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Jackson Doctors at War

11/9/2009 3:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's two warring doctors are going at it again ... Dr. Steven Hoefflin just accused Dr. Arnold Klein of being a lawbreaker for the things he said last week on TMZ Live.

Hoefflin -- who performed numerous procedures on Jackson -- says he believes Klein may have violated federal controlled substance and trafficking laws, since "...he knew Michael was a narcotic addict yet he repeatedly injected him, probably with others in his office assisting him, 51 times over three months with a minimum of 100mg of Demerol and charged him a large amount of money."

Hoefflin added, "Other Dermatologists use topical and nerve block anesthesia and not repeated Demerol shots."

Hoefflin also accused Dr. Klein of violating the Federal HIPPA laws "by disclosing health care information on Michael Jackson without permission."

Klein and Hoefflin are suing each other.


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For Sure    

Hoefflin (sp) Is a butcher....
Look at what he kept doing to MJ's face ...He made him perfect and should have stopped then....

I am friends with a couple of well known plastic surgeon's none of them would have done the work... that butcher did....and all for money!

1771 days ago



Posted at 7:44PM on Nov 9th 2009 by onllypuppi

Read more:

puppi the crack head did

1771 days ago


7. Ladies and gentenle men lets get ready to rumble... this is just crazy.. they boht were giving him things they shouldn't have so why make a spectical..they should be ashamed of themselves.. when will this chaos end? poor mj this is why he need the drugs to sleep..

Posted at 4:33PM on Nov 9th 2009 by Michelle

he couldnt sleep because he had been getting a royal fing by his family for 30 years was old and butchered up looked like a dried up peter pan lizard freak and he couldnt let little boys in his bed any more and his doll couldnt drink jesus juice with him or look at dirty magazines

1771 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

To #75 A.B. - the pictures look like Dr. Klein was dating someone from the Charlie's Angels series. was that her, I forgot her name, one of the charlie's angels. yeah, debbie rowe looked allright back then.

1771 days ago


ha..ha.. ha.. you could have knocked
e with a feather !!! of course, these 2 docs have axes to grind... so obvious from Klein gab fest.. let them go at it.. but I am siding with Hoefflin.. who took MJ to check out those Playboy bunnies.. lol

as for you puppi.. give it a toss.. Lisa Marie Presly only married Mj to have a record produced by him and get him to join Scientology.. both didn't happen.. MJ was no fool.. he knew.. and he wanted her for PR.. and paid her handsomely for it.. several million.. by the way-- MORE THAN DEBBIE ROWE ever got out of MJ.. lol.. big difference being a Presley.

1771 days ago


ha,, ha,, ARNOLD JKLEIN IS GAY.. GAY.. GAY.. in other words a flaming QUEER.. a poofter.. bent as the Brits quiantly calls them..

no way.. Jose' was he ever d ating a CHARLIE'S ANGEL..

he loves his men.. ROUGH & READY..

1771 days ago

you just don't get it    

I thought he got married to pretend he was a normal hetero.

1771 days ago


Michael was never gay-- not by a long shot.. never that..

but he did have issues having sexual relationshops with women.. and for this.. we have to look at t he legacy of Joe Jackson & how he treated his wife..

also how.. the family did emotional blackmail when he wanted to date in his teens.. plus.. MJ's own problems having low self esteem being called big nose.. bad acne.. and the burgeoning traces of vitilago & lupus.. ALL THESE FACTORS PLAYED A PART IN HIS PSYCHE.. but gay?? NEVER!

1771 days ago


Finally a doctor that has some sense because when I saw that clip of Dr. Klien I thought the same thing. Letting out all that health information on a patient (DEAD or ALIVE) is illegal. Go get em! Dr. Hoefflin.

1771 days ago


another clear cut proof.. MJ wasn't gay.. WAS THE WAY HE RAISED HIS D AUGHTER.. if anything. Paris could have resolved all his imagined & real fears in having real true relationship with a woman..

MJ must have been healing those fears..

1771 days ago


After reading this article I don't know who is worse Klein or Hoefflin!

1771 days ago


handbags at dawn...

1771 days ago


The marriage was a sham to make people forget about the molestation charges.
The one and only time he ever touched a v@g!n@ was during his birth.

1771 days ago

MJ's PYT    

hello holmes....i have missed your posts..lmao
you tell them. Klein is gay..kate jackson (c.angel) and he
were probably just friends.
Holmes that was tomato nose...bastards.
debbie rowe looks decent but shev is what she is. she didnt change.
She was just acting. MJ probably did break her heart. Howver she
chose to sell those kids.

1771 days ago


98 Holmes,you could be partially right about LMP,but she did end up having more fun than she had previously expected (MJ was a perfectionist at everything!),and I think they did love each other.Maybe her cult people told her since her mission had not been accomplished,she had to move on.She obeyed,but had a lot of grief over that.

1771 days ago
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