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Tyson Photog Speaks: Blood Everywhere

11/12/2009 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The photographer who ended up on the wrong end of Mike Tyson's fist says Mike got in 4 good punches and blood was gushing "like a water fountain."

Tony Echevarria: Click to watchTony Echevarria: Click to watch
Pap Tony Echevarria claims:

- He wasn't disrespectful or aggressive
- Mike was initially in a good mood but turned sour when the pap asked about his wife
- Tyson became more agitated when he couldn't find a bathroom and saw the photog shooting him

As we previously reported, Tyson and the photographer were both busted for battery.

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Watching Carefully From Europe    

Mike shoulda beat'em like he stole something! Paps are too agressive and invasive. Respect the private space of others!

1773 days ago


was he the only guy on the planet who didn't know he shouldn't mess with Tyson? DUH!

1773 days ago


Tyson still has a punch... Reminds me of the story of a 75-year-old Jack Dempsey, heavyweight champion in the 1920s. In the 1970's. Two young punks tried to rob him on a street in New York City. Dempsey knocked them out. ... beautiful man. Just beautiful.

1773 days ago

samuel stuckey    

With the phtographer it was a case of harassment,with the intent being as shown.

1773 days ago


#93 - Hussie, I agree with everything you said. I just want to add that my breaking point with paparazzi was right after Liam Niesens wife died and he was walking home late at night from a tribute to her (I believe they turned off the lights on Broadway) and paps were in his grieving face with the cameras all over him. THAT was beyond disgusting. Sooooooo Good job Mike!!!

1773 days ago



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1773 days ago


This guy is an idiot. Its like messing with a pitbull and crying when you get bit.

1773 days ago


That's what you get when you rudely stick a camera in a person's face while they are with their family minding their own business. You bastards need to leave these people alone; especially if they have their children with them. How do they know that some of these 'paparazzi' aren't stalkers or trying to kidnap, or hurt their children? Taking pictures of someone at a premiere is one thing. Following people around and stalking them every move they make is another and should be illegal. What do you think TMZ? Oh, wait! You guys buy these pictures, right?

1773 days ago


If there were sooooo many paps at LAX, show the encounter to us on tape. Why do you automatically ASSume the pap is lying?

1773 days ago


Tyson's best fight in years! I smell come back, he's knocking fools out in less than 20 seconds! Iron Mike is back!!

1773 days ago


Much as I'd like to see all the paps whisked away to a desert island, far far far away from their prey -- won't Tyson get into a lot more trouble than ordinary folk over this because he's a professional fighter? Or is that a myth?

1773 days ago

Drew H    

The photographer deserved to have his teeth knocked out. Keep your camera's off of people's families. Celebrities are alright to pursue, families (especially children) are not.

Hit him again Mike.

And I hope they have to pay for your court costs!

1773 days ago


Stay out of Mike's face and you won't get your ashes haul.

1773 days ago


Freaking leech !!! Mike should have clocked that azz. Good for Mike !!!!!!!

1773 days ago

Get A Grip    

To the Moon...to the Moon.....don't play with fire...if ya don't want to get burned....

1773 days ago
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