saying she didn't know about them. If she was a "insider" she would have known how much they hated Michael.

So it seems Michael had so few friends, there was no one he could trust. How sad is that. He thought the word DR. actually meant good, all it means is money hungry.

1807 days ago



I guess it is like that saying “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” I never see “ugly”,'wacko' “….just beautiful man that touch us in so many different ways with his talent, warmth and personalities. Some pull on our heart strings more than others; when they are gone a huge hole is left and the world seems a sadder place.

Michael is more a human being than king to me. I cannot pin point it but I am waiting to hear the flap of his wings. There I said it and I am not religious at all. I think Michael are was an amazing person. The world is filled with beauty and talent…Michael saw that.

1807 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

to A.B. you made some points there. Quite interesting!! Yeah, poor guy. As we learn more and more.

1807 days ago


I'm betting Dr. Klien won't be back on TMZ, even tho he said its 'wasn't so bad' and would come back.
Harvey, you know better, you sly fox you.



1807 days ago


HEY far you GUYS have been wrong about a lot of
your reportings...REMEMBER how SLEAZY you and KLINE looked,
when you were talking to KLINE and THIS ASS DR, was spilling
the beans on everything MJ,....

JUST GARBAGE, that is what MJ would have said. THIS DR,HOEFlIN.

NEVER DISCLOSED any thing about MJ, and in the past he said
something that he had permission from the JACKSON FAMILY.DISGUSTING

1807 days ago


you know, i don't care about these Dr's to be honest, i want Justice for Michael, Where is the Dr Conrad Murray? Whats the latest with him? When is he gonna get a good tellin off...he's killed our Idol and without reason, Michael needed a Dr to help him get off all these painkillers not for drugs to be illeagally administered out of hospital, this poor man i miss him and i still can't believe he's gone. I think of your kids everyday, i wish them well and i wish ur sincere family members well, (no names,sorry)always wish ur kids the best!!!

RIP MJ! xx

1807 days ago


64. 52. I heard somewhere: the only people worse than lawyers are doctors...

Posted at 5:41PM on Nov 9th 2009 by astabasta

Read more:

No,I think you dumb ass fans are the worst people of all

Posted at 5:59PM on Nov 9th 2009 by freaks

Actually this got a little giggle out of me. :-)

1807 days ago


Go check out gettyimages, pics of Klein and Debbie Rowe fooling around in his office in 1993. I think that might have been the year she first met MJ. She was quite a looker at the time and looks happy and fun.

1807 days ago


And The Good Thing Is Little Wacko Is Still Dead.
Te hehe Give Me A Cup So I Can Pee.

1807 days ago


Which plastic surgeon continued to take money to perform nose plastic surgery on Michael.?.It was a greedy motive and ruined whatever nose he had left..Terrible.They did it for money and probably provided drugs also. They should lose their medical license for their greedy motives..I believe Michael was emotionally damaged from the accusations aimed toward him from Evan/Jordan Chandler, Martin Bashir and Tom Sneedon's group during 2005 trial. Who wouldn't be?? How do you weather a storm like that without God. This contributed toward the down spiral Michael took and further plastic surgeries. My opinion..The weight and pain of it was enormous. I think Tom Mesereau made similar statements.The media and tabloids set out to lie, accuse and destroy him. Why didn't Klein take further action if he knew Michael had a propoful problem.? Too many guilty people here. No plastic surgeon with a moral concience and professional integrity could continue nose plastic surgeries at a certain point. It was disfiguring and the doctor should be held accountable and prosecuted for ethical malpractice. The lady from Brazil is correct. What's wrong in this picture. How can these doctors be allowed to practice medicine. I think the authorities are investigating doctors and trying to piece it all together. The world is watching.

1807 days ago


Where Are You?
Dom't Run Away Because You Lost
Come Over To The Dark Side
Join Us Haters You Know You Want To
You'll Have Much More Fun Hateing The Little Freak Than Crying Over Him
Come Join Us...

1807 days ago

nan someone posted this link the other day about hoefflin.he is disgusting also.i dont know how poor mj survived as long as he did surrounded by these jerks

1807 days ago
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