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Porn Company

Gives Carrie Prejean

the Hard Sell

11/16/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean's sex tape cost her more than a million bucks during her settlement discussions with Miss California USA, but we've learned Vivid Entertainment is officially stepping up with an offer to line her pockets with even more money.

Carrie Prejean
TMZ has obtained a copy of a letter Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch sent to Prejean's lawyer, Charles Limandri. Hirsch is asking to acquire the rights to distribute "erotic footage that Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, produced for her boyfriend following their four (4) day rendezvous in February 2007." It's the same video (eight in all, along with 30 photos) that TMZ obtained but has not posted because it's just too racy.

In the letter, Hirsch tries tempting Carrie with this: "We would like to present Carrie with several options where she could certainly earn millions of dollars."

Hirsch boasts his stable of stars, including Kim Kardashian, Kelli McCarty (former Miss USA) and Shauna Sand -- the kinds of women any gal would be proud to call her peers.

TMZ spoke with attorney Limandri last night, and it looks like Carrie's not biting. Limandri says Carrie's mom/rep says, "No, at any price."

Launch audioCarrie claims she was underage when the videos were shot, but her ex-boyfriend to whom she sent the videos begs to differ.

But Carrie may have another plan to score some loot. We're told she may sue the Miss Cali pageant, along with its officials, because she believes they leaked the settlement to TMZ.

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No Avatar

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

This has nothing ,despite what Republican Cheerleader Screamer Elizabeth Hassellbeck said in the View today, with Prejean's respons.
-She failed to honor her Miss CA contract by skipping appearances for her Republican talk show/events schedule.
-She lied on her application.
-She made this tape for her boyfriend7 or 8 times and she was 20. I assume he was not under 17. LOL!
-Prejean had no grounds to file lawsuit on MissCA.
-Her schedule was made for her to do her Republican shows.Other shows.She needed to do her Miss CA duites which are not glamourous-visit Children's Hospital,cut ribbon at suburban mall,etc. These pagent winners really do not do too much glamourous things.They are goodwill ambassadors,unbiased,suppose to be non-controversial, for their state.
-She needsto take Vivid's offer with her ex boyfriend,takethemoney,and disappear.
OR-Get her filmback.Destroy it.Settle with her exboyfriend.
It is bad for her to haepublic,butgood for him.Heowns 1/2. She owns 1/2
-PEOPLE,after you make a dvd with your boyfriend,lover, ya'll look at it,destroy the dvd.
-LASTLY,Prejean needs to go away. Leave the 15 mins.of fame stage.Exit left.

1765 days ago


carrie's mom/rep isn't very good at either of her jobs. how do you not know your daughter/client is upstairs beating off on tape and distributing the stuff like crack to her boyfriend? especially if she really was underage like she insists (but she's a liar, so we know she wasn't)

1765 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

If Prejean is too young ,underage at the legal age 20,to have this film bought w/her receiving a big payday and hte boyfriend too,then KIMKARDASIAN was too young being overthe legal age of consent too.

If Vanessa Williams was fired,accepted it, filed no lawsuit for her lying, mistake,when she was over the age,then Prejan should do the same.

Poor mean allshe has to say is that gay people should not be marriedand she does not beleive in that ,then will be people be sympathicto her?


1765 days ago


She should take the money. The footage of the video is going to get leaked eventually anyway. Once it's on the Internet there won't be anything her or her lawyers can do to stop the spread of the footage. Remember the Erin Andrews nude videos?

1765 days ago


If she was underage when the video was taken (unlikely as she has gone to this well at least once before and been proven a liar), why isn't she being charged with the distribution of child pornography like so many other 'sexting' teenagers?

1765 days ago

To hell with her    

This bitch is sue happy! She just got shot down in her suit against the tournament when the sex tape was brought out, showing she violated her contract AGAIN. Like the bitch that she is, she folded like a house of cards. And now she wants to sue AGAIN?


Yup, they all fit...

1765 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

I'd pay to see the "business meetings" going on these days with Carrie and her rep/mom

1765 days ago


Don't settle for anything under 10million ask for 20million but happy with ten

that tape will easy make 100 million++

1765 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Does she fake orgasm for herself ?

1765 days ago

Wasted Spice    

Posted at 1:07PM on Nov 16th 2009 by What a bitch

Yur gay right ? Then go be gay ! stop with the bashing of this beautiful girl . so what ,is she taking all the boy's attention from you ? Yur jealous because she's a real woman and yur not ? I think gays should get out of the pageant business and go find a job , that doesn't involve WOMEN. ew when i think where you put it , well it's just WEIRD. imo

1765 days ago


She should go back to handling snakes during backwoods tent revivals.

1765 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

Suppose I would make a sex tapes and send them to my boyfriend as an appetizer.

Would that give him the right to sell these tapes to a porn company for commercial production. I sill own the copyright to my body. Don't I?

Just publish those tapes without my consent and you’ll find every court in the US and the world on my side!

1765 days ago


Was it even a 'settlement' .. didn't Carrie drop her case? If the pageant people paid her lawyers on their own as a show of goodwill then isn't that their business if they decide to 'leak' the info?

I mean is that all this girl knows how to do sue, sue, sue? Carrie honey you made sex tapes and sent them to a guy online after a four day screw fest... didn't your moral upbringing teach you that nothing good would come from such behavior?? It's over, you behavior is out for everyone to see so now just stop shining more light on your own faults and slink away... sign the deal with Vivid and you can slink away rich since that's obviously your life's goal anyway.

1765 days ago


I dont see whey you are making such a big deal out of this. People do this for someone they are with all the time. My husband is in Iraq and you dont want to know what wives do and send for their husbands while away. My point though is what right does tmz or any other agency have to own this private thing. As far as im concerned when someone wants to do this without permission of the person in the tape then you should have charges brought against you. If this was something they did for the public that they want to forget then thats different. This was a private intimate thing. So should anyone who is in a realtionship have the right to turn around and sell anything private you did for them? No and he should be arrested as well.

1765 days ago


They're going to come out eventually anyway, you might as well make some money off of them. It may be your last chance to make this much money from anything. Her career is ruined...whatever that "career" was.

1765 days ago
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