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Britney -- The Devil Made Me Do It!

11/12/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is admitting to being a devil-worshiping Satan fanatic who embraces a "new world order" ... at least according to her Twitter page.

Britney New World Order

Turns out her Twitter account was hacked by a cyber-demonic force this morning ... and we're not talking about Sam Lutfi. Along with giving "Glory to Satan," the background to her page has gone from images of her "3" video ... to pyramids inscribed with the name of the alleged secret society Illuminati.

Chances are unless new world order and Illuminati are the names of indie bands, Brit has no clue what those terms mean. And as for the praise for Lucifer, everyone knows Britney doesn't speak in tongues ... she lip-synchs.


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New World Order is real! People are in such a denial. Tongues are satanic. Tongues are not of GOD! Sadly, this has been corrupted into churches today. Please do your researching on history and the powerful men who had major influences on religion and miss translations of the Bible. Today, a lot of teachings from the churches can be traced back all the way to the Babylonians and their pagan traditions/beliefs. Constantine the Great also had a powerful role in religion today. The Roman Empire – etc. The facts are there no one wants to believe them. There is only one GOSPEL Jesus Christ taught. As the New World Order is ushered in – we will have a one world government, one currency, one RELIGION, which will be false or churches will comprise their beliefs so that why will not be killed. I’m sure if we do not follow these teachings and believe in this one world religion many people will be killed. Just as in the days of Constantine killed those who did not follow his teachings and the Roman Empire banned people from owning bibles. Spanish equinox and the trinity – they killed true Christians for not believing in the trinity. Research people please! It’s real. The whole world lays in the hand of the wicked one. Satan is misleading this earth.

False Religion will fall. Do not be part of Babylon – Babylon today is real and we are living it!

Michael Jackson's mother is a Jehovah Witness. Michael was aware of this world and who is in control of it, Sadly Satan.

1807 days ago

Illuminati killed MJ    

Michael Jackson's ''Black Or White'':

I Am Tired Of This Devil
I Am Tired Of This Stuff
I Am Tired Of This Business
Sew When The
Going Gets Rough

Michael knew about them, it's not about ''satan'', but money and power and total control.

1807 days ago


SILLY!!......Maybe they were drunk kids having some fun!!! maybe they were drinking vodka and chrome soda!!

1807 days ago

Grammar nazi    

#16 You need to wake up and realize that the whole Jesus cult of personality is just another one of those things you speak of. Men got together and voted what to put in the bible many years ago. Most of that stuff was written way after Jesus's death as a way to keep his memory alive for simple people that needed the supernatural stuff added in for it to take hold. As long as you're still believing that people can be turned into salt or that wine can be turned into water, you're living in a delusional world, too.

I can't deal with hypocrites.

1807 days ago


I really wish they would catch one of these Twitter or MySpace hackers and throw the book at them and humiliate them publically. These rat bastards really annoy the crap out of me.

1807 days ago



1807 days ago


Remember when she tried to kill herself at a rehab clinic...Where she carved the number 666 on her forhead And she ran outside screaming "Im the AnitChrist"

Im not making this crazy thing up: Here's the News clip of the night when it happened...The News clip starts at "1 min 12 secs"...

1807 days ago



I am one who does not pay attention to music, but you are right about Mickeal Jackson. I BELIEVE he was sending a message out about the Illuminati. Thanks for letting us know it. I never believed he would hurt kids anyway. My family thought I was nuts for saying so, and a person should never trust what is on main stream news anyway.

1806 days ago


You are all puppets of greater powers than you could ever percieve. Like earthworms you are blind, deaf, and otherwise senseless. Your only job is to aerate the soil and leave behind digested earth for the growth of our true overlords-PLANTS! Druids will once again take over the earth using fiberous root systems to utterly clog up septic tanks and unearth sidewalks! This minor admission from an ignorant plebian initiate is only a hint of the chaos which awaits the stupid monkey-worms that pollute this vege-verse!
By the way Lucifer is latin for light bearer.

1806 days ago


aaaare you in.....livin' in sin is the new thing! :D

1806 days ago


Of course she worships Satan, how else do you think she's able to get people to buy her crappy music and attend her stupid concerts. Only the devil himself could make this hillbilly skank famous.

1806 days ago

Illuminati killed MJ    

HOPEFULLY THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY MICHAEL JACKSON WAS KILLED WILL ONE DAY COME OUT, THE HATERS WILL REGRET CALLING HIM ''WACKO JACKO". Illuminati is no joke, MJ should have never returned to the music industry, but he wanted to give his message.

1806 days ago


I was almost taken by the devil , What saved me is this! I always said nomatter what happened in my life I believe that Jesus Christ he is my Lord and nomatter what i do I will never leave Jesus behind and i will never denie him, Nomatter what i do in this world i know i belong to Jesus ,I dont belong o tthe devil i odnt belong to hell, This words helped me form the hand of the devil, Untill today the devil is trying to get me but I know that i belongot Jesus, only the name I belong to Jesus saved me and in my heart i know am the Jesus clan, That is enough and nomatter how devil is trying to get you he will never reach you becasue the word of your mouth and your heart is stronger than the devil, Once you sleep accepting Jesus and waking up loving Jesus you have power over the devil he will never take you or get oyu nomatter what, I was marreidto the devil worshiper and i divorced him , i never knew he was a devil i knew after we separated coz soemthing inside me was fighting for me , i think it was the power of Jesus, People out there devil is powerful but not powerful more than the name jesus, Once oyu said nomatter what comes in oyur life you know you belong ot Jesus that is all once you say nomatter waht you do you will never denie Jesus you have won the fight, Jesus is real and alive, Muslim knows this to, Muslim all over the world they are always against the Christians but you will never hear them saying anything against Jesus they know he is the lord, Remember this; Every knee shal bow down and say Jesus he is the lord, Before you sleep even if you dont pray Just say this word Jesus i bow down before you and i have accepted Jesus you are my Lord, that is all you need.

1532 days ago

truth seeker    

the fact that this is the only illuminati post on tmz lets me believe even more in this war of information there will never be one world order because my entire generation is nt falling to the social order no more worker bees to all victims of this great conspiracy

1278 days ago


tmz works for the new world order

1154 days ago
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