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MJ's Mom 'Seriously Considering' Suing Murray

11/17/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson's attorney tells TMZ Michael Jackson's mom is "seriously considering" filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.

MJ's Mom Suing Murray

Adam Streisand, who scored a victory for Katherine last week in the estate case, tells TMZ the case would be filed on behalf of Katherine and Michael's three children. But Streisand adds, the biggest factor against filing suit is that Murray is asset-challenged -- i.e., he can't even pay his child support.

Streisand said he's actually rooting for Dr. Murray to file a claim for wages against AEG, adding "At least then we'd have some money to take from him."

As we first reported, Murray may sue AEG for $300,000 for the two months he "treated" MJ.


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get it right    

Posted at 7:32PM on Nov 17th 2009 by evej41

You get it right the full tox report HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED so get it right.

1762 days ago


TMZ ...WHY YOU TAKE MY POSTS OFF ????go to hell with DR,MURRAY.

THAT COULD BE UP TO A $ 100. million, you know all heart DOCTORS

1762 days ago


Dear everyone,

She is saying that not to get money-Murray hasn't got a dime, or haven't you been paying attention? It is to get the LAPD to MOVE THEIR BUTTS and charge Murray with something, as we all know he should be, regardless of whether MJ had drug problems. The 300,000.00 Murray could possibly get from AEG is only a drop in the bucket compared to what MJ has earned or might possibly earn if he were still alive. The money isn't the issue. Besides, AEG could sue the Doc (LOL) for killing their product. They have a good wrongful death case against the Doc, and I think they have a better case. At any rate, it is all about the kids having their father taken away by a person who probably should not have ever obtained a medical license.

1762 days ago


Back @ you GET IT RIGHT, my facts are very clear on Mr. Jackson i make sure before i speak i dont feed into the hype cause the hype is messy and seem to get the people who want just gossip wired up like junkies feeding off flesh, i go back 35 years of michael jackson and people can say what they please the have a thing such as freedom of speech but before you speak be factual it is sad that people want to believe the worst over truth and keep the bad going in circles so if they truth surfaced in their face sat in their lapse they still wouldnt have a clue so before you call me out know who you are cluing into ok facts are clear tox report is clear that is the reason they can say clearly it was homicide....

1762 days ago


the COMPLETE official and signed autopsy reports and toxicology reports have not be released

mjfanatics and some mjfans are stupid and they suck

1762 days ago

get it right    

my facts are clear tox report is clear that is the reason they can say clearly it was homicide....

Posted at 8:09PM on Nov 17th 2009 by evej41

Once again the FULL TOX REPORT HAS NOT CAME OUT AS IT HAS BEEN SEALED get your facts straight befor you start typing.

1762 days ago

get it right    

92. the COMPLETE official and signed autopsy reports and toxicology reports have not be released

mjfanatics and some mjfans are stupid and they suck

Posted at 9:39PM on Nov 17th 2009 by TMZ ROCKS ON

Thinks for the back up on that one and good to see you still around.

1762 days ago

get it right    

Posted at 8:09PM on Nov 17th 2009 by evej41

Well then I guess you are one of those stupid MJ fans who don't have their facts straight.

1762 days ago

get it right    

Janet Jackson's new album, Number Ones, is in stores today, and now a source is telling ET that the estate for the late Michael Jackson is at war with Janet over one of the songs on the album.

The song in question is called "Make Me" and features a lyric that reads, "Don't stop till you get it up." The source has told ET that Michael's estate is questioning Janet's right to use the lyric because of its similarity to his song "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," featured on Michael's album Off the Wall.

We've reached out to Janet's camp, who have not yet responded, while the attorneys representing the estate's special administators John Branca and John McClain tell ET they are unaware of it and will get back to us.

The Jackson family has clashed with Michael's estate previously. Back in August, family matriarch Katherine Jackson was allowed to challenge Branca and McClain without risk of jeopardizing her position as a beneficiary in his will.

And just earlier this month, Katherine withdrew her objection to Branca and McClain being the administrators of the will, while patriarch Joe Jackson filed a motion claiming that the lawyers have a "conflict of interest" and should be removed as administrators of the late singer's will.

1762 days ago


Evan Chandler shot himself, Martin Bashir has a brain tumour. Who´s next?

astabasta AKA azza

1762 days ago


I think Katherine should go for it. This ugly ass, octopuss faced bastard killed Michael and everyone knows it. You can look into his face and see pure evil. This man cannot be trusted. Go for it Kathy. Do it for your son's kids, who don't have a father anymore, due to someone's jealousy. I can't believe that all the good people have to leave this earth so soon and all the azzholes seem to live forever. I hope Murray gets what's coming to his ugly azz. Is it fair that his kids still have their daddy and MJ's kids don't? I don't think so. And all you haters can suck all the farts and poop out the Jacksons azz.

1762 days ago

get it right    


1762 days ago


I have never read so much hate mail about Michael Jackson as I have lately.
I'm curious and very confused.....who the heck bought the 750,000,000 albums that were sold and continue to sell and who are the millions of people who attended his concerts. Someone must have liked the guy
This is kinda like the people who vote for the politian and deny they did after he screws up in office.

What a world we live in!!!!!!! JMO

1762 days ago


Unbelievable. I am so sick and tired of these lawyers running to tabloids with every little thing. These are suppose to be professionals, not media whores in their own right. Why would you announce to the world something your client is thinking of doing? What good does that do anyone? They hope Murray gets paid from AEG so they have some money to take? So it's about money, and not about some kind of justice? Keep spending all your money on lawyers Momma Jackson, and you'll be claiming bankruptcy once again.

1762 days ago
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