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Mike Tyson's Handiwork

11/12/2009 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is what it looks like when Mike Tyson punches you in the face.

Paparazzo Tony Echevarria got into it with Tyson yesterday afternoon at LAX. Both men were arrested. Tyson was taken to the police station ... Echevarria went to the hospital.

Tyson's lawyer, David Chesnoff, claims the photog was harassing Tyson, his wife and kid. Chesnoff claims some photogs followed the ex-champ into the bathroom, though he didn't say if Echevarria was one of them.

The photog got 5 stitches.

Pretty ironic -- his t-shirt says, "Live Long."

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Strange Botwin    

Hate to say it, but the Pap(smear) deserved it. I hope Tyson doesn't settle whatever lawsuit is sure to come. Get this before a jury. Not guilty.

1806 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a dumbf**K. I wish I was there to see it. I'd watch and laugh my ass off then tell the cops I didn't see a thing. I hope another celeb finishes this douche off.

1806 days ago


Does he really need that many bandages for 5 stitches!!???...HHHMM well maybe if he drank a chrome soda he would feel better!!!

1806 days ago


Don't jump into the Lion's cage at the zoo. Don't get within 10 feet of Mike Tyson.

1806 days ago


More stars should hit those people maybe they would back off. Just look at what happened to prin Diana. My feelings on this is they should make some kind of law so they will back off it is getting so bad. I was in hollywood and there were about 50 or 60 around one person and she had her babies there and the middle child was screaming cause they were screaming at her to smile and look this way and that way and she was freaking out. The mother kept saying please you are freighten her and they still yelled and ran into two of her daughter which one fall on the ground. I felt so sorry for them. We couldnt even get to them to help them cause there were so many paps around just yelling and yelling at her and the kids. so I do not feel sorry for this guy at all.

1806 days ago


such an exaggeration.

1806 days ago


knocked the f out... it must suck getting hit like that but bet he is doing half of it for effect

1806 days ago

Dan Horowitz    

Maybe Tyson punched him because he didn't like his shirt.

That pap should have countered with the Vulcan Death Grip!

1806 days ago


LMFAO - Dumb A$$!!!!! That'll teach him!!!!

1806 days ago

Big B    

he needed his ass knocked out ,these kinda people stalk famous people and it is legal then when they get a reality check they cry like a bitch, if it were a normal person stalking someone they would be in jail

1806 days ago


The Photog should get 6 months in jail for stupidity! Tyson just lost a child and your going to mess with him while he is with his family??? You would be safer walking through thte streets of Iran with a t-shirt that says "Muslims suck"....What a dope!

1805 days ago


HAHAHA!! Paparazzo ppl are not different from stalkers. I would have done the same thing if one of those flies were in my face while I had my family with me..... YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED PAP!

1805 days ago


"TEAM TYSON" more papparazzi deserve a good ass whooping.

1804 days ago



You're a Paparazzi-Flea !!

You drive several hardworking talented individuals & their innocent loved-ones who were born into these families to their wits-end, force them to live in seclusion behind 10-Ft. brick walls 24Hrs per day, walk to stores with body-guards, travel under assumed-names.

Finally, someone had the courage to put a stop to your madness which was by Mike Tyson punching you... allegedly.

Maybe cuz he had no fear of being sued since he's bankrupt !!


1803 days ago

Randy Coddington    

The law really needs to start protecting the celebrities.They are people who happen to be great at the art whatever it maybe. These paparazzi feel they have the right to STALK and HARASS, these people and need to be stopped. If an man or woman did this to and ex or a friend they would be charged but because the say the ones they obsess over is a celebrities and it makes a different. It is not any different! Now a man protecting his wife and kids for stupidity he is charged...tell you what follow me...i will be charged with him...What a bunch of jackasses!

1802 days ago
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