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Letterman Suspect Wants Charges Dismissed

11/10/2009 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman's accused extortionist, Robert Halderman, is asking the judge to dismiss the extortion case against him.

Robert Halderman: Click to watch
In papers filed with the court, Halderman's lawyer wrote, "The sensationalism surrounding this indictment, fueled by the celebrity of the purported victim and the deference paid to that celebrity by the District Attorney's Office, has swallowed the only pertinent issue ...."

The issue: Whether the grand jury had sufficient facts to support the extortion case.

The lawyer, Gerald Shargel, also states Halderman "discovered evidence that Letterman had created and fostered an environment of workplace sexual misconduct that under any definition, amounted to actionable sexual harassment."

The lawyer says this was not extortion, calling it "a pure commercial transaction." The lawyer says Halderman was merely trying to sell the exclusive screenplay rights to Letterman.

The lawyer says Halderman even insisted on getting a written agreement -- something extortionists generally don't do.

In addition to the motion for dismissal, Halderman's lawyer is asking to inspect the grand jury minutes. And, he wants the items seized from Halderman to be suppressed as evidence.

And there's this ... Attorney Shargel claims the relationship between Letterman and Stephanie Birkitt continued through at least last summer.


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I knew there was a reason I disliked Letterman - something about him was skivvy - I could never watch but a few minutes. Now we know that he was screwing his friend's girl - screwing OVER his wife and NOT ALLOWING WOMEN ON HIS WRITING TEAM - all very good examples of a selfish, controlling man!

1808 days ago


He was only doing a 48 hours story of dirt bags who have sex with there employees. And he needed Lettermans money because production cost were going over budget. Yea, thats right!

1808 days ago


Commercial transaction.
Written agreement.

Does the written agreement exist?

1808 days ago


1808 days ago


A "Commercial Transaction," what a joke. You either pay this money or else. That is not a commercial transaction. Halderman's "friends" are being charged $500 an hour for that.

1808 days ago




1808 days ago


Do we know yet if Letterman masturbated when he was 17 years old?

1808 days ago

The Running Back    

Can,t wait till he gets to prison. He will experience all kinds of sexual misconduct.

1808 days ago


I'm actually inclined to take that argument under advisement.

1808 days ago


Yeah and I hear people in Hell want ice water.

1808 days ago

Rip It Up    

Sorry dude, you're guilty.

1808 days ago


I believe the guy .. why else would he have asked for the agreement to be in writing. It raises the issue of reasonable doubt!

Oh, and TMZ needs to get their hands on the Carrie Prejon sex tapes and play them for all us conservatives to whack off on!!!

1808 days ago


"Commercial Transaction." I bet Halderman thought he had devised an ingenious means to extort from David Letterman and get away with it. His scam should be seen for what it is -- extortion! If he had so much evidence against Letterman, why didn't he go to the authorities? Because, even though Letterman may be a cad, a philanderer, an adulterer, no one has charged he did anything illegal. Is there any doubt Halderman's intent was to force Letterman to pay him to keep quiet?

1808 days ago


Letterman is not one of my favorite people these days, but this guy Halderman was out of line to be poking around in somebody's else's business. It's laughable that he's trying to put a good spin on his story by saying it wasn't extortion. The definition of extortion is to get money from someone through coercion. And that appears to be exactly what Halderman tried to do. He should be held accountable for that.

1808 days ago


I Have always loathed letterman..He is a jerk, Donkey, creep, ugly. way over paid..How the H did he ever get where he is??I dont get it...his wife is a DOG as he kisses all the ladies on the show..he is a pig with a 3 incher..poor dave look at his wife..he cant do anything where it really counts in marriage.I wish him misery 4 life unless he#$%^&*()_ I cant say most of you would not understand..But dave will not accept ----- ------

1808 days ago
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