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Nic Cage -- Homeless in New Orleans

11/12/2009 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The number of homes Nic Cage owns is receding faster than his ... anyway ... because today, two of his homes in New Orleans are going up on the auction block.

Nicholas Cage
According to public records, Cage failed to pay the mortgage debts on two multi-million dollar properties -- and the bank eventually foreclosed.

The two homes were each estimated to be worth more than $3 million -- but as we all know, Nic is dead broke and couldn't pay his bills.

One of the homes, the LaLaurie mansion, is rumored to be haunted -- it'll definitely haunt Cage.


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That house IS really haunted..... A crazed Doctor was killin bunch of people there.. My friend who lives down the street says he is never there anyways!!!!

1713 days ago


#11 ahahahahahahahahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ah

1713 days ago


Hey what about the two Islands in the carribean he owns? I guess he really needs them. He has to be on drugs remember, the time he married that ugly chick becuase she was Elvis Pressley's daughter to satisfy his obession with Elvis.

1713 days ago


Really, he had know idea that he invested in property.
I guess his ego was buying them.

1713 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It's a legal maneuver, he still has plenty of unseen liquid assets. I'm sure he won't been walking the streets looking for a place to stay.

1713 days ago


BOO-HOO, my heart bleeds for him - NOT! How many homes does he need? I guess with all his money/houses/islands/cars/whatever else material , he must be also deeply spiritual! Rich man/poor man at the flip of a coin. LOL!

1713 days ago


I doubt he is broke. He probably doesn't want to pay tens of thousands of dollars every month for a house thats worth half of what he owes. Alot of people are walking away from propertys. Even if i had his money i wouldnt buy 2 houses in New Orleans.

1713 days ago


His next movie should be "Leaving New Orleans."

1713 days ago


Uhm ... are we supposed to feel sorry for this dope?

1713 days ago


He lost many fans ever since he married and had a kid with that Korean girl. What the hell was he thinking?

Make respectable, beautiful movies and your fans might have a change of heart, Nick.

1713 days ago


I don't wish Nic Cage ill will because I think he seems like a nice enough guy, you don't hear about him THAT much or anything, but I still think this is really pathetic if it is true that he is broke. At one time he used to make upwards of 15-20 million per movie. Maybe he only elected to let those properties go by the wayside on purpose and isn't really broke?? I sure hope so. Because for anyone to blow thru money like that is just immature and just imbecilic. Sorry but no excuses for being that irresponsible.

1713 days ago


If it's true that Nic is simply allowing his properties to go by the waistside because they aren't worth anything... then why would he allow a $2million loan to go into default? You would think he would want to stay in good standing with the folks who are loaning him major dollars!

No, I don't believe Cage is broke but he is definitely in way over his head. Hopefully, with his upcoming movies, he'll actually use the money to pay off the IRS and his debts instead on buying more mansions, dinosaur bones and shrunken heads!!!!

1713 days ago


why dont they just leave the money in the back instead of investing every penny? dumasses but cage is a great actor

1713 days ago


"That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless."


I'll share my house with ya Randy, we'll crank up The Plimsouls.

1713 days ago


Just like Willie Nelson, he had a bad business management firm too.

Stop blaming Cage, he is the victim here.

1713 days ago
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