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Dr. Murray: Please Hold ... MJ is Dying

11/10/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Murray and Michael JacksonDr. Conrad Murray was on the phone with his girlfriend as Michael Jackson was dying ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ.

We've learned Dr. Murray was on a cell phone with his girlfriend from Houston between 12:03 and 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009 -- the day Jackson died.

Sources say the girlfriend told LAPD detectives about 5 minutes into the call, she heard Dr. Murray abruptly drop the phone and then heard him administer CPR. The girlfriend said there was no indication Dr. Murray knew anything was amiss before dropping the telephone.

Sources say the girlfriend does not know if Murray was in the room with Jackson when he called her or if he walked in just before realizing MJ was in deep trouble.

The bodyguard called 911 at 12:21 PM, approximately 13 minutes after Dr. Murray dropped the phone.

It has been widely reported Dr. Murray was on the phone for 47 minutes before calling 911. It appears those calls were actually made before Dr. Murray realized Jackson was in distress.


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I actually like this title ...

1775 days ago

Travolta couldn't handle the truth either    

Negligent or not, the IDIOT known as MJ, hired Him. so who's the IDIOT NOW?

1775 days ago


okay - I am going to go against the grain on this one....and I feel like Joe Jackson has MJ best interests at heart. He sees how his wife, the kids and the siblings are hurting. I know that he has probably done some things in his past,that he regrets, but who hasnt? He probably is trying to make amends to his son the best way he knows how.

1775 days ago


Which girlfriend is this??? He seems to have sooooooo many of them. I'd NEVER believe anything Murray says or anything any one of his girlfriends say. They're all liars and all covering up for Murray.

1775 days ago


MJ was not an idiot. He was a drug addict. He finally got someone to come to his home to administer his favorite drug and BTW what makes you think that people who are under the influence are capable of making sound decisions? Listen,MJ experienced pain as a child and until he got burned he probably didn't know what drugs were and he found relief from his painful past thru drugs. I think what happened to me happened to him. You find something to keep you from feeling and relieving the painful memories. I understand MJ and most of all addiction so people please stop judging, blaming and criticizing because you don't know!

1775 days ago


I remain with my thoughts that Michael was dead long before lunchtime. I think Conrad Murray discovered him, was unable to bring him back to life, then sat and thought up plans to cover his incompentent *ss. The whole timeline of the ordeal is just too funky to be believed. And I don't want to read all the babble about Michael Jackson being a drug addict, it's his own fault, blah, blah, blah. Whether or not it was true, it was a DOCTOR that injected him all through the wee hours of the morning, finalizing his death somewhere along the way. It was Arnold Klein and other doctors that kept him in supply and injected him endlessly. Michael's naive trust in the medical profession certainly wasn't warranted - money talks and the greedy b*st*rds forgot why they went to medical school.

1775 days ago

A fan    

Very concise way of putting it Ali !
Only those who were addicts can relate, I thank God for His deliverance.
It could have been me, somehow, taken advantage of.


1775 days ago


TMZ, remember Michael Jackson did not go down for breakfast at 9:00am as was expected, what did Dr Murray said he was doing between 9:00am and 12:03pm?
When did Dr Murray inject MJ with Propofol and for how long was MJ supposed to sleep?

1775 days ago


The doctor neglected his duties and needs to pay,but not too much.
I hope he gets a slap on the wrist.
MJ was 50 years old he knew what he was doing.
Right or wrong many people are refusing to take something simple as the swine flu vaccine because they think there is a risk involved.
Imagine risking your life every night and putting your life in the hands of one person just for the kicks off it.
MJ is ultimately responsible for his own demise.

1775 days ago


Agrees with LuvMJbad:

Lock him UP already...

1775 days ago


Michael I love you!

1775 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

I still don't understand why this man is walking like a free man. He injected a drug that can be potentially dangerous outside of a controlled hospital environment with none of the required equipment that was mentioned on the label, and whether or not he was waffling away on the phone to his girlfriend and not paying full attention to Mike's condition the fact still remains that he injected him with the drug and is the cause of Mike's death. Charge him already damn it!

1775 days ago


Is it swine flu or swine fever? In any case this supposedly educated "non"-professional certainly is a swine who, obviously, had a permanent fever between his legs and a girl in every port which resulted in multiple children with multiple women born out of wedlock. Another example of someone who couldn't get into an American medical school and, yet, is discovered to be practicing medicine in this country? Was he licensed by the AMA? What an insult to the elite medical physicians and surgeons in America!

1775 days ago


The wandering Gypsy at 4.37

Subsequent reports contradicted all these and stated that MJ was in good health at the time of his death. Besides, in the movie, did he rellay looked like the way u have stated??? A resounding no

1775 days ago


The faster they arrest Murray, the less chance of a conviction. It takes time to build up a good case.

1775 days ago
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