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One Thousand Angry Spiders ... On a Plane?!

11/14/2009 6:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even Samuel L. Jackson isn't badass enough to handle this nightmare. Some English pet shop owner was busted in an airport in Brazil for trying to smuggle 1,000 LIVE SPIDERS onto an airplane.

He almost made it too -- dude was arrested on Wednesday right before he boarded his flight back to Europe at Rio de Janeiro's international airport ... when an x-ray of his suitcases revealed he was traveling with an army of illegal 8-legged cargo ... including tarantulas.

He hoped to sell the creepy crawlies once he got home -- but now faces up to a year in jail if convicted of animal trafficking, plus millions in fines.


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What a Winner lol

1770 days ago


Good grief! I'd have to be sedated if those things ever got loose on the plane, I'd be trying to jump out of the damn plane.

1770 days ago

Brian L    

Holly god damn, this story is so freaky that is makes my skin crawl. Can you imagine the guys face who open the briefcase and one of these little freaky boxes. I don't even want to know what else shows up in the overhead that doesn't get caught in security. At least the damn freaky goolish english dude could have checked it in and worse case those creepy crawlers would have to get through the cargo hold, to bad for the baggage handlers if they inspected it. That could brought down a plane if they got loose and started a mass panic, the soccer mom's would have fainted. The old grandma in isle three would have died and kids would be running around with spiders in there hair laughing at the adults.

1770 days ago


Ewwww Ewww Ewwww!!!!

What a dumb a$$!

Nut job!

1770 days ago


poor spiders! they are gross but i hope they are ok.

1770 days ago


"Spiders on a Plane!" There's a movie, just work in some sexy young vampires, at least one lesbian kiss, the plane crashes in the mountains, spiders build a huge web and ensnare the survivors! Hollywood Gold!

1770 days ago


8. "Spiders on a Plane!" There's a movie, just work in some sexy young vampires, at least one lesbian kiss, the plane crashes in the mountains, spiders build a huge web and ensnare the survivors! Hollywood Gold!

Posted at 2:00AM on Nov 14th 2009 by Alan


1770 days ago


What a dumbass!

1770 days ago

republican mensa    

I love how tmz asked this idiot kooky to quit posting stupid crap and STILL does it I hate this person this isn't my space or facebook go somewhere where your village idiot ways are wanted ........ your as gross as these spiders

1770 days ago


Wow, this is why I never fly. I would be freaking out.

1770 days ago


I own around 16 tarantulas, they are great exotic pets that don't bark & interesting to look at.
That guy would have made a lot of money if he went through. Some hard to get tarantulas cost between $300-$600.
Most tarantulas though range in the price of "$20-$50".

Just want to clarify that arachnids shouldn't be scary, there is no reason to be scared. I'm pretty sure humans are a lot larger and more powerful than spiders.

1769 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

There are M*****-F***ing spiders on this M*****-F***ing plane!!!
Yea. I saw that movie to.
I even saw that guy on CNN creating that saying.
He diden't want money or anything, only credit for creating that line.

1769 days ago


Big Balls

1769 days ago


Before I graduated from high school, I could write better than this

"dude was arrested..."

Really? This sounds like it is written from a 13-year-old.

I shouldn't even have to get my BA if this is who they are hiring.

1769 days ago


How do we know the emotional state of these arachnids? Certainly Elaine, with her BA is apparently upset; however, I can't imagine these spiders being anything except spiderlike. Most would probably be quite comfortable in a darkened confinement that left room for their appendages. I just wouldn't want to open the boxes. Who had the balls to take the glamour shot for the press? I would've put heroin or cocaine in with them. As long as you're commiting a crime, after all. Then you'd have some angry spiders, all doped up and jumping for jugulars. They jump really good, you know.

1769 days ago
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