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Jen Aniston -- No Friend of SmartWater

11/13/2009 4:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a move worse than starring in "Love Happens," SmartWater spokesperson Jennifer Aniston was snapped holding a bottle of Arrowhead while on vacation in Mexico.


Jen should have heeded the warning and not drank the water.


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Got to agree with everyone else on here TMZ. This is not a story, and exactly, what is she supposed to do carry a case of smart water around with her ? You cant even carry liquids on planes !

Now here's what could me more interesting. Who is she with ? Kinda lookig like John Mayer in that grainy photo. Anyone ??

1802 days ago


Forget the water. Who is the guy in the picture?

1802 days ago


She signed a legal contract, people. She agreed, legally, to represent Smart Water for whatever amount of time her contract was for. She is getting BIG BIG money to represent Smart Water ALONE. What she is actually is LYING. I've read all the comments stating that she was "in Mexico where Smart Water isn't available." That is just no excuse. Not when she is taking $$$$ for PROMISING with her legally signed contract to represent Smart Water. She knew she was going to Mexico and should have packed a suitcase just with Smart Water. For all that money, she should have done that. I just don't understand why so many people feel the need to protect this woman. She knows she is photographed every time she walks out the door. Lying and breaking contracts, "uncool," Ms PoorLittleMe

1802 days ago


any water in a plastic bottle is DUMBwater : )

1802 days ago


31. Who cares? If she wants to drink weasel p*ss, she's entitled to.

Posted at 4:02PM on Nov 13th 2009 by Molly

who cares everytime i look at her i see the teenybopper in leprechaun her acting hasnt gotta a damn bit better

must be nice to ride the coattails of your halfway decent looks and being the exwife of Brad Pitt for decades and still get paid for it she better find a rich fool of a husband sometime in the next 10 years or she will be poor and alone in a studio convalescent home someday and childless also

1802 days ago


For what they paid her to be their spokesman, she should only be photographed with that brand. She should be loyal, a true 'friend', and of peeled off the offending label. C'mon people. When you get paid millions you owe some effort.

1802 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Uuuhhhh ..... In the Smart Water ad, I suppose she's holding the bottle to her head as if it's making her smarter .......

Talk about bombing in Advertising 101! Hey Smart Water - you chose totally the wrong person to make that point! LOL!

1802 days ago


She was probably holding it for a friend.

1802 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Jenna & Always are exactly right. It is a very big deal what water she is seen in public with when she has been paid millions to represent their product exclusively.

And "can't get Smart Water in Mexico..." Are you effing kidding me?? Do you not know what these stars have shipped all over the world to wherever they are to have their every whim satisfied? A case of Smart Water would be the least of it! LMAO!

1802 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Ok, somebody post the contract she signed with Smart Water. Come on, Harve, get on it. Maybe there is a carve out for when she is not in the U.S. Maybe the contract expired. Maybe she has made so much $$$ for Smart Water that they couldn't give a rat's A** about this stupid site. Derek Jeter endorses Ford ~ do you REALLY think that is the ONLY make of car he drives? It is a bottle of water, people ~ get over it.

P.S. She is with Brad (I know that for a fact!!!).

1802 days ago

Miss Bu    

She's cute she can get away with it.

1802 days ago


Maybe the economy is hitting Jen!

1802 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Hey! TMZ deserves Kudos! They got a pic of Chinnifer without that straggly hair hanging in her face. This is a very rare pic! I did not think that woman owned a hair clip or ever hear of one. Everytime I see these dumbass she has the same stupid stringy, straight, unkempt hair hanging in her eyes. I am surprised she is not cross eyed.

1801 days ago


childless hoe

1801 days ago

Pink Blonde    

it's just too funny how most of the nagative comments are all clustered together-repost much?
#45, 59,69...a ho? An old ho? Are you joking...if she constitutes a ho, what are you all, nuns?
The girl looks fantastic, she has a body most women would kill for. You jealous old spinsters.
And really, this is such a non-story. Water? I want some dirt in her supposedly hooking back up w/john mayer!

1801 days ago
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