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Carrie Prejean's Sex Tape Conspiracy Theory

11/10/2009 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean continued to run her biblically correct mouth this morning on "Today" -- saying news of her solo sex tape is part of a 7-month "campaign to try and silence me."

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
The dethroned beauty queen said people are still trying to "embarrass" and "humiliate" her because of the answer she gave to the same-sex marriage question during the Miss USA pageant.

When pressed by Meredith Vieira why she dropped her million dollar lawsuit against Miss California USA, she wouldn't bite, saying she's "not allowed" to discuss the outcome.


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1770 days ago


No honey you embarrassed and humiliated yourself! Goodness on top of being a liar and hypocrite I guess she is also forever the 'victim'. It's not about your answer, this is just naturally what happens when you continue to go around publicly proclaiming to be better and more moral than those around you. Glass houses, stones and all that stuff. Read your Bible girl, it's all in there.

1770 days ago


Carrie has done an excellent job in embarrassing and humilating herself. I wish she would quit trying to blame her screw up on everyone else. Apparently when she stated on Hannity she was taking responsibility for her own actions, that was another lie.

Carrie should just STFU.

1770 days ago


masturbating is not OK with The Lord..It is a sin carrie..READ your bible..You sinned with your boyfriend..what a pig you really are...IM a sinner to, we all are..I dont go on National TV with my holy act..she has her fame now..That is what she wanted from the start..DO Not represent the Church you are not needed..We do not need your MOUTH..Use your mouth on the guys, ya dig?? go down

1770 days ago


Her parents should be so proud...they raised such a good Christian girl!! Carrie please seek counseling to resolve your issues... exhibitionism and lying to start with...I'm sure we'll learn the rest, when more of your secrets surface.

1770 days ago


Her agents probably put the tape out.

1770 days ago


"Donald came out and meeted us"

1770 days ago


Doesn't showing that film qualify as something along the lines of distributing child porn? She was under 18.

1770 days ago


I have her porn name. Carrie Creamyjeans.

1770 days ago


She should have called their bluff, she was only 17 when she made the tape. She could sue them for releasing child pornography.

And how is this threat of release, not being called blackmail?
Dirt ball stuff...

1770 days ago

Nicole Carrie doing the solo-self-love tape was okay, it's just a conspiracy that someone leaked it? Hmmm... Looks as if Ms. Prejudice...errr...I mean Ms. Prejean is missing the point.

1770 days ago


She doesn't consider this a "sex" tape because she's just doing herself? Sounds like she is splitting, uh, hairs.

1770 days ago


#67 Elaina - "When the TMZ staff added the adjective 'biblically correct' to their story, they were engaging in hate speech." Not hardly! This is NOT a bash on Christians in the LEAST bit! Maybe you don't remember, but Carrie herself used that title, thus the reason the continue to use it. They use that term, because she falls under the pretense that others should follow the word, but it's OK if she fudges a little. Sure, people make mistakes, but the story here is that she REFUSES to take blame for herself, but instead blames everyone else. Just like she's trying to say that she was pressured into getting plastic surgery. If she honestly felt that it was wrong, she could have walked away and done something different with her life, other than using vanity - one of the seven DEADLY SINS!! It's about principle. If someone claimed to be following the Koran, TMZ would consider them Koranically correct. It's not hate speech nor is it condeming a religion in any aspect at all. That's the problem you have when you take things way too literally. If you were to take the Bible literally, there would be a lot of killing in the name of the Lord. You have to adjust to the changing times.

1770 days ago


sweetie...if you don't tape yourself fluffin your muffin, there's no tape to "leak" out. You probably released this yourself. Sounds just about desperate enough for a publicity whore.

1770 days ago


Like her or not. Can you put a better picture of her up there ? She is very hot.

1770 days ago
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