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Kramer Turns Racist Rant Into a Joke

11/17/2009 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three years ago today, Michael Richards took the stage at the Laugh Factory and unleashed the racist tirade that would change his life forever -- but now he's turning the whole thing into a joke ... arguably inappropriate.

Richards made light of the rant on this weekend's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." During one of the scenes, Richards -- playing himself -- blows his top at an African-American character, saying, "If only there were a horrible name that I could call you ... that would make you as angry as I am."

A group of spectators who witness the tirade instantly whip out their cell phones and begin to record. Richards, realizing the similarity of events, screams and bolts.

Couple of problems here: First off, the original tirade was shot on a DIGITAL CAMERA -- not a cell phone.

Second: Is Richards mocking himself ... or the digital-recording culture that exposed his greatest mistake? In other words, is Richards and "Curb" trying to make a bad joke out of a serious situation?


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The truth is Richard you can't call anyone a horrible name, free speech no longer applies to white straight men, republicans, or Christians. Now if you are a Muslum , black, or Democrat you can pretty much say what you want.

1809 days ago


TMZ and Harvey, get over your smug selfs. As a gay man why don't you try hating more on Tracy Morgan for his rants last week. It's been three years.....just stop. This was the best show of the year. Michael and Larry we love you. Keep doing what you are doing. Curb is the best show going and we can't wait to see the finale.

1809 days ago


man that episode was hilarious...who ever wrote this article is taking it the wrong way.... i don't think they were trying to re-create the whole incident. Who cares if the original incident was recorded with a digital camera and not a cell phone. You guys aren't getting it. Whatever, i thought it was hilarious....i actually just saw it yesterday on my dvr with my friend who happens to be black and he didn't seem offended at all...we were both cracking up. Get over it people! I'm not saying that what he did was not wrong because it WAS. But lets not add more drama to it.

1809 days ago


get a real job go back working at people court..stop writing stupid nonsense stuff on the board seriously wants the point of that. stop drinking coffee...curb your enthusiasm is one of the best shows on tv better than ur stuff

1808 days ago


yeah, i don't know if it was inappropriate for david's part. he had to save the show's credibility in harboring a known racist. but i don't think richards is redeemed or reformed in anyway. at most, the fictional character he plays on the show is.

i wrote a blog on it, check it out if you're interested:

1808 days ago


Did anyone happen to watch "Are We There Yet?" this morning? This television show is racist. I was very shocked. I was watching this show today, for the first time. I wonder how this statement would have went over: The actual show went something like this: One of the characters said that she did not want another character, in the show, to be like Lyndsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, or [whoever], and there is not issue with that. But, when she said: "I don't want her to be like, you know, white women," that was very racist. Black people are racist. If this were a white character saying the same about black women, what would the outcome or outrage be from the black community? They would be having marches, rioting, robbing, and everything else. I don't want my daughther to be like, you know, black women. In fact, I do not want any of my children to be like the black folk in the ghetto.

1399 days ago
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