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Carrie Prejean Pulls Out of Speaking Gig

11/12/2009 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanTMZ has learned Carrie Prejean just pulled out of a talk she was supposed to give this afternoon at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C. -- an exclusive club for Republicans only.

An insider at the Capitol Hill Club tells TMZ Carrie canceled five minutes before she was supposed to speak because her camp wanted to avoid a repeat of last night's "Larry King Live" fiasco -- when she almost walked off the set.

Carrie faced a fresh wave of criticism this morning after her former hookup told us she wanted him to lie about her sex tape and tell people she was underage when she filmed it ... when she was really 20-years-old.


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Mikey who signed the Gay Hate Crimes Act? which now makes it a felony to commit crime based on sexuality Mikey who will be repealling dont ask dont tell policy about Gays in the Military? Mikey who thinks Gays deserve Civil Rights.

You just need to grow up some and focus all your anger towards a positive cause.

1803 days ago


I'm a republican & I don't want that woman anywhere near me or mine. She's a maniac!

1803 days ago


86. Too bad she pulled out, I really wanted to hear her solutions for nuclear disarmament, peace in the middle east, job creation, and renewable energy sources. Oh well, guess I'll just have to tune into Paris Hilton instead. Hey Eric, she is not derided for her moral beliefs; she is derided because she's STUPID. She's also a self-righteous hypocrit. Since when did this porn video and naked photo queen become so uptight that she can't abide two people who love each other getting married? Where are her family values! And for Gay Mafia Coward, Gays WILL get the right to be married because you cannot deny an entire segment of the population their rights forever! It will happen. Keep sticking your head in the sand, or wherever it is.

Posted at 3:45PM on Nov 12th 2009 by Rose

Rose is a perfect example of the hypocrisy and sheer stupidity on the left. Her solutions to everything you stated would be more informative than the dumbarse you blindedly voted for last November. He's only managed to put us further in debt, tripled the unemployment numbers and pissed off our our allies in a matter of months. Real genius there. Why don't you go after him, both Clintons, Kerry, Gore and Edwards for opposing gay marriage as well, moron?

LOL!!! Entire population? Of what, less than 2%? Every time homo marriage is on any ballot, in any state, in loses by a landslide because no one wants it. Gay marriage will never pass, not in anyone's lifetime. Get over it and move on with your miserable existence.

1803 days ago


Prejean is just another in the long line of two-faced, double-speaking right-wing wackos that preach that it's all about 'Do As We Say - Not As We Do...". I personally will follow those who do their best to walk the walk WHILE they talk the talk... not false proselytizers like her!

1803 days ago

me so horny    

She's my favorite lying, filthy, sperm burping, republican whore, well next to sarah palin that is!

1803 days ago

F. Attorneys    

Her opinions are no more valid than anyone else's. Problem is, too many people believe their opinions are.

Who cares what her opinion is on gay marriage? She's not the Messiah.

And to the rest of you Bible-thumpers. Your opinion is just that. Get over it. While I respect your right to your opinion, it's my opinion that it's pretty arrogant to think the Supreme Creator needs your mouth to stand up for Him. He only created the entire universe. You posted a comment on TMZ.

1803 days ago


Funny that Muslim opposition to gay marriage makes Christian values look like rainbows and lollipops. Why don't the cowardly liberal nuts attack Muslims for opposing gay marriage as well? Come on Harvey, grow some stones already, you douchebag hypocrite.

1803 days ago


So in your f'ed up little peabrain, it's about being lair? Didn't sweet Bill President get caught lying UNDER OATH about his affair with a barely 20something year old hoodrat, fata#$$ intern?

You liberals are so f'n stupid that you can't possibly keep up with all your lies and spin.

fyi, gays will NEVER be allowed to marry. So choke on that, you Nazi.


FYI Once Clinton got Caught he fessed up and didnt continue to LIE. People make mistakes but she continues to Lie to Cover another LIE The gig is up Carrie your EXPOSED.

Gay People will have rights one day! never say never. In almost any vote it loses its only by a small percentage. Remember CHANGE is Good.....and its coming maby not tomm but eventually all people will be treated with the same basic rights.

Grow Up and give mommy back the computer......

1803 days ago


Can't we all just - get along?

1803 days ago

Dan Horowitz    

1803 days ago


Why would anyone ask to speak about ANYTHING.

And Mickey you don't have to support gay marriage, unless YOU are gay it has nothing to do with you. I would be like you telling your neighbor what sort of furniture they can have in their house. What's funny is you guys cry about rights that you want denied to two guys but you have no problem letting a murderer, or a child rapists in prison marry a woman?

"They" have the right to marry and get tax credits, are recognized as 'next of kin' but someone who has committed no crimes, pays their taxes and is hurting no one.. THEY can't?

I think everyone who has ever had an affair or been divorced must give up their RIGHTS to marry again, after all they have broken the vow .. the sanctity of marriage and surely there should be some consequences for them if you are going to judge gay people on the issue.

Your logic is seriously lacking.

1803 days ago


Yeah, making beating the crap out of a flamer as a "hate crime" is a real winner. Who made "Don't Ask Don't Tell" a federal law? DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton. Who signed the "Defense of Marriage Act" that outlaws gay marriage? DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton. Who said marriage is the union between man and woman, ONLY? Democrats Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. Who supported Civil Unions and states rights to decide on gay marriage? REPUBLICAN President Bush.

Liberals are too retarded to realize they're being played like a piano by a Fascist party that cares nothing for them. Please, continue being mindnumb robots that can't think for yourselves. Idiots.

1803 days ago


Wait.... She spoke out against gay marriage AND touched her vagina???? QUICK- GET THE STRAIGHT JACKET!!!! (and you better get one for me too, cause I must be crazy too....)

1803 days ago



Crawl back under your rock you braindead moron. Clinton still denies his affair today!!!He never admitted to it. Just like how John Edwards still hasn't admitted the bastard child he had with a whore is his. You're a classless, hypocritical liberal douchebag sheep.

LOL, gay marriage loses close votes!?!?! California and Maine are two of the bluest states in the Union and the people in both states voted OVERWHELMINGLY N-O to gay marriage. McCane was closer to becoming President than gay marriage was to being passed in either state.

Go count your foodstamps and get a job cleaning toilets. You're a waste of skin.

1803 days ago


What is the meaning/definition of Fascist?

Fascism, pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/, is a political ideology that seeks to combine radical and authoritarian nationalism[1][2][3][4] with a corporatist economic system,[5] and which is usually considered to be on the far right of the traditional left-right political spectrum.

Republicans don't seem to understand this definition is in reference to them.

1803 days ago
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