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Gosselin to TLC: I'm 'Unsophisticated'

11/11/2009 8:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired back at TLC ...attacking the network that's trying to get an injunction prohibiting him from making dough on shows other than TLC.

Gosselin wants the contract he made with TLC declared invalid on grounds it's unconscionable -- translation: Jon had no lawyer or manager when he sat down with TLC and inked the deal.

The best part -- Gosselin refers to himself as "an unsophisticated father of eight." He claims the deal was so bad ... he and his family only pulled in $2,000 an episode at the beginning. That's $200 a head.

Gosselin also claims TLC violated child labor laws.

Gosselin claims if TLC gets the injunction he'll be "unable to earn a living as a television personality, and therefore be precluded from supporting his eight children, whereas Plaintiff (TLC) currently has its show on 'indefinite hiatus.''

What Jon didn't say in his legal response -- how he'll deal with TLC's claim that he derailed the show by mounting what the network believes is a phony objection. If a judge buys TLC's claim it could cost Jon millions in damages.

And TLC wants Jon to cough up all the loot he made by selling his life to all the shows and websites over the last few months.


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TLC owes him if i am interpreting it right a show or let him out of contract because of the industry standard for artists ie read up on Teena Marie

1806 days ago


Unsophisticated? Is that a nice way of admitting he's a douchebag?

1805 days ago


Jon fails to mention that though they only received a few thousand for the first couple of shows. They profited from the many gifts that came from advertisers. The first few were suppose to be one times things TLC had no idea how this family would win watchers hearts. I just can not believe that he would attack the company who given him and his family so much. And how he has made this all about poor Jon. What about the kids Jon, your are not thinking of your kids!!!

1805 days ago


But,if I am reading it right the Teena Marie case is far different from this case in all respects. TLC was going to pay Jon as the show continued on, Jon was the one who cause TLC to have to rethink how their show would continue. Teena Marie did not do what Jon has been doing that has affected TLC financially. There are many things that will come in the forefront to show that TLC had just cause to remove Jon's name from that show, they had to take steps against his actions. I do not feel Jon has a leg to stand on.

1805 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Both Jon and Kate are losers TLC lets Kate do what she wants but goes after Jon Kate is all about Kate she does not care for those kids denying them water but drinking it in front of them hitting yelling acting like a crazy person before and after Jon left. He is not prize either walking out on those kids leaving them with a nut to raise them all he cared about was freedom and money all Kate cares about is MONEY those kids need a stable life they need to be removed from the home and not exploited like they have been for years let a family have them that will raise them and give them family values and let them know what it is like to be loved for who you are and not how much money you can make them. God Bless those poor kids I hope the state takes them soon.

1805 days ago


Something must of finally worked. The Insider is not promoting Jon being on the show tonight. Thank God and God bless TLC.

1805 days ago


This guy is a chronic blamer. Take responsibility Jon and stop blaming Kate and TLC for the mess you have made of your life.

1805 days ago

Mrs. Smith    

Gosselin's Maryland attorney reprimand . . .
HOSTAGE, Christopher A. - Commission Reprimand for engaging in professional misconduct in violation of Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC), Rule 8.4(a). While representing a client, he sent a letter to a third-party threatening criminal prosecution unless she contacted him to discuss terms of an agreement to settle his client’s alleged criminal and civil claims(s) against her. He claimed he had “already met” with the local Sheriff’s department and an Assistant State’s Attorney and “they agreed to pursue charges against you”, which were false statements of material fact. He acknowledges that he wrote and sent the letter to the client’s ex-wife in haste without giving proper consideration to its accuracy or to the propriety of sending such a letter. His conduct specifically violated MRPC Rules 4.1(a)(1) and 4.4(a).

1805 days ago


If those dimwits can't figure out how to support their 8 kids without being a "TV personality" then they shouldn't have had that many!!! My mother-in-law raised 8 kids, she stayed home and her husband was an accountant. All 8 turned out just fine even without a million dollar house to live in.

1805 days ago


The only people that should be responsible for violating child labor laws in entertainment issues are the PARENTS. They decide what their children do...NOT TV producers! He needs to think about getting a real job, and stop thinking about how he can further his television *career*.

1805 days ago


He just doesn't get that he brought all of this on himself. Now I may be stupid here but it seems that TLC would just want to be rid of his ass and say o.k. you can follow this deluded dream of yours to be a so called celebrity, but we won't be paying you as long as you do so, then don't let the door hit you in the behind. Walla, there goes all the drama that is bringing him all the publicity. then no one really cares anymore than they do now. Well in a perfect world maybe....

1805 days ago


Make money without exploiting your kids, Just download the toolbar and watch ads

1804 days ago


1. He did not have adaquate representation in 2005. He DID have representation (lawyer and manager) in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

2. He went on permanent hiatus after his threat to tlc to pay him while he did nothing didn't go through.

3. In the contract HE was responsible for any permits needed to film NOT tlc. Oops!

4. Kate is still abiding by HER side of the contract. All tv appearances are Ok'd by tlc and actually is part of the contract to advertise the show.

5. I think tlc should sue ET and TI.. or at least have words with SAG since they belong (i assume) to the same actor's guild. Isn't there a Hollywood code of ethics.. thou shalt not piss off other networks?

All of Jon's lawyers are corrupt (Heller is being sued by the United States for credit card fraud). According to a tabloid jon has a sex tape that was made back in October, proving Kate did nothing to demise the relationship and probably put up with way more than any woman should. And the pap he hired claimed he saw jon snorting cocaine.

This guy needs help.. I mean REAL help.

1804 days ago


#84 Kat, go to youtube and watch the tv show Jon and Kate +8. It was "on" tv for 5 years (though the first 2 were just a couple episodes.

1804 days ago


Kate is VERY reserved and careful with her words. She does not say and do whatever she wants. Everything she does and says is Ok'd by tlc. She does not sit at the fence and sell pics of her kids to anyone with money. When she is with her kids she is taking care of them and not talking to paps. When Jon is home he is always afk and leaves them with the nanny.

1804 days ago
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