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Prejean Unplugs for 'Inappropriate King Live'

11/11/2009 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean and Larry King just made the most awesomely awkward TV.

Carrie Prejean Larry king
Carrie unplugged her mic on "Larry King Live" tonight and threatened to walk off the show -- all because Larry pressed her on details about her settlement with Miss California USA ... as in, he wanted her to bring up her solo sex tape.

Carrie called Larry "extremely inappropriate" for his line of questioning ... Larry's response? He said, "Inappropriate King Live continues" and then took a phone call.


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Oval Beach    

What a Republican Party whored out scank she is...yeah...Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin are held up in high regards with Ms. Pre-Jeans...ooops Prejean. And she was SUCH and idiot to take off her mic and just sit there and look over to her advisor on the side...OMG...I couldn't stop laughing. Someone please marry this bitch and put her in her red, white and blue kitchen all barefoot and pregnant just as her conservative values want her to be. On a side note...Am I mistaken or have her teeth gone the way of Hillary Duff's? OMG...they are like HUGE Chicklet's strewned across the front of her teeth. Can you imagine a bj from her? OUCH.

1775 days ago

Larry O    

Your journalism is sloppy. She took the mike off because the pre-arrangements specified no phone calls to which the LK staffers agreed. Then LK takes a phone call in clear abrogation of the agreement. Simply spending 2 more minutes in front of the TV would have improved your skills. LK agreed with CP that there was an agreement and he broke it which was clearly inappropriate. LK apologized for his behavior claiming that he did not know what his staff agreed to. LK is over the hill and should go away.

1775 days ago


Miss Holier Than Thou gets caught making a sex tape, then wants to act like it never happen. Interesting. She wanted fame, she got it, then went on a deceiving drive to make America think she is a "Moral Majority Christian", gets caught being a liar and hyprocrit. Pathetic. But typical. The religous right in this country is nothing but hyprocrits, liars, hate mongers, adulterers, but when they get caught, they get mad that someone brings it up. Carrie, you DO NOT represent christians. Christians do not make sex tapes, lie, take nude photos, then discriminate against others after judging them....OH WAIT A MINUTE, YES...American christians do! Tt seems to be their main common denominator!!!

1775 days ago


I watched the original airing last night, I was dumbfounded, to say the least! I was a bit mad at Larry for backing down with Prejean--he should have thrown her off the show for being rude to him. Note she was not at the studio sitting across from him. He asked her who she was talking to off stage and she didn't respond. Prejean's handlers had it all planned...she wasn't there in person, apparently they said no phone calls (Larry said he had not been told this), she had canned responses for every one of his questions that she didn't plan to answer. I am surprised Larry went for all of this, but he loves blond bimbos.

1775 days ago


Wow! She's such a media whore. just as long as cameras are on her she's content, no matter whats being said about her. She just sat there! If she was soooo mad why didn't she just walk off! Dumb fake blond!

1775 days ago


Even if there was a pre-arranged agreement for no phone calls, the way Prejean acted was "inappropriate." If she didn't want to answer questions, why the hell did she even agree to do the show at all?!

This woman needs to just go away. I am a Democrat but there are some Republicans/Conservatives that I do respect but she isn't one of them!

1775 days ago


Ironic that she called Larry King inappropriate, when she was the one who taped herself masturbating, AND caught in many lies. She is one of the most IGNORANT, DISHONEST, SELF-RIGHTEOUS BITCH I have seen or heard!!!

1775 days ago


American Pie, believe me she doesn't represent all Christians! I would also say that many conservative Christians are probably sitting somewhere wishing she'd shut the hell up because she's making them all look bad right now!

1775 days ago


First, I think it's great that this hypocritical bimbo is ending her 15 minutes of fame being exposed for who she is....a bimbo. Secondly, I'm thrilled that she's in her 14th minute of fame, because she's received too much pub already. Thirdly, congrats to Larry King for finally growing a pair. If he keeps it up maybe some people under the age of 70 will start watching his show.

1775 days ago


Yeah, real inappropriate to go on LKL and be asked questions. Hmmm. Isn't Larry King a talk show?

Sure, Larry asks some softball questions, but if you are going to be pimping your book, you might actually get asked about what is really going on.

What a stupid b*tch.

1775 days ago


Carrie NEVER answered Larry's question about coming clean to the pagent about divulging her sex tape...she is a complete NOBODY!!! I hope her 15 minutes is over SOON! She's an idiot!

1775 days ago


This gal is talking crazy talk. Either she wants her 15 minutes of fame or she doesn't. She can not have it both ways. I think she is rude. She was on the View and she was rude. What questions does she expect interviewers to ask? Answer the questions or stop going on shows to cry poor pitiful me. If she doesn't want to be asked.....get out of people's faces and stay off the air. Go hide.

1775 days ago


i love that part too when she answers his question that she can't hear! she's too funny. nice tits though.

1775 days ago


she seems really dumb.

1775 days ago

Ms Kris    


"Just don't look, just don't look" What TV show in its 21st season am I quoting here?

Talked about these issues on other shows but not dumb a__ Larry's? How stupid is this woman?

1775 days ago
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