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Michael Jackson Funeral Expenses

11/10/2009 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Forest Lawn funeral costs total $855,730.31, according to documents just unsealed by the court.

The costs for the Glendale Police Department and city support $175,086.31.

As for itemized costs, the internment was $590,000. As for upkeep of the mausoleum -- $88,500.

The casket coach -- $295

Private security, lighting, baby grand piano, fan rentals -- $176,020.31.

And there's this -- Framing of a photo of MJ which was placed next to the casket -- $3,682.66

Wardrobe for the family -- $1,975.50

Flower van -- $125


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HEY TMZ...GO TO HELL who cares how much poor MJ funeral costed.

1773 days ago


$3600 for a stupid picture frame??!!!?!

I'm in the wrong business and the wrong town!

1773 days ago


If the family does not pay this bill.... which they probrably won't, then Forrest Lawn needs to charge admission to see it.

1773 days ago


I have a question if anyone knows the answer. A while back, while the media was playing "where's Michael," it was reported that he was finally going to rest at the mausoleum, 13 stories down, and that the public would not have access directly with his crypt. Now, it seems that the crypt is on the first floor, at the end of the hall, and the public can see the crypt. Which is true? Is the picture TMZ posted the other day really Michael's resting place?

1773 days ago


Why is it that seeing this cold numbers make me even more sad that he's gone? :[

1773 days ago


I heard they wanted to buy 12 plots togther so the rest of his crazy family could be buried next to him, PLESE tell me this price includes that and then tell me the family did not just use Micheals money to pay for their burial plots!!!

1773 days ago


Worth every penny. Michael Jackson made millions, he donated millions, he spent millions ... and he is still making millions. He deserves whatever it cost. Rest in peace.

1773 days ago

so wrong    

Isn't the question, how did TMZ get this, I don't think this would be considered public record, would it? someone (insider) is getting paid big time. Just sent this to Forest Lawn with the Pdf attached, stating, "for such a reputable place, and for those who have passed, and their families who are paying up the nose to insure privacy and secruity, sure a lot of stuff being leaked from there." God, hope I never end up there. Let's pull up Kennedy's burial costs (he had a lot of haters) he died recently too, good gawd, this stuff is ridiculous.

1773 days ago


The familt couldn't spring for their own duds for the funeral? Michael had to pay for their clothes and his own funeral. They are priceless!! I wonder if any of them ever bought anything for Michael...birthday gift, etc. Maybe they did then sent him the bill!!!!

1773 days ago


Is that all it cost???

1773 days ago


why is framing a photo so expensive

1773 days ago

marilynn brantley    

mind your freakin business, bunch low bottoms,if that's what they
wanted to spend on his funeral so what!go lease a life, or
rent one or something stay off the internet!

1773 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Guess nobody was thinking of the children perhaps, look at how many 'spaces' they also purchased.- 8 more so 3 + 8 = 11. Bet those brothers are going to be buried right next to Michael. and his father on one sode of him, his mom on the other - Where's his children going to be placed? this is ahrdly fair. shows the Jacksons had no pre planned anything for their time, just pawn it off on Michael, like they did.

1773 days ago

so wrong    

by sla

I have a feeling it isn't. I think it would be so filled with flowers, gifts, etc...who knows, one thing said, another contradiction within an hour. TMZ never does any fact checking, they copy - paste stuff from other Tabloid's, websites, etc.. Look at the interview with Klein, they just let me go on and on, no fact checking, hey...more money to them. Just another tabloid site, that's it.

1773 days ago

so wrong    

I mean really, who cares how much it cost. Michael paid for it anyway, his trust, etc...anyone who passes usually puts or includes that in their will, if they have the money.

1773 days ago
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