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Zsa Zsa Gabor -- Back Taxes Galore!

11/13/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 Zsa Zsa Gabor -- Back Taxes Galore!Zsa Zsa Gabor -- aka Prince Von A-Hole's wife -- owes Uncle Sam a hefty load of dough ... and it might all be Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff's fault.

Records show a $118,321 lien was filed against the 92-year-old actress in Los Angeles County back in October, this according to the Detroit Tax Watchdog.

Mrs. Von A-Hole's tax predicament could be more Bernie backlash, because his dirty dealings reportedly cost the couple $10 million.


No Avatar


firsties. do people still care about these folks? I love TMZ!

1804 days ago

I hate rappers    

Zsa Zsa I would still do you the Von A Hole........... Remember the wild night we had back in 1869?

1804 days ago


maybe she should slap someone

1804 days ago


It's not Mrs. Gabor anymore. It's Princess Zsa Zsa.

1804 days ago


That's sad, she has Alzheimer's and her prince a-hole of a 'hubby' is obviously not caring for her properly. Anyone who has had someone with Alzheimer's in their family knows how devastating it is. She needs to be in a special Alzheimer's home, away from this clown.

1803 days ago

When is this ugly, greedy, litigious old bitch going to die? Take the A-Hole manwhore with you, Zsa Zsa.

1803 days ago


Hmmm...she's really old, she's got Alzheimer's, she's got a man-whore Count von Suckula, she's been screwed to the tune of millions by Madoff, and it's gleeful news to some that she's also in tax trouble with the IRS?

I think I'm going to go do something worthwhile with my time.

1803 days ago


Wow! When I saw this story with her picture I thought maybe I had fallen asleep and just woke up after 40 years. Forget about the taxes, Zsa Zsa, the Paris Hilton of the 1960's, should be thankful she's still alive and "news-able".

1803 days ago


You got the spelling wrong on lien.

1803 days ago

The Running Back    

Back in 1958 she was in scifi thriller The Queen Of Outer Space. It is so bad it's good. Don't you think it's about time to retire Zsa Zsa.

1803 days ago


92 years old!!

1803 days ago

cha ching    

Pap's and tmz nazies should be ashamed of themselves for picking on a dieing old women, that lived through actual Nazies unlike the pretend wantabes!No doubt your all tripping to get a pick of her next diaper change! Sickos

1803 days ago


The money she had wasn't hers to begin all came from her sister Eva when she passed away.....Eva was the one with REAL TALENT!!!! Zsa Zsa is just a money grubbing BITCH and she's getting what she deserves!!!!!

1803 days ago

cha ching    

After Zaza passes, tmz nazies will show prince von a hole danzzing, and tmz getting sausage von pie hole!

1803 days ago


some of you people are really sick! I will bet that the nasty comments come from young people that just looked at her age and like the present administration think "let her die, she has no worth"
Very sad

1803 days ago
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