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Carrie Prejean's Sex Tape Conspiracy Theory

11/10/2009 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean continued to run her biblically correct mouth this morning on "Today" -- saying news of her solo sex tape is part of a 7-month "campaign to try and silence me."

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
The dethroned beauty queen said people are still trying to "embarrass" and "humiliate" her because of the answer she gave to the same-sex marriage question during the Miss USA pageant.

When pressed by Meredith Vieira why she dropped her million dollar lawsuit against Miss California USA, she wouldn't bite, saying she's "not allowed" to discuss the outcome.


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Carrie rules , queers !

1752 days ago


She will end up like Anita Bryant (without the endorsement career), a broken down bankrupt half baked preacher in the South. Bryant has declared bankruptcy several times scamming all sorts of folks.

1752 days ago


what a whore. nobody cares about you.

1752 days ago


Perhaps her mind got twisted during her parent's divorce. I read that her Mother accused her Father of being gay during the divorce and it wasn't true. Perhaps, she is damaged goods.

1752 days ago

London not England    

#48 - Incog99

Tell me MORE???
I didn't even know Anita Bryant was still alive???
Where she at?
What's she doing?

1752 days ago


Wa, wa. I'm the victim. Everyone is out to get me and I can't tell you anything Meredith. I hope she ends up turning tricks and living under a bridge.

1752 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

What's up with the wild Michelle Bachmann eyes??
Like Sarah Palin, the more she opens her mouth the bigger she digs herself into a lying, hypocitical hole.

1752 days ago


Anita Bryant has her own website, just google her.

1752 days ago

Melvin Gaines    

While I'm sure there is irony in this report, your blog posting notes a degree of personal bias ("...continued to run her biblically correct mouth"). We can all have opinions, but you should state that your comment is just that. There are many less sophisticated persons who read this that have trouble differentiating news from opinion.

1752 days ago


I am a Christian as well with an unperfect past,when you become born again it is an experience that happens to you,you get delivered from old behavior that you may have tried on your own to change, some deliverance is instant, some is walked out.It is hard to read all of the cynical and mean comments but some people are mean and cynical I am sorry for you.She is a christian that has made mistakes, but if she has repented to christ and truly in her heart turned from her old behavior that is what counts. As christians we know we are not perfect.

1752 days ago


The woman masturbated, she must be insane. LOL!!!!

1752 days ago


When the TMZ staff added the adjective 'biblically correct' to their story, they were engaging in hate speech. Christians are sitting silent right now, but I'm hoping we will soon stand up and insist on OUR rights, too, since no one on the TMZ staff would be gutsy enough to denigrate a Muslim by framing their post to insult the Islamic religious belief. It is my opinion that TMZ owes Christians an apology for their attempt at sick humor, at our expense. (But I doubt TMZ will be big enough to do the right thing -- not for White, maybe even Right Wing Conservative, Christians). . . .

1752 days ago


I'm so sick of this entitled bimbo who just can't get over that she didn't get the Miss America crown even though she really, really wanted it. And she worked so hard, too, by brushing her hair and lying on an operating table while doctors sliced her open and shoved silicon in her body.
And the way she keeps patting herself on the back because she lived through being "attacked." No, Carrie, the girl who was gang raped and beaten at a school dance was attacked. You had to face some criticism for the first time in your pampered extistence and you are so lacking in character and courage that you couldn't handle it. But she actually thinks she's brave because even though people said not nice things about her, she's still willing to go on TV and talk about herself some more. Yeah, that's bravery.
Honestly, she is a symbol of what's wrong with this country, people who think that just because they pray to Jesus, they are better than everyone else and should get anything they want. Go spend some time at a homeless shelter, Carrie, and maybe you can start to come to grips with the "tragedy" that has befallen you.

1752 days ago


Say NO to homo marriage and YES to masturbation!

1752 days ago

The Seer    

This woman is delusional. Contradicts herself when she speaks, and what she says makes no sense the rest of the time she's blathering. She's a younger just as dopey and nonsensical Sarah Palin.

I have a problem with beauty pageants in general. They objectify women, and the women who "compete" in these contribute to the problem. These women are attention whores, and sell out to get attention instead of using their energy to do something positive for their gender. They do nothing to help the now forgotten cause of equal rights for women.

Well, at least Prejean is consistent: she doesn't want equal rights for gays, and has done, excuse the pun, a bang up job of misrepresenting her own sex and promoting unequal rights for women.

This country has massive social problems. Who are gays hurting if they get married? I see tax dollars, happy families and well kept homes in more cases with gay than straight couples. Legalize pot, too, and let the government have the tax dollars from that instead of the drug cartels. I've never known a pot head to commit vehicular manslaughter. Have you?

And everyone needs to keep whatever they're doing behind closed doors private. As for people who like to preach at others, and I mean YOU Ms. Prejean, SHUT UP and teach by EXAMPLE instead. Oh, wait. Not enough intelligent substance there behind that shiny mask. Then simply just shut up, Carrie, and let REAL women change this world for the better.

One could only imagine the wonderful things that would happen if people would shut the hell up and concentrate on making a positive contribution to society instead. Go away Prejean! The more you talk, the deeper you dig yourself into your self-imposed rut.

1752 days ago
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