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Sammy Sosa -- White Chick?

11/15/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's retired MLB player Sammy Sosa at some event in Las Vegas last week (left) -- and one of the Wayans Bros. in the 2004 film "White Chicks" (right).


Only one of them did this to themselves for laughs.

We're just sayin'.


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Gay everyday    

missingMJ says it best.Everybody should go see "This Is It" Savour the last glimpse of MJ's genius.Why does our society destroy the brightest among us? I'm not overly religious but there is one similarity to Jesus here,and I think,the central lesson of that story we have yet to learn and are constantly repeating.Genius is first elevated and then the vultures distroy it.Marilyn, Elvis,MJ sure they did themselves in ,but in some ways they were just hounded to death. Especially MJ.

1801 days ago


i can't believe he is bleaching his skin what an ASS!!!

1801 days ago


Here is who made her sweater

1801 days ago


This poor guy obviously isn't comfortable in his own skin! He looked much better dark! I hope he finds whatever he's looking for before it's too late.

1800 days ago


He looks crazy as hell. But it's his life, and he's not bothering anyone by living it his way. If he likes it, I love it. Too many people meddling in other people's business that really has nothing to do with them anyway (read: gay marriage opponents,murderous pro lifers, etc)

1800 days ago


This man is obviously suffering from some kind of skin disorder, and he's trying to make the best of it. Have a heart.

1800 days ago


he looks better black......

1800 days ago

In L.A.    

Creepy & Disturbing.

1800 days ago


OMG!!!!!! please tell me this is joke and not for real.

1800 days ago


The Wayan brothers are high talent. Comedy requires a lot of daring, courage, recognition of the inner spiritual experience, responsibility for taking people through a change and for being resolutely different. The Wayans put a genius touch on everything they do (well, at least most). MORE!!!

1800 days ago


"Missing MJ" wrote: "
It is his life and he should do what makes him happy as long as it isn't breaking the law,it isn't hurting someone else, and he can live with it. Maybe we need to focus on our own flaws as humans instead of picking others apart."

AMEN! I'm no Sosa (or for that matter baseball) fan either, but I'm so annoyed by this whole thing, I felt compelled to add my 0.2. Vitiligo happens to be a very common disorder among darker-skinned people, but even if that's not the reason Sosa's lighter, it's really none of our business. Having said that, TMZ's job is to dig into people's personal lives, and we come here to read about it - there's plenty of blame to go around. However, things like this I feel are *too* personal (ditto intricate info about stars' marriages, bad relationships, etc.) - I just want to know when they're putting out their next movie, CD, etc, and I like to see their fancy clothes.

1800 days ago



If you TMZ Nazis are going to be the ridiculous, over-the-top PC police, at least be consistent. If it's "racist" for whites to go black face to get laughs, then it's equally racist when blacks go white face.

1800 days ago


he was on one of those spanish channels and said it was this cream he had been using for years. He used it because of the damage the sun did to his skin while playing baseball. He said that this is a side effect of the cream. That's a lie, if you used this cream for years, why is your skin changing now. It's probably bleaching cream.

1800 days ago


He does not have vitiligo, he is proud of his lightening. Most Dominicans have a complex about being black. Anyone who knows anything about the Caribbean knows that.

1797 days ago
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