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Porn Company

Gives Carrie Prejean

the Hard Sell

11/16/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean's sex tape cost her more than a million bucks during her settlement discussions with Miss California USA, but we've learned Vivid Entertainment is officially stepping up with an offer to line her pockets with even more money.

Carrie Prejean
TMZ has obtained a copy of a letter Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch sent to Prejean's lawyer, Charles Limandri. Hirsch is asking to acquire the rights to distribute "erotic footage that Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, produced for her boyfriend following their four (4) day rendezvous in February 2007." It's the same video (eight in all, along with 30 photos) that TMZ obtained but has not posted because it's just too racy.

In the letter, Hirsch tries tempting Carrie with this: "We would like to present Carrie with several options where she could certainly earn millions of dollars."

Hirsch boasts his stable of stars, including Kim Kardashian, Kelli McCarty (former Miss USA) and Shauna Sand -- the kinds of women any gal would be proud to call her peers.

TMZ spoke with attorney Limandri last night, and it looks like Carrie's not biting. Limandri says Carrie's mom/rep says, "No, at any price."

Launch audioCarrie claims she was underage when the videos were shot, but her ex-boyfriend to whom she sent the videos begs to differ.

But Carrie may have another plan to score some loot. We're told she may sue the Miss Cali pageant, along with its officials, because she believes they leaked the settlement to TMZ.

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No Avatar


I think she has a serious legit lawsuit on her hands. I hope she does sue and takes the entire Communist Miss California office down.

1746 days ago


I didn't know sex tapes were so profitable when everyone can view them online free

1746 days ago


They keep calling this guy her boyfriend but if you listen to his tape you'd see that they only met once. They spoke on the phone several times after she saw his picture and wanted to meet him - he went to San Diego to meet him and they spent four days together in a hotel which is when all these photos were taken. When he went back home, she continued to send him videos but she mustn't have been that good since he didn't come back for more. This was a hookup, plain and simple.

1746 days ago


Oh good grief. We've already established she is a whore,so all that's left to haggle about is the price.
She should take the millions and go off somewhere and change her name.
Those tapes will leak,no matter what.

1746 days ago


She should take the dough because spreading her legs is a lot easier than persuing a lawsuit.

1746 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

Carrie Prejean sextape is the most searched in Google. But it is believed that the sextape video has not yet released, so do not be surprised if you do not find the original sex video but end up downloading some virus.

So be careful and think twice before downloading or watching the sextape video of Carrie Prejean.

1746 days ago


Her "christian" lawyers are not doing her any favors by egging her on into another lawsuit. Trump will wipe the floor with her.

1746 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Yeah, Miss San Diego sending a bunch of risque videos is good reason for any young man to whine.

1746 days ago


I understand that people don't like this young woman because of her beliefs and hypocrisy, but I don't think she deserves to be exploited like this. This tape was supposed to be private between her and her boyfriend and not for the whole world to see. Who she is, what she believes, and what she does/did gives no one the right to exploit her. Invasion of privacy is invasion of privacy, regardless of who the victim is.

1746 days ago

Monkey Spanker    

Typical republican response. It wasn't me, I was underage, there is no tape. It's always someone elses fault. Pass the buck, take no responsibility for YOUR actions. Palin/Prejean in 2012!!!

1746 days ago


Good, let her turn down the money and it'll hit the net for free. This bitch needs to shut her mouth and disappear. Any surprise her idol is Sarah Failin?

It's idiots like this that make me believe more and more that we will have an apocalypse in 2012, caused by idiots.

1746 days ago

the TRUTH    


I feel Carrie's a lot smarter than everybody thinks she is. I personally think, this was her plan to get to this point in the media or MSM. Face it, like her or not...she's now a household name, has a book out, is very controversial and she's young & sexy. All that formula equals is MONEY. How many other Miss America contestants names do you remember? In fact, I'll bet none of you can even remember the winner's name? Now, tell me she's not brilliant!

Take the VIVID deal Carrie, you'll have more money than you'll know what to do with. Besides, it's all just business baby.

1746 days ago


No young woman in her right mind goes to meet a strange man and then spends four nights in a hotel with him - unless she is a whore.

And THEN she sends 8 (!) sex tapes his way in order to keep him interested, when he clearly is not that much into her.
I'd call her a pathetic whore.

1746 days ago


Tired of this bimbo claiming to be miss innocent, she doesn't deserve the attention she is getting now and it seems the more attention she gets makes her even more delusional.Love TMZ humor,
but please don't give her any more attention.

1746 days ago


This guy was someone she met once for a 4 day hotel sex romp.

Stop saying that a boy friend broke some bond of trust.

When you have one night stands and make sex tapes for are to blame for results.

This was no romantic long term boy friend who broke some bond of trust. It was a buddy call.

1746 days ago
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