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Joe Jackson Guns For Branca, McClain

11/9/2009 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson never signed his will and the named executors have committed fraud, according to legal papers just filed by Joe Jackson.

As we first posted on TMZ ... there was a clerical mistake in the will. The document indicates Jackson signed the will in L.A., yet he was in NYC on the day in question. We're told the will was in fact signed in New York and the witnesses saw Michael put pen to paper.

Joe doesn't think it was a clerical mistake -- he thinks his son never signed the will. Joe Jackson claims John Branca and John McClain should be booted as administrators because they concealed what Joe calls a "fraud."

Joe Jackson -- through his lawyer, Brian Oxman -- claims Jackson fired Branca in 2003 and believed the attorney embezzled MJ's money. Joe claims an "investigation" showed an improper relationship between Branca and Tommy Mottola and the two were "illegally funneling Michael Jackson's money to off-shore accounts in the Caribbean."

Oxman attached a copy of the "investigation" -- conducted by a company called Interfor -- which says "Some sources in the entertainment industry think highly of Branca. However, other sources suggest that he has built his career on the strength of his clients to a point where are (sic) rumors of irregularities involved in accounting fees."

The report goes on to suggest Branca contacted the Justice Department after he was fired and allegedly dropped a dime on Jackson, suggesting MJ's new lawyer -- Alvin Malnik -- was utilizing "Jackson's financial resources and cash business to facilitate Malnik's comprehensive money laundering activities."

As we've already reported, Jackson re-hired Branca before the singer died.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for Branca and McClain, tells TMZ: "These claims filed by Joe Jackson are so outrageous that they don't deserve any response. John Branca and John McClain, who were designated by Michael Jackson in his will as executors of his estate, will continue carrying out Michael's wishes for the benefit of his mother, his children and charities."


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I think the following sums up Michael's feelings about his father and money:

Hey Joe, how do those socks taste?

1775 days ago


DOES JOE EVEN HAVE THE NECESSARY LEGAL STANDING TO FILE LEGAL PAPERS? Even if there was fraud, it's none of Joe Jackson's business and I don't think he can even have a say as far as courts are concerned.

1774 days ago


I think you are right about Joe not having legal standing. I don't know Ca law, but usually it is only next of kin, ie- Michael's children, that can file such a suit. They can file thru their attorney, even as minors, but then you get into the no contest clause.

You go Joe, keep the courts busy with this crap. I bet you end up with NADA. And because you contested the will, you won't be able to draw a pay check. Brilliant move Catfish. You need to go back to Vegas and hawk your girl acts and your hip hop boot camp, maybe an interview or two and another book.

Where the Heck is your side-kick Jermaine. I thought he would be in this with you instead of Randy. He may be at Dr Hoefflin's office, getting some face work done so he will look like Michael. Maybe some bleach cream too. After all he says he is the next Michael Jackson. Make an appt. with Dr. Murray while you are at it Jermaine.

Now where do you think TMZ has gotten the info about Murray and phone calls? Grand Jury Testimony?

What is going on with DA TROOT MAN?? Has he gone to the Grand Jury yet?

While this is being questioned, How about questioning Branca coming back days before Michael dies. We have only heard Branca say this took place, anyone see him and Michael together? Is the signature on his re-hire paper real?

1774 days ago


He says that because he is not in the will

1774 days ago


Joe Jackson ids nothing but trouble.He is an embarrassment as well.

1774 days ago


How do you spell Joe Jackson? G-R-E-E-D-Y S-C-U-M-B-A-G.

1774 days ago


#Daphne Lorincz

Question... Do you get paid to blog about This Is It the movie, you sure promote it all around the world on every post you make, or is it the more you blog about it the more you get in free??

Check out this site instead for the truth, maybe you wouldnt promote it so much.

1774 days ago


go joe! get those crooked lawyers away from michaels money. i love michael but it was foolish of him to put two strangers as his executors, something stinks!.

1774 days ago


I met Joe Jackson and some of his associates in Vegas a long time ago, and the word was the family was dysfunctional and the kids were abused, all the stuff you see to this day. Michael is the greatest irreplaceable talent of our era and a being of love. I personally know people who were paid to plant false stories in the tabloids, like this, saw them do it and told them not to. So do NOT believe what you read, as Michael says. But in researching this, even though Joe came off as a sleezeball to me personally, he knows the dirt because he has always been the start of the dirt, so just be aware of him, he is right sometimes. Check out stories that show the signature on the will IS forged, the timing is WAY suspicious of Branca showing up right before MJ dies allegedly "hired" again with no proof he is, the will signed in LA when MJ was in New York, the connection between Sony and AEG and Branca and Motola who Michael HATED and publically called a "devil." I got away from show biz because of the crooks and trust me, they would have murdered Michael for his political agenda and money because he was breaking free of his pawnhood, same as they did to Marilyn and the rest. Don't tell me Michael didn't know the names of his own kids -- some sites show their names on the birth certificate are not even the same as on the will. DO you really think YOU would sign a will with your kids names wrong which threatened your Mom and kids if they challenged it they would lose it all? That sounds more like the work of a shady lawyer with no MJ present.

When I saw this, I deduced that the Jacksons would have someone NOT named in the will challenge the will, since Katherine and the kids are threatened with being disinherited if they bring up the fact that it is a fraud (I suspect). The will needs to be forensically analyzed by the FEDS as part of the murder investigation but if our precious MJ was murdered, corrupt officials are covering that up and involved too. Don't trust Sony or Branca.

1774 days ago

ann Trease    

Joe Jackson is just like anybody else when it comes to cheddar. You know that he is dad and with that comes some rights. Like it or not if it wasnt for good ol Joe there probably would not have been a wonderful person like Michael Jackson .For that Joe the world owes you a serious thank you. Dont hate the player hate the game. Joe is just trying to get his share of what he didn't earn.Is not his fault that he is very very well greedy.

1709 days ago


Murderers AEG,Sony, John Blanca, McClain, all the rest they know who they are.

Racist pigs.

1424 days ago


Do u all realise that you were also/are manipulated by the media in the way you see and have thought of Joe Jackson? mJ fans who speak of Joe Jackson so harsh should be ashamed of themselves. It is unfortunate that MJ suffered fear in his dads hands but MJ forgave his father and love him all the same. I am sure it is money he is after, but then I do not doubt he is truly coping with the lost of his son, that he does feel stricken and grieve over the loss of his son. Joe has never been articulate and all that but doesn't mean he is all what the media makes him up to be too. So try not to be so judgemental of him bec the media over the years have also managed to make you think badly of him -like they did to MJ. He is always a father too. Not perfect but he did lose his son. He is not a sophisticated man but he did lose his son. To me, If these lawyers benefit from his sons' estate, why not him too. I would like to think that even me as a regular person if i passed away that some of my money can be shared to my father -despite and inspite o-not just employees of my estate eg. So many have been milking MJ and his estate now, so why should his father not get a tiny amount of it. Even more, get justice. If people and fans were more supportive of him perhaps he could have come out a bit credible despite his inefficiencies. But no thanks to fans too. Just my thinking. I don't even like the guy too but at the end of the day he is MJs father. And I love Michael Jackson to the core.

1421 days ago
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