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Eddie Cibrian's Wife

He's Finally Screwing Me!

11/13/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian's soon-to-be ex-wife claims the actor is cheating on her again -- this time with his wallet.

Eddie Cibrian's Wife
Brandi Cibrian claims the "CSI: Miami" star has left her essentially high and dry since he took off back in August after 8 years of marriage -- refusing to give her a dime for food and gas.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Brandi claims Eddie is raking in $60,000 a week on his show, but he's currently only paying for Brandi's "household bills."

Now, Brandi wants some serious jack so she can take care of the couple's two young children -- as well as herself. She's asking for $39,963 a month in spousal support so she can pay for things like the kids' schooling, the car, medical bills and of course -- pilates.

UPDATE: Eddie's lawyer, Neal Hersh, tells TMZ, "Nothing could be further from the truth. Eddie's responsibility as a father is his highest priority. He has been and will continue to be responsible to the children as well as Brandi. The parties are very working together to resolve the issues of custody and money."


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1774 days ago


It's fine if she wants spousal support in order to take care of their own children, which he should be there to help raise in the first place, but if she wants money for her own personal luxuries then she should get a job like the rest of us.

1774 days ago


I am a firm believer that guys are only as successful as the women behind them. This douche was obviously supported emotionally, sexually, etc. for 8 years by his wife. More power to Brandi.. she deserves at least half. The harder job is the one at home. It's easy to be out in public having your ego fed, being wined, dined, seduced. She is the one sticking by the kids and this tool is the one abandoning them... he should pay big time.

And Homie1Kanobe, if you seriously had to look up what pilates was, you should have been reading books instead of taking cigarette breaks

1774 days ago


He did cheat on her. He basically ruined her hopes and dreams. She had two children with him and he ran off. He makes the money why should she get a job. He just needs to man up. Hope Leann is worth it.

1774 days ago


Eddie Cibran? Who is that? I've seen CSI Miami, and I still ask- who is Eddie Cibran? Why do I care about his divorce and the fact that he gets screwed over. He should get screwed over; you marry some broad, have kids with her, then when the going gets rough he has to give her everything and go live on a houseboat and eat and drink only bitterness. That's how marriage works.

1774 days ago


You've got to love the rich and famous. Most American's are lucky to make $40,000 a YEAR. Yet for the rich and famous just to survive, they need that much PER MONTH. Agreed, Eddie Cibrian can afford it, he wronged her, and she is raising the kids, but it just boggles the mind to think that the rich and famous really need that much, PER MONTH, to live. How do they think the average person survives?

1774 days ago

Shirl ~~ t.g.    

Hope she gets her 1/2 baby!!!!!!! She deserves it for marrying a DAWG!!!!!! Straight UP!!

1774 days ago


Let's just set the record straight.. I am hot, educated and have zero tolerance for people that can't spell, put a sentence together, and have to inject their own personal issues (i.e. stage 4 cancer ) to make a point. I don't need to speak with capital letters and I don't need to lie about smoking. Sorry, but as much as I would love to run to the fridge, eat a bunch of food, and puke it up, I have to get back to my philanthropic activities.. it's a big word P H I L A N T H R O P I C, but it means 'giving to better humanity'. Hey, you two: do yourselves a favor and stop sounding so ignorant, read a book. And call me crazy.. but 'WOW' I bet you are really fat

1774 days ago


To Hobie1Kanobe: my sincere apologies. I wasn't aware that you could get stage 4 lung cancer without smoking, but I have spent the last hour researching it and realize that it is very possible. I am sorry if I offended you in any way. My comments came from my very limited understanding of lung cancer. You would think I would know more since my own grandfather died from this disease and my mother now suffers from C.O.P.D. Again, my apologies; crazy how just trying to make a point on a stupid site like TMZ brings out the worst in people. I wish you well in your treatment... take care.
Geez, and 'Wow" you are probably not fat either... my bad

1774 days ago


I completely agree with Stace. She stayed by him and supported him. He then decided to leave, he should pay up. He's making about 240,000 a month and she's only asking $39,963, not half of it. I hope the judge grants her the case cause she needs it for herself and her two children. It just gets on my nerves that people think she doesn't deserve it because she's taking his money, and it doesn't work that way. There is something called child support and the parent that keeps the child/children gets paid a percentage of what other parent earns. I have a cousin paying about 200 a month for child support, when another one is receiving 600 a month and it is because one earns more than the other. One more thing. Why are people so hateful???

1774 days ago


Hell, I think I'll divorce my wife and take custody of my two kids. I need $5000 a month for toilet paper, because we crap a lot. How about another $10000 because I screw a lot of hookers on a monthly basis, particularly some bitch called Stace. Maybe another $1000 for all the mirrors I need in my house because I like to look at myself because I'm so HOT!! I almost forgot, how about another $2000 for all the books I read because I'm so edumacated.

1774 days ago

Gold Diggers beware    

What the hell is with all these gold diggers lately. It seems every other week a new one pops up.

1774 days ago


Please be a little more kind about our amazing (old school) musicians. They actually deserve some respect reguardless of the funny stories! And the stories are funny, but these musicians are amazing and truly deserve some respect. They're milliniums beyond todays musicians!!! Still like TMZ Though! :]

1774 days ago


Hmm...I understand that what he did was wrong and him just paying for the house payments is not being a good father because he needs ensure that his children get the life that they deserve since he has the money and lifestyle that most work hard for...not that he isn't working hard, but I guess in celebrity world...$40,000 isn't much or is it? I'm not sure...I've read much worse about other celebrity divorces where it was in the hundreds of thousands a month, which I think is a bit extreme and believe that it's partly because you want the ex to suffer and realize their mistakes, however, I also feel that maybe it's time to move on. Yes, help w/the children, but to include more money for the ex's lifestyle spending...I never agreed on. A person wants a divorce because he/she does not want that lifestyle anymore, so why provide for that person when it doesn't suit you anymore...Yeah, she didn't want that divorce, but I'm hoping she'll be the bigger person and move on. I was raised that when you marry someone, it should be case something ever were to this one, I could still support myself and my family. I wouldn't want extra money from my ex...esp. for leisure activities because then I'd feel that I would always be dependent on him. I hope it works out for her though.

1774 days ago


First of all, the man must be crazy for leaving his wife for a skank like Leann Rhymes. Talk about ugly!!! I saw her on the CMA awards and she looked like a ghoul. What in the world does anyone see in that ugly, scanky looking selfish woman. I think the wife deserves everything he's got. If for no other reason then his poor taste. Besides, his kids come first. Leann doesn't know anything about taking care of kids first. Her parents were out for what they could get, to hell with her and she's the same way. She shouldn't have broken up this marriage. Let her help pay the support. She deserves it. Maybe she can marry this one too and she's be hitting 0 for 4. She doesn't know what it takes to have a marriage. I'm sure this guy will get wise sooner or later. Too bad he broke up his marriage for this ugly skank.

1773 days ago
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