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Fetus-Killing Powder Suspected in Brutal Murder

11/17/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

fetus killerCops believe they now know how a famous L.A. restaurateur allegedly murdered his unborn child -- and it all has to do with a deadly white powder.

TMZ has obtained the search warrant affidavit in the investigation of Josh Woodward -- co-owner of L.A.'s 8 Oz. Burger Bar and several famous restaurants around the country.

In the docs, Woodward's baby mama says one night back in October -- when she was pregnant -- Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually.

The woman says she lost the baby a few hours later ... and remembers seeing a white powdery substance on her underwear.

According to the affidavit, cops had reason to believe the powder was a drug called Misoprostol -- which is often used for early abortions and to induce labor. Cops then executed the warrant and set up a sting operation.

Now get this: Under police supervision, the woman called Woodward -- who did not know she had lost the baby -- and told him she was still pregnant and wanted him to come over.

According to the affidavit, when police approached Woodward outside of her apartment, he pulled out a "small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance" from his pocket and dropped it on the ground.

Police seized the substance -- which Woodward would not identify -- and arrested him. Cops are waiting on the test results of the substance, but believe it's Misoprostol. Woodward has yet to be charged with a crime.


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But if she had gone into a Doctors office and paid a fee to have her fetus cut up and scraped out no one would bat an eye. Abortion is legal and fetuses have no rights, this should be assault at best.

I feel abortion is murder, however the law and most people do not agree with me. You cannot lock him up for what he did to the fetus because she could have done the same thing with no troubles. Only the damage he did to her.

1738 days ago


Marie.... In her eyes, in her heart, and in her belly was her baby!!!!! He killed her baby and ripped her heart out! Its murder! I am sickened by this and cant believe that he is walking the streets. How many other woman are going to come forward to say that they miscarried Josh Woodwards baby? What else is he capable of?

1738 days ago

white boy    

Relax people, babies get aborted all the time. Especially when baby mamas stop taking their pill on the sly in order to have a kid and force marriage or child support payments which is probably what happened here since that's kind of the new thing, at least in LA.

1738 days ago


You are deluded, Marie.

1738 days ago


This is a terrible situation, but I have a difficult time with the language. This is not technically a murder. A forced abortion, yes. An aggravated assault, yes. But TMZ, you should use your words cautiously, as a fetus is not medically considered "life" until the late in the trimesters when a fetus would be able to sustain life independently outside of the womb.

I take offense to the heinous crime and have much sympathy for the victim; it is an awful, horrific thing to do, but you can report the story with out stoking the outrage of every pro-choice leftist and feminist in your readership.


1738 days ago


OMG. What a detestable piece of slime.

1738 days ago


murderer, woman abuser

1738 days ago


boycott his restaurants

1738 days ago


Darby.... TMZ must have done their research before they published this article. It also looks to me like they published what was confirmed in the affidavit? Maybe you should have done your research before making that comment. Here is what I know to be true...

SAN FRANCISCO, April 6, 2004 - California's Supreme Court has upheld and given a broad reading to the state's fetal homicide law. In a 6-1 ruling, the court decided that the law applies even if the assailant did not know a woman is pregnant.

The California law only considers fetal homicide after 8 weeks gestation, but federal law that was signed by President Bush just days before the ruling, protects the unborn child from the first moment of conception.

Hmmm, murder!!! Just sayin.....

1738 days ago

republican mensa    

In the state I live if you kill a fetus it is murder....what he did is vile,disgusting,and murder! Who does this? This was his baby too, and this paticular drug is very hard to come by being only released to doctors in hospital did he get his hands on this drug...??????

1738 days ago


How were the burgers? im just curious!!

1738 days ago

who dat    

No wonder he is smiling. He escaped 18 years of child support to the gold digger.

"when she was pregnant -- Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually."

Seriously, what pregnant woman is going to allow this without questioning it? This smells fishier than her vadge.

A better way is get them in a 105 degree hot tub. Then dump them for trying to trap you.

1738 days ago


thanks,tmz. i have to wash my eyes out now and think of kitten's all day after reading this.

1738 days ago

J C    

Most abortions are not a woman's "choice" but the result of pressure from the man involved.

1738 days ago

J C    

Re 24
I do need to add,however,ultimately it is the woman's responsibility for her actions despite any pressure she may percieve.
We are all responsible for our actions.

1738 days ago
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