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Miss Cali USA Seeks Prejean Lookalike ... to Mock

11/16/2009 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean is going to be publicly mocked by the very people who helped "make" her -- and it's all going down at the upcoming Miss California USA pageant.

TMZ has learned the people behind the pageant are on the hunt for a Carrie lookalike to play the former Miss Cali winner in a skit for this weekend's pageant.

Our sources say a first round of auditions for the Prejean part were held this past weekend, but no one "nailed" it yet.

No word on why the pageant didn't ask Prejean to appear in the skit -- after all, nobody can nail Carrie like Carrie.


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How utterly immature of the pageant. Pathetically unprofessional. What clown is running this organization? Is it Trump? Who ever is running this pageant is a complete loser. Good thing for Carrie is nobody watches it anyway.

1802 days ago


Those CA pageant people are out their minds....Carrie has made mud of them and they can't get over it.

1802 days ago

Bobo Frog    

"No one can nail Carrie like Carrie."

My hat goes off to you, TMZ. Splendid work, good fellows.

1802 days ago


Lighten Up! USA! Why there are so many people in America believe in People like Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin? To us in the world they are the same jokes! Carrie with the video and Palin with a unmarried pregnant daughter. Why there are still people believing them? I am not surprised that Palin is Carrie's idol! Sometimes it make us think American are just too naive on humanity.

1802 days ago

Ga in TX    

I assume they'll be doing a take off on "Hand Jive"--doin' that crazy hand jive..."

1802 days ago


If she spent 4 days and 3 nights with the Hispanic at his hotel, you can bet the little wildcat did more than let him look at her vagina. He got to nail her.

And the 8 vids were to remind him what he got. Honestly, I think Carrie is mental to do something so gross.
Who spreads for a guy they barely know? ewwwwww

1802 days ago


LOL!!!! This is awesome!!! Just more fuel to add to the anti-homo fire as to why we shouldn't support gay marriage. The same penis mafia can't even win gay marriage on their own ballot, and it's childish, ignorant, intolerant crap like this as to why.

Also, it's hilarious that the crazies are desperately latching on to Amazon book sells to determine the state of mind of Americans. Let's take an in depth look at the top 100, shall we?

Sarah Palin's book is an overwhelming number 1, and it's not even out yet.
Glen Beck has FOUR books on the list
Michelle Malkin is on there
Bill O'Reilly is on there
Mark Levin is on there
Mike Huckabee is on there

LOL, so yes kooks, let's gage today's society by Amazon book sales, you morons!!!!

1802 days ago


Harvey, I'm confused. Are butt pirates supposed to be getting closer to having homo marriage with each passing Prejean post you make????

1802 days ago


Just when you thought the Miss Cali officials couldn't possibly get more trashy and expose their agenda even more. I pray they keep this up. At the rate they're going, they'll push the homosexual movement back a good 100 years!!!!

1802 days ago


Carrie is amazing. Not even out of college yet and she already has the stones to take on the Nazi media at their own evil game. Go Carrie, go!!!


1802 days ago


My cheeks hurt from smiling so much at knowing the BLUEST OF BLUE states, CA and Maine, both said hell f'n nah to homo marriage when it was put on the ballot!!! Nobody wants those perverts around!!!

1802 days ago


Wow I see someone is trying to appear like the hate mongering mob they wish they were part of. What a moron. Yeah you're so enlightened with your 'anti-homo' babble. What's funny is you actually think you are influencing anyone but yourself.. but then you're probably jack off to Prejean's vids as you type too, must go right up your a$$ that some gay guy can get laid and yet you can't (pun intended!!) LOL

1802 days ago


It's so comical that the idiotic left keep supporting and electing anti-gay Presidents like Clinton and Obama. Why is the pervert community so ignorant?

1802 days ago


This is true. The "victim" segments of our society are so pathetically stupid that they have no idea that the DNC is only using them for votes. You'd figured after decades of unkept promises they'd eventually catch on.....

1802 days ago


Thank you President Clinton for signing into law the Defense of Marriage Act, which outlaws the perverted, disgusting, evil gay marriage sickness. And thank you President Obama for going on record as being a supporter of the DMA. You both are true patriots.

1802 days ago
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