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Gosselin to TLC: I'm 'Unsophisticated'

11/11/2009 8:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired back at TLC ...attacking the network that's trying to get an injunction prohibiting him from making dough on shows other than TLC.

Gosselin wants the contract he made with TLC declared invalid on grounds it's unconscionable -- translation: Jon had no lawyer or manager when he sat down with TLC and inked the deal.

The best part -- Gosselin refers to himself as "an unsophisticated father of eight." He claims the deal was so bad ... he and his family only pulled in $2,000 an episode at the beginning. That's $200 a head.

Gosselin also claims TLC violated child labor laws.

Gosselin claims if TLC gets the injunction he'll be "unable to earn a living as a television personality, and therefore be precluded from supporting his eight children, whereas Plaintiff (TLC) currently has its show on 'indefinite hiatus.''

What Jon didn't say in his legal response -- how he'll deal with TLC's claim that he derailed the show by mounting what the network believes is a phony objection. If a judge buys TLC's claim it could cost Jon millions in damages.

And TLC wants Jon to cough up all the loot he made by selling his life to all the shows and websites over the last few months.


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Jon Jon Jon... You don't want to be on TV remember!!!! You want thing to be the way they were. You don't want to have all the fame remember!!!! What a small little brain you have!


1785 days ago


TMZ will continue to post Jon snippets because the tidbits pull in the comments. Your dislike of Jon has become a commodity.

1785 days ago


I think they both need to get real jobs and support there kids.He is not an established star, he was in a reality show, sorta like the Heenes! bottom line!

1785 days ago


Isn't this what these Networks do is take advantage of these UNSOPHISTICATED people that don't know anything about the TV business and take them on a ride? TLC makes ALL the money and this family gets SCREWED... Sounds like it to me, they had no attorney to help them TLC was all on thier side giving them everything they needed. I remember in one interview Jon stated TLC said JON had to BEHAVE and do what TLC said and they would think about giving him the Motorcycle later on if he behaved and didn't go out and behaved himself, I thought WTF... R U KIDDING ME... No Way. Yea these people got screwed for sure..

1785 days ago


I mean...John Gosselin would not be who he was without TLC so they should recognize at least SOME fault in all of this. I'm not defending him - he sucks, but it is a two-way street.

1785 days ago


They created the monster.

1785 days ago


I predict that he will make an "adult" movie to make money. That'll be the only job he can get. With the lawsuit, no network will want him on a show (and pay him for it). They don't want to get involved in this mess too. Because every time he gets paid by someone, that means that network has to show up in court too. Way too much hassle.

1785 days ago


...and didn't he hack into Kate's computer and read all her emails and personal stuff? Whatever happened to that? Shouldn't he be dragged to court for that?

1785 days ago


If you just shut your mouth for awhile and let things calm down.
And spare your children of seeing you having MANY affairs with someone who is not their mother.
Things would get better. Grown up an be a responsible father.
One the TLC show would provide income for all. If the children are safe and it looks like they enjoy it all, why not?
How else are you going to pay child support for 8 kids father dear?
Do you know how much that is? At least $500.00 for each kid, this is on the cheapest side of the scale.
Do you have $3000.00-$4000.00 a month just sitting around for
child support? I doubt it.
Look at the big picture, instead of just yours.

1785 days ago


The first season consisted of 2 shows. Introducing the jerk and then how the kids were a yr later. The $2,000 doesn't include Kate's tummy tuck and all misc expenses paid by TLC. Also not included was the new bedroom for the kids ( 8 cribs, 8 sheets & bumpers, DIAPERS, etc......)and God only knows what other extras were thrown in. Jon and Kate both said they did this show 1 - to record memories and 2 - to help pay for the kids. $2,000 is jack sh*t when feeding 10 people. Jon can't tell the truth even if it was written on cards and all he had to do was read them.

GO AWAY JON -- FAR, FAR AWAY. I hear Mars has your kind of people.

1785 days ago


He didn't seem to have a problem with the contract when him and his family were pulling in money and all the "opportunities" were given to them. The kids are the only ones who are going to suffer. Both parents need to get out of the media and figure out a way to support their own kids. They are the ones who brought them into the world, and they alone should have figured out a way to support them without pimping them out. The kids were seen as nothing but little money makers when they were born.

1785 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

Gosselin is such a liar and phony (I remember his claiming, in the third or fourth season of the show, that he was "working from home", implying that he was still working in IT, when he had actually quit in order to help milk the cash cow). He and Kate are immature and perfect examples of Chelsey Handler's assertion that no one should be allowed to start a family before the age of 30.

1785 days ago


He is SERIOUSLY saying that if the injunction is granted, he'll be unable to support his children because he won't be able to work as a television personality??? Earth to Jon: first off, what makes you think anyone will want to hire you for a TV job after the way you've screwed around with TLC? Second, if you're so concerned about supporting your children - try getting rid of the $5000 a month apartment in NYC, the diamond earrings, the expensive cars, etc., etc. - then go out and GET A DAMN REAL JOB!!!!

1785 days ago


Look at the teena marie case against motown My question is were they allowed to get their own counsel that is the question if not then TLC maybe SOL

1785 days ago


Remember the Teena Marie lawsuit
The reason i mention this is that it gives standards for breaking such contracts and I bet they were not going to pay him for Kate+8 either also parts of the contract may be void
TLC had to also if he was under contract to offer him his own programing as well and they werent I bet you

Teena Marie wanted out of her contract because they were not doing any albums for her and so they sued for breech of contract
according to what i read in the web is that she countersued and won

Even if they had cut him out of show with his soon to be ex and kids then he should have also been given 6k per month or they are in violation of a interpretation of the Teena Marie law

This is why you have so many artists breaking contracts and in my opinion there has to be protections on minor stars on these shows
They should be treated like child actors and same protections such as someone setting asside funds for future not parents who might put very little in

1785 days ago
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