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Tyson Now Has Arizona on His Butt

11/12/2009 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIke TysonMike Tyson can't get a break. Court officials in Arizona tell TMZ they're looking at yesterday's bloody LAX incident to determine if the ex-champ violated his probation. If he did, he could end up in an Arizona prison.

Tyson was convicted of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor DUI in Arizona in 2007. He was placed on 3 years probation. One of the conditions -- Tyson can't violate any laws.

If Arizona prosecutors believe Tyson crossed the legal line yesterday, they could attempt to violate his probation and he could face jail time.

A probation official tells TMZ if charges are filed against Tyson in L.A., that could trigger a probation violation. The official says worst case scenario for Tyson -- 2 1/2 years in State prison.

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ray goodman    

I'd to take this time and pray for mike tyson

dear heavenly father, i know you come in time of need i know you exist but i ask you for a favor my father. please help Mike Tyson look out for him and give him proton from all that try's to hurt him please help him give any one that try's to hurt him or lock him up please lord give them a deadly strain of H1N1 virus or a deadly strain of Ebola virus or some thing like that please heavenly father you are the creator of this earth and you have the power to move mountains i ask you please help mike tyson.

set him free and keep him free

1808 days ago

HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!    

That stupid Pap knew what he was doing...He was trying to piss Mike off so he could get some great footage of Mike acting a fool because he has not acted out in a long time..Poor Mike! The man was minding his own and that douche had to mess it up for him!

Hey Harvey Is there somthing we can do? Like start a petition to get this case dropped? I think its time for mike to get a break!

The man just lost his daughter.

1808 days ago


I love to read stories about the paps getting smacked around. I'd love if it happened more. It would be enough to make me want to buy a video camera so I can follow the paps around and record it when it happens. I'd post the videos up on you tube and I bet you I'd get a million hits. C

1808 days ago


MIKE will bust open everyones head one by one in prison at his own pace.! Let the man grieve his child!

1808 days ago


Yeah they need to leave Mike alone. We need to understand why this happened. It because Congress hasnt stepped in yet to enact laws to proctect these celebrities. Mike Tyson is about to take the fall for Congress' ignorance and not understanding the Paparazzi sitution is out of control.

You'd think after what happened with Princess Diana we would already have laws on the books about this. But no...I guess we wait till a star kills one of these Paps before we do anything. Sounds like Mike Tyson had to piss, couldnt find the bathroom and a Pap wouldnt leave the poor dude alone. Its like others have said. After everything that Mike Tyson has been thru this past year. You have to be 1.looking for it 2. a straight up fool to come at him like that. I know there are alot of stars who will support Mike Tyson. Cause he did....what they all (at some point) have thought about doing to one of these guys.

1808 days ago


I think the press as gotten out of hand. More power to Mike. Who wants the press in their face all the time......He is still greiving for the loss of his daughter.

1808 days ago

Old Enough    

Never thought I'd see the day when I'm on Tyson's side for anything. Tyson is scary violent but the Paparazzi guy was completely out of line not going away when asked.

1808 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Leave Mike alone he was just lost his daughter and a man with a camera was invading his space, the space of his daughter. Enough is enough and these paparazzi's need to back off. They want to be attacked so they can sue, they will invade someones space push them to go into defense mode. Can you imagine as regular people if camera men followed us around and asked vile questions to get a rise out of us? Can you imagine them getting so close to you that you feel the need to be defensive for your child and family? This camera guy was aggressive and now Mike will have to pay a big price maybe for doing what any man would do famous or not.

1808 days ago


All geez, Arizona gotz to be kidding!.....They must get off by piling on with a minor incident where Mike was the individual being attacked. Anybody would feel some kind of way when it comes to their children. Why wasnt James Gandolfini AKA Tony Soprano arrested for his little fiasco in NY?....BS

1808 days ago

They were in it for the money    

So, where was airport secuirty while all this was going on? Anybody that has no business inside a terminal should have been outside, at the curb. I blame part of this on security. They know the rules and know there is a certian amount they have to do to protect passengers, especially people who are known.

1808 days ago


I feel bad for his kids!! he does need to chill out though...drink a chrome soda or something!!

1808 days ago


I don't condone violence, however, the papparazzi (sp?) are out of control these days. Absolutely nothing is sacred to them, they believe they are untouchable. Yes, with the role of "celebrity" comes a certain amount of giving up personal space, however, I believe part of the role of the papparazzi is knowing when to step back and show some tact and respect. As someone above said, he recently lost a child; give him his much need space. Especially Mike Tyson - he has fists and knows how to use them!

1808 days ago


The MAN needs to leave Mike alone. Nobody can blame him for socking an annoying photog. We all want to.

1808 days ago


Don't you mean TEAM RAPIST. We forget and forgive way to easily. That disgusting man (like OJ)deserves all the crap that gets dumped on them.

1808 days ago


I cannot believe I am saying this but my feelings toward the man have changed over the past few years. Seems to be a man who is trying and loves his family, but a-holes like this papper don't want that Mike, they want the other Mike. GO TEAM MIKE. I would've punched him for you, but I see you can take care of yourself ;l

1808 days ago
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