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Prejean Unplugs for 'Inappropriate King Live'

11/11/2009 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean and Larry King just made the most awesomely awkward TV.

Carrie Prejean Larry king
Carrie unplugged her mic on "Larry King Live" tonight and threatened to walk off the show -- all because Larry pressed her on details about her settlement with Miss California USA ... as in, he wanted her to bring up her solo sex tape.

Carrie called Larry "extremely inappropriate" for his line of questioning ... Larry's response? He said, "Inappropriate King Live continues" and then took a phone call.


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I can see it now, she will end up being Palin's campaign spokesperson.

1804 days ago


For all of you defending Carrie Prejean---why are we supposed to forget she's a lying slut when she doesn't even want people who love each other to be able to say they're married? Are we supposed to forgive her that even though she thinks she can pass judgement on others? I don't think so. She's a dumb whore. Who goes on a show and decides not to answer any of the questions?

1804 days ago


If she doesn't want to be asked any questions, then why go out and talk to every talk show? If people would just ignore her, maybe then she will go away. I guess that she thinks her looks can make up for her being uncooperative. Personally I think she was pulling a stunt to sell books. I thought she was really rude on Larry King!

1804 days ago


She is cross-eyed and her veneers are way too big.

1804 days ago


Who is this chick again???? This girl has some very warped perception of herself!! And no offense TMZ, but between this chick, the Burger Bunch, and Juan Gosselin -- this site is not even about celebrities anymore!!!

Can we seriously start distinguishing from the celebRITY and the celebREALITY???? C'mon TMZ, I was down with you from the beginning - when the only time Harvey was on TV was for the People's Court sidewalk input - you're better than following these stupid people!! Seriously, the only reason this chick got a book deal in the first place was because she was FEATURED on TMZ. Somebody hook me up with a job at TMZ and I promise I will get you some better scoops than this crap!

PS - Next TMZ will be following and reporting on their number one commenter, Simone. Man, that biatch must be crazy!!

1804 days ago


Why are we still talking about her?
And GO DETROIT CALLER! Representing our city well for once! ;P

1804 days ago


She is such a waste of air, space and time.
As if she would go on Larry King and him not ask questions about her settlement. She probably settled for a vibrator for her next solo sex video.
BTW, SHE was Miss America?!!!! She looks like the terminator had a child with the puppet from saw.

1804 days ago


Carrie Prjean is a loony toon and needs to be locked up. I used to think he was intentionally a troublemaker. Since then, I have deciced that a person whould have to be crazy to thrown their life away like she is doing.

No rational person would have acted the way she did on the Larry King Show. If she wasn't doing, she has to be a natural dope.

I think her next stop with be sex films in the porn industry.

How low can she go? That is the question. I don't think he has much further.

1804 days ago


This woman now tops my list of "Hypocritical A$$holes Who Desperately Need to Duck Out of the Public Eye Yesterday" list... followed closely by Palin, Bachmann, and Hasselback.

The face time these delusional nutcases are handed on a golden platter by our media is mind-boggling and a bit terrifying.

She is absolutely laughable and might as well be wearing a dress made solely of Saran Wrap... I have never seen right through someone quite as easily as this. What a f!cking self-righteous ditz.

GOOD for Larry for demanding some real effing answers, knowing that she'd probably regress to Kindergarten and throw a cute little hissy fit on TV. Was it possible to drop further down the ranks of classiness than you have already dipped, Prejean?

Do the world a favor and G.O. A.W.A.Y. Your ever-continuing presence on my TV screen is becoming rather nauseating. And that's before you even open your mouth.

1804 days ago


I've been trying to resist commenting on this but my take on the Larry King video is that she can't even be respectful to a gay man. She didn't have to abandon her stance, but friendly advice may have been nice. She was pissed at Larry, but that mic didn't come off until the caller said the words "gay man". I could tell by her eye movements that she heard his entire question. She didn't pull her ear piece off, just the mic. SAD!

1804 days ago


And she thought that someone wanted to interview her on her modeling career? I'm so confused. Maybe they should have talked about their favorite holiday recipes. She makes pretty girls look stupid all over the world.

1803 days ago

Sara Palin    

The last thing I need is having this Bimbo say that I am her hero....Leave me alone ! I got enough problems...SP

1803 days ago


Inappropriate? what she has been doing is inappropriate,Clearly she just wanted to sell her book on Larry Kings show and make back some of the $million she lost out on in the settlement.

1802 days ago

John Davis    

Most culpable is not this unhinged, narcissistic fool with the "let'm eat cake" attitude, it is her parents who are responsible for creating this egomaniac monster. So taken were they of their beautiful little girl, that, I'll bet, they never let a "cute" event go by without recording it for posterity. I've seen the product of overindulgant parents too often...have, you, too, ever been stranded into a tortured evening of "videos" or "movies" of little Carrie as she waved from the back of the ass, on the icerink, her first ballet perfomance. Carrie, my precious, Carrie you cutie, Oh beautious Carrie, Ain't she adorable, endless effluvia. Too little attention at developing skills and motivations to contribute to the world beyond, "I'm Carrie Prejean and I'm here to grant you my wondrous spectacularness." Well, she is unique, I'll give her that, in that she has become America's Laughingstock. Congrats parents!!

1802 days ago


I am so sick of this idiot. She needs to go away once and for all! Get lost bitch~

1802 days ago
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