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Joe Jackson Guns For Branca, McClain

11/9/2009 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson never signed his will and the named executors have committed fraud, according to legal papers just filed by Joe Jackson.

As we first posted on TMZ ... there was a clerical mistake in the will. The document indicates Jackson signed the will in L.A., yet he was in NYC on the day in question. We're told the will was in fact signed in New York and the witnesses saw Michael put pen to paper.

Joe doesn't think it was a clerical mistake -- he thinks his son never signed the will. Joe Jackson claims John Branca and John McClain should be booted as administrators because they concealed what Joe calls a "fraud."

Joe Jackson -- through his lawyer, Brian Oxman -- claims Jackson fired Branca in 2003 and believed the attorney embezzled MJ's money. Joe claims an "investigation" showed an improper relationship between Branca and Tommy Mottola and the two were "illegally funneling Michael Jackson's money to off-shore accounts in the Caribbean."

Oxman attached a copy of the "investigation" -- conducted by a company called Interfor -- which says "Some sources in the entertainment industry think highly of Branca. However, other sources suggest that he has built his career on the strength of his clients to a point where are (sic) rumors of irregularities involved in accounting fees."

The report goes on to suggest Branca contacted the Justice Department after he was fired and allegedly dropped a dime on Jackson, suggesting MJ's new lawyer -- Alvin Malnik -- was utilizing "Jackson's financial resources and cash business to facilitate Malnik's comprehensive money laundering activities."

As we've already reported, Jackson re-hired Branca before the singer died.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for Branca and McClain, tells TMZ: "These claims filed by Joe Jackson are so outrageous that they don't deserve any response. John Branca and John McClain, who were designated by Michael Jackson in his will as executors of his estate, will continue carrying out Michael's wishes for the benefit of his mother, his children and charities."


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Jacqueline Vreeland    

He's just doing it 'cause he wants Money. Michael left him out of his Will and that's it. I don't think he should get squat!! A whole Bunch of Leeches!!

1816 days ago


@ #3: Hey Chico!!

@ #14: Human Nature, good idea! I hear ya, though!

"Follow the $$$$$"

1816 days ago


Joe Jackson wouldn't be spewing any of this if he HAD been in the will. He's like a spoiled child that has a tantrum when he doesn't get his way.

1816 days ago


judy garland used to say her mother looked at her like a piece of meat that could sing.mj had the same kind of crap in his life...since michael was a child he has been treated badly..i was reading the rabbi book and he said joe told the boys that if they ever stop singing he would drop them like a hot potatoe..mj was broken up about his own father saying that..if that assh@le father had even thrown mj a crumb of love or respect maybe this whole thing could have been avoided.mj also talked about he would be sound asleep and joe would start kicking down his bedroom door.he must have been hell on earth to live with..small wonder mike couldnt get a good night sleep

1816 days ago


Tommy Mottolla was the instigater, he had a motive, and he did make that comment " One day 93 will come back and haunt Michael". Bashir's brother was Mottolla's driver, so in comes Bashir who knew he could get to Michael through Uri.

By the time Bashir starts filming at Neverland the Arviso's had already been sent away, and Schaffel though fired was still working at NVE as was Backerman, and they were planning at this point to write a book.

Konitzer who we believe to be a Sony plant and had power of attorney was in constant touch with NVE office as was Dieter Wiezner, Konitzer was also a good friend of Mottolla.

Bashir tells Michael that he wants to film him with some kids he had helped. Bashir filmed the boy who was burned by his father. So with the Arvisos gone means somebody told Bashir about this family and conveniently Bashir wanted to film them.

Schaffel all this time wanted to get back with Michael and Somehow according to Evvy he ended up in Germany at the Bambi Awards, "between Germany and the release of LWMJ I dont know where Schaffel was other than at NVE schemeing." but its clear he had time to become acquainted with Bashir.

On January 24th 03 the transcripts for LWMJ were delivered to Schaffel by Kathryn Milofsky from Granada TV UK. She said it would be very damaging to Michael.
Schaffel called Wiezner who was at Neverland Ranch to let Michael know about the transcript.

This was the chance Schaffel needed to get back in with Mike. Schaffel told Michael the Arviso's could ruin your career, they could blackmail you. It was Schaffel, Konitzer and Wiezner's idea for the rebutal video.

As well as Michael being stuck once more with the Arviso's LWMJ was aired in the UK then in US. We all know what happened from here. Michael was set up big time by all the above mentioned, but I believe Mottolla was the main player.

1816 days ago


why can joe just die all ready

1816 days ago


Hello Mimi & Chico

The pot is starting to boil over!!!


1816 days ago


he is an idiot and i wish he would go away forever

1816 days ago

Never Help A Jackson    

Why hasn't a terminal Propofol party been delivered to that evil creature Joe? Oh, now I remember, Michael's already dead and it was that fact that took the stuffing out of the Jacksons except for the psychopath Joe. Golden Slumbers fill your eyes, smiles will wake them when you die, sleep pretty pansy Joe 6 feet down, 6 feet closer to where you belong.

1816 days ago


tommy mattolla is one scary wonder mj refered to him as a devil

1816 days ago


What part of last will and testament do the Jacksons not understand? Maybe if Joe didn't beat the heck out of his son for the sake of money and had been a real father, his name may have been in the will. Why does he have such high living expenses? If he was getting money from Mrs. Jackson, then the Judge should cut her monthly allowance.

1816 days ago

get it right    


1816 days ago


I believe it. Anyone one knows that once you become a millioniare or multi-millionaire the rules change. I remember reading once about a billionair that was friends with Bill Clinton and Chris Tucker that seduced teenager girls and flew them to his private island. Because he had money he was only charge as a john soliciting prositutes.

1816 days ago


i remember reading it somewhere or in one of michael's youtube videos that he made a special effort to sign the will either by flying back for a couple hours or having someone fly the will to him. he wanted to do the will again since blanket had been born that year. i wish i could remember where i saw that! might have been the martin bashir interviews.

1816 days ago


Yup, It's getting hot in here.

Everyone always was and still are out for MJ's assets. Trying to figure out whom of these greedy sob's is the lesser evil is the hard part.

1816 days ago
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