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The One with the Guy Blocking Jen Aniston's Butt

11/14/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

To the guy blocking us from Jennifer Aniston's perfect backside while she was sunbathing in Los Cabos yesterday, we only have one thing to say to you ...



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the truth hurts huh    

Well --- Jen is once again doing what she does best (and it's certainly NOT acting) .... lounging around in a bikini ..... somehow always in places where the paps can get a shot. As if she doesn't have enough money to go to a place where she can sunbathe privately. What a joke.

1782 days ago


you are COMPLETELY 100% CORRECT! people are so ridiculously pathetic. its quite sad.

1782 days ago


Gee TMZ what makes yall think we WANT to see Jen's 40 year old butt. It'a a butt that can't keep a man happy. So what there to see!!!!! She must be one boring woman.

1782 days ago


I agree with Dolman, if we wanted to see a MATURE woman's butt, we would go to mature porno sites and watch other OLD women that are naked. Jen is a "usta was" time to move on and play some of these Hollywood Hotties mother.

1782 days ago


That's an inflatable dummy stars use to obscure their location. Jennifer Aniston's pretty hind quarters are Hollywood A-list and therefore the dummy was dressed up as a geek tourist who wouldn't know what was attractive or important to notice if there was an incoming comet explosion overhead or if Shauna Sand walked up to him in a bikini and said "can you carry some of these pumpkins to the car for me, Mr. Mighty Muscles?". Of course, knowing that the TMZ videographers are sometimes creepy, the Aniston brain anticipated this beachside attempt at a bum-cam angle and therefore a shorter than normal Inflate-A-Geek was established in the sand in a direct line between her fanny and the cammy. Better luck next time TMZ, and well done, Jennifer.

1782 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is perfect just the way she is. She is no homewrecker. She understands what it means to be in a stable, long lasting, truthful and honest relationship! She isn't a monster or a whore and has no skeletons in her closet except for the very public 'What Angelina did was uncool' remark so what? it wasn't and finally, FINALLY Jennifer spoke out against all that crap Angelina talks. She is a very good role model and lives her life comfortably and without having to do damage control or pay for positive press like Angelina Hoe-lie does. I love you Jennifer Aniston! keep it up and your beautiful inside and out!

1782 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

To #14 forever thieves are you crazy look how many times Angie took off her clothes for the camera even when she was pregnant not to mention all the man stealing and cheating she love to do its all in print all over the world she won't even have a child in the USA but she has no problem taking in cash from the USA she is a two face creep she loves to be naked and it is so gross those chicken legs that stone face and not to mention those lips that look like she was stuck to a wall and peeled off she is the one who is very unattractive I can not stand her she has broken up so many relationships and she get freaky with her own brother she is an ass I can not stand her and I know there are millions of people who feel the same way she is a tramp she love to be naked and she does not care who sees her so get off Jens back at least she was tasteful when she did it and not the home run of sluts like Angie.

1782 days ago


If my 40+ wife looked like Jen, I'd be throwing out my hips and going to the ER at least once a month. Wow! She takes care of herself. Sure, she has ASSistants and trainers and chefs and whatnot, but she still chooses to utilize these services, not just lay around on her ass like Kirstie Alley or Oprah or (insert fugly celebrity name). I have NO idea why she can't hold on to a guy unless she's just too high maintenance, which may just be the case. TMZ, keep posting Jennifer Aniston. I'd watch her wash the dishes, if she ever did such a mundane thing. ;>)

1782 days ago


i find it hilarious that girls like SAMANTHA get their panties in a wad over some stranger name MS Kris having her own opinion. Grow up! LOL. How ya gonna call Ms Kris a dumb bitch for voicing her opinion. Sound to me that you are the Dumb Bitch hunny!

1779 days ago
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