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Prejean's Ex BF: Carrie Wanted Me to Lie

11/12/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean's ex-boyfriend -- the guy to whom she sent the XXX solo video -- tells TMZ Carrie and company called him last week and tried getting him to "lie" and say she was 17 when she shot the video.

Carrie Prejean

During an audio interview with TMZ, the man -- who asked us not to reveal his identity -- says Carrie sent him the video when they were involved with each other in 2007. He says Carrie sent him numerous explicit videos and insists the one in question was shot when she was 20.

We have verified this is indeed the guy to whom Carrie sent her solo video -- which ultimately torpedoed her settlement with Miss California USA.

These are the pictures he took with Carrie during a long, romantic weekend in San Diego.

Carrie's rep could not be reached for comment.


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Terry H    

I saw the stupid thing on The View and when asked how old she was when the tape was made she stated that she was 17. I believe this guy more than this already proven liar. I know some of you christians don't think lying is a big deal. After all most of you do every day and then some of you sit thru a sermon of lies every Sunday. Others think people like this bimbo who lie to the public deserve every bit of shaming and exposeure dealt out. I for one enjoy watching her world of lies exposed and her shown to be the hypocritical christian that is almost second nature to christians.

1803 days ago


Man O Man, Havery (Levin) the homosexual sure has his agenda set against Carrie! it is becoming quite obvious!!!

1803 days ago


WHO CARES ???????

1803 days ago


The bottomline still is that Carrie was blackmailed with a private videotape; what age she was is not so relevant. This is assuming that you believe the man anyway. TMZ's, Trump's and the man's roles won't get less dirty this way. The pageant contract can't include private video's; that would be unpractical and unethical.

1803 days ago



1803 days ago


15. this kid is just one big joke i just saw her on larry king ...what a piece of work/mess she is....and her idol is palin ahahahahahah.....and promoting her book and her personal porno at the same tim what timing are u sure she's not related to the kardashians..who love the dark meat or basically hot beef injections!

Posted at 1:26AM on Nov 12th 2009 by tom araya

I was lmao when I heard her say her idol is palin.

1803 days ago

John Edwards    

I did not think she was that fat. Pictures 6 and 9 are nasty.

1803 days ago

Mary Worth    

Monica Lewinsky had a "friend" like Carrie Prejean's ex-boyfriend.
Her name is Linda.
With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Many beauty pageant winners are doing their thing; i.e. not being so beautiful, after all. All one has to do is check past Misses USA and Miss Teen USA contestants.

What's past is past, if Carrie Prejean chooses Christianity as her new lifestyle.
For those who are policing her, christianity is full of former sinners who did much worse, but who asked the Saviour for forgiveness. Remember that preacher who cried on national tv? He begged forgiveness.
So who is going to cast the first stone?

1803 days ago


lol...this keeps getting better and better. God, how is it possible that one single person on this earth could be soooooo stupid.

@ Michael...grow up douchebag.

1803 days ago

excretive producer    

Xplicit videos? Man, my porn-site subscription renewal had better be worth it.

1803 days ago


No Blackmail at all.

The pageant lawyers weren't dangling the sextape in her face saying..."If you don't drop this case, were gonna show this sextape..muwaahaaaaaaa."

It was more like...Ok Carrie..You are suing us for wrongful termination. Which means we will be going to court...and as part of the evidence that we have to support our case...we have this.

It was then on Carrie's team to pursue further litigation or not...after seeing such damaging evidence against their case.

If this story checks out...that vid will be on the net soon I'm afraid.

1803 days ago


I have to agee with #12. Why protect his privacy when he sent the pics to TMZ? So, allegedly he was asked to lie. Just say no and move on. If he gets brought into litigation, remember there is a first amendment. It is an important right.

1803 days ago

John Edwards    

"What's past is past, if Carrie Prejean chooses Christianity as her new lifestyle"

The "new Christian" is lying as recently as yesterday. Maybe after each lie she asks the lord for forgiveness and it all works out. She pulled her pious christian routine when seeing the video but soon changed her tune when exposed. She is a liar and will always be a liar. She will also have a group of mindless christians who will never see that and think she is just as sweet as apple pie and the American flag.

That Carrie is so misunderstood and persacuted. I think you folks best build her a cross.

1803 days ago


"Which means we will be going to court...and as part of the evidence that we have to support our case...we have this."

In my opinion she should have contested that, because it is no evidence of anything. I don't know why she did not do that. And if the judge would have agreed that private video's don't count then it *would* have been blackmail. And I don't rule out that people in the Trump camp used TMZ for this campaign against Carrie, which would make TMZ blackmailers too.

1803 days ago


Another hypocritical "Christian." And I say that as a Christian! These kinds of people make me ill. It's okay for Carrie to have a breast implant, pose for erotic photos and make a sexually oriented video, AND stand in judgment on others! Yeah, Carrie, that's SO what Jesus was all about! So much for "taking the plank out of your own eye before worrying about the speck in someone else's eye!"

1803 days ago
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