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Balloon Dad -- Felony Payday

11/13/2009 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For a convicted felon, Richard Heene claims he has some serious job opportunities flyin' in from N.Y. -- where there isn't a high demand for carpenters or balloon builders ... you know what they do need?
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Richard Heene: Click to watch
In court today, Richard Heene's lawyer told the judge that Balloon Dad wanted to roll to NYC -- to seek "an opportunity for employment" in the next week ... while he still happens to be relevant.

The lawyer also stated that Heene, "has other plans to go to California." Of course he does...

Wonder if he'll wind up on "Entertainment Something."

UPDATE -- Heene's lawyer tells TMZ his trips to NY and Cali are not for media interviews and that he has advised his client to "shut up."


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I LOVE how TMZ always has the appropriate pictures for your stories; like this one, HA HA HA HA HA

1805 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I wouldn't let this clown leave the State! What the heck is this? Peopel who have been a felon does not get that opportunity! Oh You just know he is plotting his next escapade, robbed in NY, or beat up in California, Maybe he is thinking of pairing up with Jod Gosselin?

1805 days ago


He's TOO STUPID to shut up! He has had more than his 15 minutes of fame. I feel sorry for the kids having to live with these TWO nut cases! Isn't there ANYONE NORMAL in their family that can raise these kids in a SANE, NORMAL, WELL-ROUNDED environment?

1805 days ago


Make him repay the state by producing license plates in the state lockup for 10 years.

I can't believe this guy actually procreated. What a douchebag!! The odds of him marrying a stupid woman to go along with this crap is beyond comprehension.

1805 days ago


What an ugly little man. His mouth looks like an a--hole. And his scrunched up face is way too over dramatic. What's with the long hair slicked back?? One ugly dude. He and his wife do not look serious about their potential outcome. He is loving every minute of it.

1805 days ago

Sand D    

no doubt he is trying to get on a talk show for that last 15 min.
to him that is a the way the judge in this case sounded very good was nice to see one awake! aware! and working calmly with the case at hand.......unlike most want to be tv show have a good moment

1805 days ago


This must really suk for him. Lol.....Dog on a leash...

1805 days ago


This sorry excuse for a father will end up with Mary Hart slobbering all over him like she does over Jon Gosselin. His trip to New York will be to the Today show. How dare them pay this chump!

1805 days ago


Great lesson for the kids here. Sadly, this story will not have a happy ending.

1805 days ago


He should be required to disclose what employment opportunities he is seeking. If it is anything to due with his need to be in the public eye, than no. How can he afford these trips with wifey no less. Who is taking care of the 3 out of control kids?

1805 days ago



"I can't believe this guy actually procreated. What a douchebag!!"

WHY are you surprised. That's all people like him, with his IQ, know how to do! In the end, WE all support them when they end up on welfare!

1805 days ago


Question: How does a balloon the size of a chicken pot pie carry a normal sized child to begin with? When I was a kid, I really wanted to do something like that, but even as a child, I knew I would need something huge to do it. When I saw the balloon, I knew it was fake. It looked like maybe a cat could fit inside the bottom without it giving away. The balloon itself also didn't hold enough helium to support a child. I knew this would wind up like this.
Heene looks like a major control freak with issues who married a demure woman so he can control her with an iron fist....and reports surfaced that he may have used those fists on her.

His eyes are always half he's squinting to not have to look at people. What is up with that? He has many signs that not all is right upstairs. Screw him. I wonder what kind of mental and/or physical abuse the wife and kids think is 'routine'. Anyone who would pull off this kind of stunt is no amateur in the integrity department.

1804 days ago


If media outlets reward this guy for faking a life-threatening accident it will create copy-cats and encourage psychotic behavior. Make him go away. The punishment he deserves is to be ignored.

1804 days ago


I remember when Heene was posting on TMZ. I wonder if he still is reading the posts? Probably not... the truth hurts. He is still on bond, but he obviously thinks he is above the law so his freedom may be short lived. What exactly is his charges? I thought one was trying to influence an official? TMZ can you answer that?

1804 days ago


I'm hoping he will pose for Playgirl. ( not gay) Women do indeed buy and look at Playgirl. We just don't tell our boyfriends and husbands because they act like immature jerk offs about it. Heene has one smokin hot body! He is also a hilarious human being. His kids have more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Wait a minute. Who says barrel of monkeys in 2009? LMAO!

1804 days ago
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