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Prejean Unplugs for 'Inappropriate King Live'

11/11/2009 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean and Larry King just made the most awesomely awkward TV.

Carrie Prejean Larry king
Carrie unplugged her mic on "Larry King Live" tonight and threatened to walk off the show -- all because Larry pressed her on details about her settlement with Miss California USA ... as in, he wanted her to bring up her solo sex tape.

Carrie called Larry "extremely inappropriate" for his line of questioning ... Larry's response? He said, "Inappropriate King Live continues" and then took a phone call.


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beer crow    

that stupid chick can't handle any question that is 1% outside of what her handlers have fed her...... she's an f'n fraud... she'll make a killing for FOX

1775 days ago

you just don't get it    

Posted at 2:33AM on Nov 12th 2009 by Tom Styles

If you are serious about half of what you wrote, your head is all the way up your ass.

1775 days ago


She's a hungry tiger...

1775 days ago


come on.How long do we have to listen to this media whore?? When you'r interviewed you don't get to pick the questions, unless you're running for pres.

1775 days ago


She seems to have said that she was told that she wouldn't have to take calls from viewers. So that could be another reason for walking off.

1775 days ago


i REALLY wished larry would have kicked her off the show! who the hell does she think she is, you can't have it both ways ..just there to plug her book but won't answer the real questions, won't take calls - HELLO !!! Larry King should have kicked Prejean off the show. i really felt uncomfortable watching larry king appologizing to her !

1775 days ago


I think it's hilarious anyone would stick up for this hypocritical, vapid whorebag. Larry asked a perfectly appropriate question. What a stupid piece of plastic trash she is.

1775 days ago


I hope her 15 minutes are up.

The images everyone wants to see

1775 days ago


Is the stupid bitch for real? I am so sick of seeing her, and I can't tell you how close I am to throwing up if I have to hear her talk one more time. How many f**king minutes beyond 15 does she need? I'll tell you though, I'm really glad I watched this - because she made a real fool out of herself. This was the nail in the coffin. Now, go away. Get a jump start on the porn 'cause that's where you're going, right?

1775 days ago


That was funny!
Larry King-"Carrie can you hear me?"
Carrie responds-"No"

1775 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Wow, this dumb bitch is chastizing Larry King, and institution on television, for asking a perfectly legit question that had nothing to do with sex. If she's not going to talk about anything, why is she doing talk shows?????? Oh yeah, to promote her idiotic book. She's a whore in every sense of the word.

1775 days ago


Carrie Prejean is probably one of the dumbest women alive. And because she is so desperate for attention, the stupid broad takes off her mike and then SITS THERE instead of walking off!!

Good luck getting booked on anything else you $2 tramp. I hope your ex-boyfriend makes a mint selling that video to Vivid. And by the way, calling Sarah Palin your hero just reinforces the fact that she is indeed YET ANOTHER STUPID broad.

You and Sarah should hold hands and jump into the sea.

1775 days ago


So, why exactly did she come on the show? What the hell else does she have to discuss besides the Miss California controversy and now her sex tape! As far as being "inappropriate", Larry is not the one who made a sex tape, sweetie! She's just looking for some face time on t.v. Notice how she just sat there AFTER she took off her mic. Most people who are offended would have walked off! Do us all a favor, Carrie, and crawl back into the whole you came out of.

1775 days ago


And she wants people to buy her book? She can't even answer a simple question..So..Did she even write the book herself? She is hawking her book she should be ready to answer any question...Larry King just learned a lesson here...NEVER invite a dumb blond like her again on your show!!!

1775 days ago


Please no PLEASE dont give her any more free publicity.Larry King is a ratings whore.He will put on any trash for ratings-the man has no dignity left.Junk.

1775 days ago
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