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Tyson Photog Speaks: Blood Everywhere

11/12/2009 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photographer who ended up on the wrong end of Mike Tyson's fist says Mike got in 4 good punches and blood was gushing "like a water fountain."

Tony Echevarria: Click to watchTony Echevarria: Click to watch
Pap Tony Echevarria claims:

- He wasn't disrespectful or aggressive
- Mike was initially in a good mood but turned sour when the pap asked about his wife
- Tyson became more agitated when he couldn't find a bathroom and saw the photog shooting him

As we previously reported, Tyson and the photographer were both busted for battery.

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No Avatar


It's MIKE TYSON...1 man I would never provoke! I feel bad for all involved, including the Tyson family.

1771 days ago


You got knocked the F*CK out!

Do you dumbazzez just wake up in the morning and say "I think im gonna mess with Mike Tyson today"???

Obviously your lucky he held back or your lips would still be kissing the airport floor

1771 days ago


You have to be the DUMBEST photographer in the world to get within reach of Iron Mike, did you get up and say "I'm a Lawyer". Is there a way you can get fired... there should be for stupidity!!!!

1771 days ago

Canada Rules    

Tyson, for once, did something worthy of respect. Paparazzi are low lifes who think they can own other people's lives. Their whole game is harrassment.

Tyson should get a medal.

1771 days ago


He deserved it! The paps are abusive and intrusive, and after Mike's daughter tragic death, the family did not deserve that intrusion. Most likely this maggot will try to sue him.
Leave the Tysonsa alone, or maintain a safe distance, it is so disrespectful, everyone likes celeb news, but not at the expense of the human being.

1771 days ago


There should be a new law enacted... If a pap is close enough to you to get hit, they're fair game. Obviously, if this dude was close enough to get the brakes beat off him like that, he was wayyy too close and invading Mike's personal space. I'm ready to kill someone when they merely cut me off in traffic. I couldn't imagine some likely illegal-alien douche-bag popping strobes off nonstop 8 inches away from me and my family's faces, even as I try to take a leak. I can't think of many men who wouldn't have reacted the same way.

I think pap shots taken from 20 feet away minus the crude remarks to antagonize the celebrity are just as good for TMZ and other gossip sites. So, just coming here does not endorse pap behavior. They're just naturally @ssholes trying to get a quick payday.

1771 days ago


Mike Tyson is NOT the one. I think this Pap went looking to get into with Mike.

1771 days ago


I say from now on any MOT$$R FU@%ER who invades my personnel space is gonna get kilwed next time. So
who tha Punk is next?
I may get back my old Heavy Weight title

I vote Harvey next, with his Straw

1771 days ago


Guess Trump got his idea of beauty in Prejean. Maybe he will get a clue that beauty on the surface does not necessarily equate to beauty on the inside.

1771 days ago

Bobo Frog    

This guy blathers on and on about useless details before getting to the point. And based on his story that goes on forever, he sounds like he was stalking Mike and his family. I don't blame Mike.

1771 days ago

Mike Rowave    

It looks like GOD beat him with the ugly stick long before Tyson got to him

1771 days ago


All paps should get booted in their a$$holes! They prey on celebrities like vultures on carcasses.

1771 days ago

Harveys baby momma    

hit him again, Mike...but not in the head 'cause he obviously has nothing in that idiots head that you can damage....any guy stupid enuf to get in your face while u r with ur family..especially with your history, and with the rescent passing of your daughter....

maybe Palin can get you a discount on an assault rifle and you can start taking target practice..save those hands for Harvey..he owes me child support

1771 days ago

Glo P    

I do not blame Mike Tyson one little bit for this one.The slime he hit deserved it fully.DON'T MESS WITH PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN WITH THEM!

1771 days ago
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