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Johnny Depp

Good Genes or Good Docs?

11/14/2009 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking as good as Johnny Depp is better than finding Neverland.

Johnny Depp
Here's the 25-year-old back in 1988 (left) -- and 21 years later, the 46-year-old version in London earlier this year (right).

Go, Johnny, go.


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Ele é incrivelmente lindo e talentoso.
Sou apaixonada pelo Johnny Depp desde o filme Edward Mão de Tesoura, o outros filmes só reafirmaram o seu grande talento.

1764 days ago


Yes he is definitely got good genes, hes Cherokee, and Native Americans age well, as do, Latinos, Middle Eastern, and Asian to name a few, I've noticed, its something in the skin makeup, they do not 'wrinkle' as easy as the light-skinned, blue eyed people.

1733 days ago

Tammy L.M.    

You want us to vote or not TMZ? Put the voting link up.

1772 days ago

Mary (sooo afraid of flying!) in Hunt. Bch    

Does it really matter HOW he maintains his amazing looks??? Thanks for the eye-candy of my FAVORITE made my day!

1772 days ago


Good Genes, but where it the voting box?

1772 days ago


good everything!

1772 days ago


ha, i like that you don't even need the voting box. its good genes obviously... but either way, my GOD he is beautiful!!

1772 days ago


Well chalk one up for smoking and drinking

1772 days ago



1772 days ago



1772 days ago



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1772 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

good genes....

1772 days ago


What a breathtaking sight to see. He is so gorgeous. Thank you, TMZ.

1772 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

its the native in him :D .. we age well :D hehe

1772 days ago

blues fan    

Good genes -- he is one gorgeous man, and a very talented actor as well.

1772 days ago
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