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The House That 'Twilight' Bought

11/17/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephenie Meyer has sold over 70 million copies of her "Twilight" books and all she got was this $1 million house in the middle of the desert.


The 35-year-old author and her family live in this 5 bedroom, 3 bath suburban Phoenix home, which also features a swimming pool, basketball court and a batting cage.

Sure her crib is swanky for us mere mortals, but you'd think the mother of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would live in a place that was absolutely to die for.


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That house is a hut compared to other southwest mansions. These celebs di it right-- -- However, I havn't seen an author thrive off the tween crowd like this since J.K.!

Check out the pic of Tom Hanks' roller coaster that runs through his guest house!! Stupid rich!!

1798 days ago


I agree with everyone who mentioned Nic Cage and living within your means.

1798 days ago


She is one of the smart ones. If something happens to all the money she can still pay for this house. If this recession can teach anybody anything it's that money comes and can go. Keep it real and you might be okay.

1798 days ago

Brian Evans    

Wow, someone in showbiz who is actually responsible and who doesn't need massive material possessions in order to be in our industry.

We could all learn something from her. She should give Nic Cage a call.

1798 days ago



1798 days ago


Why is TMZ showing a photo of a private residence? Hope we see a photo of Harvey's house by tomorrow, with the address. Do you think it will happen? If not, Harvey deserves to have his arms and legs broken.

1798 days ago


Yep, she's xeriscaping and using the natural resources available to have a wonderful water-saving environment. I agree with most. I don't even know her or her work, but I think it's a very nice house and she is being prudent. She'll be the ultimate one laughing to the bank, while still living well. It's got everything a family wants, anyway.
Reminds me of the time Sam Walton walked into a Wal-Mart in old jeans, boots and looking dirty. A cashier was very rude to him and condescending. Wrong move.

1798 days ago


Where did TMZ come up with the $1 million figure? Who is their source? I don't believe that's an accurate number.

It has been on different sites for a while that she paid slightly more than $800,000 for the house, and that was a few years ago when the market was at its height. In late 2009, even with the improvements, that house might sell for around 700K.

What may knock the price up is if it's specifically listed and marketed (if she decides to sell at some point) as the "Stephenie Meyer" house. The "celebrity-owned" factor could increase the sale price.

While she could buy something more lavish, she is, at least at this point, showing wisdom and maturity. She lives in Arizona (much less expensive than California) in a comfortable, spacious home with low-cost, natural landscaping. Good for her!

I predict at some point she may start looking at guard-gated communities. There are plenty to choose from in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area.

Plus, with many of the world's most famous athletes (Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Danica Patrick, Phil Mickelson, etc.) already living in the Phoenix area, it's no surprise if more and more men and women from the entertainment industry start buying here too.

Los Angeles = too many problems.

1798 days ago

Brittany W.    

Ick. Why would anyone ever want to live in this area? How freaking's Earth; it should have grass.

1798 days ago


She also has a multi-million waterfront home on an island in Washington State.

1798 days ago


well for starters she is an intelligent not bad to look at talented author who has a rational intelligent approach to financial management no excess and the best part she took herself and her family out into the beauty and tranquility of the desert away from the insane attitudes and lifestyles of the rich (or appear to be rich or the rich in will be the no longer rich) and famous

smart woman

1798 days ago


I can tell you she's STUPID. I live in Arizona and IT SUCKS. I have lived in a custom built home on the outskirts of a small town in the desert so I know what's it like to be surrounded by desert, my house was only the second one on a dirt road at the time I lived there. I was raised in Arizona too. Yes its beautiful as far as the wildlife you will see in the desert, in fact you'd be surprised how much wildlife there really is if you do live in an open-desert area...the thunderstorms are amazing, and walks in the desert are fine in deep winter {forget it otherwise, if its remotely warm you will find rattlesnakes ...and in any weather maybe a group of angry wild pigs no joke, or a cougar, or a band of coyotes}...anyway, its not worth it. Any pet you own that might get outside WILL be eaten or killed by so many bad things {idiots were constantly exposing their pets to that and they still do}, rattlesnakes WILL be found RIGHT ON your doorstep, literally......and all the ugly BROWN of the surroundings gets BORING.
If this moron ,rich or not she's a MORON, can live anywhere she basically wants to and chooses a wasteland that's just sickening.
Go somewhere where your kids can blossom,you dumb a**,go where there's some culture, and unless they love 120 degrees in the shade in the summer she's a jerk for putting her kids through that too. Hopefully they have other homes they spend more time in than this crap.

1798 days ago


Are these the kinds of peopel Obama is going after to pay all the debt America owes? NO, it will be the average working American who struggles to affor an average size house.

1797 days ago


Her house is not worth $1 million I live one block from oro with a little nicer house I paid $585,000 before the decline in the market.

1797 days ago
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