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Jon G's 'Major' Pain -- She's Gettin' Served!

11/9/2009 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Star Magazine reporter Kate Major -- who insisted she was romantically involved with Jon Gosselin -- is next in line to testify in TLC's breach of contract case against the famous reality dad.


TLC's lawyers have asked the court for permission to serve Kate with a subpoena, ordering her to testify along with other witnesses -- including Michael Lohan and Hailey Glassman -- in depositions scheduled for December 10.

Kate reportedly quit her job at Star Magazine to pursue a relationship with Jon. Last we checked, the Octopop denied ever having a relationship with her.


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Wow!! this man!! I hope he gets it good..maybe that will wake him up!! or a chrome soda will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1808 days ago

who dat    

She has a look in her eyes as she enjoys her "back 40" plowed.

1808 days ago

The Seer    

Is she really witness material for TLC? Isn't she biased due to the fact she was fired because of her relationship with Jon?

If the Unfortunate Looking Little Man's attorney is worth his salt, he'll take her apart and discredit her on the witness stand straightaway.

I don't see how she's valuable, credible or important to TLC's case. The only thing this one is good for is fodder for TMZ.

That's all.

1808 days ago


Why won't she be able to testify to his tabloid flings that caused the sponsors to complain to TLC? She quit her job, she was not fired. They stayed at Lohans and went to the parties in the Hamptons. Little piggy Jon was so proud of his womanizing then, why not now?

1808 days ago



WoW - Don't F#ck with TLC.

You can believe TLC is pulling out several High-Powered Corporate Law Firms to work this one.

Gosselin does not have the financial resources for a long, drawn-out, protracted lawsuit against this media-heavyweight.

TLC has experience in contract-negotiation disputes, especially those contested after agreement is put in writing.


1808 days ago


I'm not sure what it is that Kate saw in this guy.....

1808 days ago


TLC .....are you kidding?? Nice family channel, aren't you!! Exploit, exploit, and get them for everything they're worth.

1808 days ago


TLC is so immature, they need to grow up. They DESTROYED a family.

1808 days ago


Douche had better take back his cars, sell condo, and take back the jewelry he purchased for his crack whore because he finally going to be held accountable for his behavior. Amen!

1808 days ago



1808 days ago


New post on ROL says Jon is countersuing for 5 million, but he doesn't have an attorney on his team that's licensed in Md. to file the suit! Who knows what the Hellers have convinced him to do. Dimwit can't think for himself.I'm sure(LOL)that the TLC lawyers are quaking!!!What an idiot! I want to know who we can start emailing to get the hearing on Court TV! Oh Jonboy, I think that's karma knocking on your door!

1808 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

By the time my parents were Jon's age, they had six kids. By the time my mom was 29 and my dad was 33, they had seven. They managed to stay together for 53 yrs ( my mom passed on. Never once did I hear them complain about their responsibities. What is with this generation and their inability to rear kids in their twenties? We really have raised a whole generation of young adults who refuse to grow up. What a bunch of spoiled brats!

1808 days ago


Every dog has his day!

What goes around comes around!

After what he has did to Kate, and the kids... let him go down.

1808 days ago


I think he needs to knock up one of these girls he is messing around with... he is such a loser.

1808 days ago


I've got news for you Jon,the media follows you around not because you're the "next big star",but because they want to catch the next moronic thing you're going to say or do. You're a joke to everyone and there must be a part of you that realizes that,or are you really that much of an idiot!!!

1808 days ago
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