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Mike Tyson 911: Man Bleeding from the Face

11/16/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made last week after Mike Tyson got into a bloody altercation with a paparazzo at LAX.

Tyson 911
The woman who placed the call says she "has a man bleeding from the face. I think it's Mike Tyson ... the person he assaulted."

As we previously reported, both Tyson and the photographer performed citizen's arrests on each other and were booked for misdemeanor battery.

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PJ in Houston    

Ha Ha I am first

1767 days ago

doc murry    

for gods sake please use condoms


1767 days ago

PJ in Houston    

I am not that big of a Tyson fan, but the Paparazzi are sometimes just way out of control.

1767 days ago

doc murry    

"I be loving dis stuff every night"
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1767 days ago


Too bad Mike only punched the pap's face.He should have bled all over.

1767 days ago

Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

I'm with Mike on this one.....These Paparazzo's are WAY OVER THE TOP....MIKE WARNED THE GUY AND HE KEPT GOING.....
And for that Arizona Sheriff to already weigh in before the Verdict...UP YOURS YOU ARROGANT BLOW HARD !! I like the programs he's running and I agree with what he does..This is none of your business....
MIKE TYSON IS RIGHT and I think we ought to have a vote up on TMZ for this.....

1767 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

I'm sorry but I am so Team Mike on this one. I think it's unfair and unethical to be able to get into someone's face and make physical contact in hopes they will go into a natural defensive mode. Mike did what any man would do when put into that situation. If he gets into trouble for this then we will have many angry people. It's unfair and not right. The pap will sue, he is happy that Mike defended himself, this needs to stop!!!

1767 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    


1767 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

TEAM MIKE!!! My dog has a bad hair cut(we now call her funny face) and you guessed it I LOVE BEN!!!!

1767 days ago


Its this simple. When a guy like Mike Tysons asks you to give him some space. You damn well better oblige the man. We dont need a court case to determine the Pap was an idiot.

Hit em again Mike...we got your back bro. These Paps are out of control.

1767 days ago


oh i shocked when i saw the title, lolz
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1767 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Why a pap would attempt to provoke a physical confrontation with Mike Tyson is beyond me. Mike is not a choir boy, we all know his checkered past, consequently he's a magnet for jerkoffs like this. It must really suck being a pap, the only way out of that ridiculous occupation is to taunt a retired boxer into punching you then try to make some money on the civil suit. Shameful.

1767 days ago

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