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Jon Gosselin -- It's Happy Hour Somewhere

11/16/2009 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin celebrated Shane Victorino's wedding Saturday night -- or maybe he was just celebrating life -- at Lulu's Lahaina Surf Club & Grill in Hawaii.

Jon Gosselin


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How can he spend more time with his kids, when he's always sucking the bar dry in every city he visits? They have to restock the bar when he's around.

The only way he can spend more time with his kids is if they add a playschool next to a bar. That way he can run back and forth from the bar and check on the kids between shots. Dude's got a serious alcohol problem.

I don't understand all the young women hanging around him in every picture? He's all f**ked up.

1772 days ago

republican mensa    

Jon sucks....quit giving him any type of fame whoreing he wants

1772 days ago


This creature is sooooo handsome ....!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!

1772 days ago


Well, #29, you just proved what an idiot you are. You took aim and missed. I don't know what the acronym GWOP stands for, nor do I have a need to know; but, since you do, and it seems only pertinent to the peripheral of the story, I can say with a certain amount of confidence you're way too involved. If you find your obsession distracting, I suggest you seek counseling. Though I'm aware it could be an actual mental deficiency causing your posts to be obtuse. I advise you if you can, to struggle against the weight of your stupidity.

1772 days ago

who dat    

Every male on earth would be drinking as much (or more than) as this moron after: you have done the calculations on how much child support you are going to have to fork over for the eight rugrats. He better get into gay porn, as the bottom, cause he is going to need the money.

1772 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Hey You're Crazy (35), you are crazy! You are Hailey type crazy. This is a gossip site, people can dog on him if they want. You need to loosen up and let go. Don't come on a gossip website and expect people to love all over Jon Gosselin for being a public piece of crap. Lay off the posters who want to voice their opinion. You either are Hailey or you know Jon Gosselin and there is nothing you can do to save his image, especially in a comment section of a site who hates the douche dad!

Stop playing Mom on here and go get laid or add some fiber to your diet. If you cannot handle reading the comments, maybe it is you who is too invested in Jon Gosselin, not the other poster you accuse of. So clean your own house before you try to clean someone else's house. Your other post was saying to stop judging him, yet you come on here judging posters?

He put himself out there, people can judge him, make fun of him or do what they want to. He is a laughing stock and doing it himself. Don't like the comments, don't come on here or post! Simple as that. If you are related, or one of his bed buds, or family, well go talk to him and help him with his issues, but no one is going to listen to you on a comment board of a MAJOR gossip site that dogs on this douche all the time.

Hypocrisy is making you a wackadoodle loon You're Crazy (35).

1772 days ago


He doesn't want to be back with his faily!! He want to run around and be a dumb a$$, stupid, whiny, idiot, crazt, fwo faced, etc.............. He has ruined his image, he can never be a star like he says he wants to be. Nobody in their right mind would go see him in a movie, if they did it's because they are blind and deaf and walked into the wrong threater by accident!!!

1772 days ago


DON"T slander Victorino's name in this article....please....

1772 days ago


Back in the childish t-shirts I see, how lovely.

Would it kill Jon to stay out of the bars and away from the bimbos, at least until his divorce is finalized and his court case over? He's much too impulsive and immature. He was under contract with TLC until early 2010, if he would have just waited and collected a paycheck from them for a few more months he wouldn't be in this mess. Problem is, he can't control himself.

1772 days ago


His kids must be so proud!!

1772 days ago

A Person    

Shameful behavior

1772 days ago



1772 days ago



1772 days ago



1772 days ago



1772 days ago
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