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Prejean Unplugs for 'Inappropriate King Live'

11/11/2009 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean and Larry King just made the most awesomely awkward TV.

Carrie Prejean Larry king
Carrie unplugged her mic on "Larry King Live" tonight and threatened to walk off the show -- all because Larry pressed her on details about her settlement with Miss California USA ... as in, he wanted her to bring up her solo sex tape.

Carrie called Larry "extremely inappropriate" for his line of questioning ... Larry's response? He said, "Inappropriate King Live continues" and then took a phone call.


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TMZ is reporting that Miss Carrie was 20 when her solo tape was made. So much for the "I was a stupid teenager" excuse. Why do all these "conservative christian" make such fools of themselves?

1814 days ago


This guy King thinks he's quite someone (but he's not the only one). People like him don't seem interested in what their guests want to say often interrupting them.
To King I'd like to say: "Blech".

1814 days ago


ohhh my god.....she just went into the hall of completely dillusional morons with Heidi and Spencer.

1814 days ago


Is anyone really going to read Carrie Prejean's book. The woman is a delusional idiot. She is a sickie and needs to be in a n insane assylem. She may love to play with herself, but no other person wants to touch her stinky nasty, worn out vijayjay..... Is that what she writes about. She doesn't have a brain big enough to fit on the point of a pin. I cannot imagine decent Christian women condoning her lying, whoring, hypocritical behavior. What a douchebag!!! You go Carrie, right down between your legs.

1814 days ago


Y'know, for a supposed beauty queen (she had to have won SOMETHING before getting to the big circuit), she's really unskilled at answering questions. Didn't anyone teach her how to answer like Miss America? Vague, pleasing answers, not belligerent, bratty ones.

Oh, wait. That's right. This is how she gets attention. By fighting with people and making herself look like the victim. *sigh*

1814 days ago


This should be a lesson to anybody hoping for any career involving the public: IF YOU ARE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE, DO NOT DISCLOSE IT NO MATTER WHAT... THE MEDIA WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL.

So much for free speech! This shows how much liberals are the ignorant ones. I mean, let's drag Sarah Palin, Hasselbeck and Fox news into this...

1814 days ago

rockin' johnny    

Carrie Prejean is a skank and a whore.

Why doesn't she go away?

1814 days ago


lol...the whole world is laughing at dumb can one single person continue to be over and over and over again.

Her meltdown is going to be soooooo funny. I can't wait.

1814 days ago

Tom Styles    

I am a TV journalist and have waited YEARS to see someone FINALLY stick it to a moronic TV interviewer. - You myopic ( look it up ) Carrie Prejean haters cannot see the poise and GENIUS of refusing to answer King on-air.... and with a brilliant smile on her face.

As a TV professional... I'll tell you exactly what she did. She took control of the situation... and made King fumble and bumble around. His producers behind the scenes I ASSURE you - as TMZ would even concur... were in a PANIC over what amounted to DEAD AIR TIME I.E. Nothing happening on his show.

She brilliantly screwed up King and his show. This is NOT a stupid woman... but, one in full control of what she wants... and won't let the media screw her over.

It was BRILLIANT ! - KUDOS to Carrie Prejean for doing what most people should do to obnoxious TV hosts... simply screw up their tightly scripted and produced production. LOL... sheer genius !
... and with poise and a smile.

1814 days ago


I *so* loathe this witch.

1814 days ago


I would have kicked her ass off the show- then she can say it's inappropriate- she's turned out to be nothing but a hypocrite. Looks don't get you that far in real life when when heart is ugly!!!!!!!!

1814 days ago


Larry: Can you hear me?
Carrie: No, I can't hear you.


1814 days ago


What a dumb bitch.

1814 days ago

who dat    

After this pathetic appearance, her book will be in the .99 cent bin. Even then it will be over priced.

1814 days ago


Jesus is crying for this dumb blonde bitch,
I hope her book hits the .¢99 cent store right next to the history of Barney the purple dino...

1814 days ago
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