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Andrews' Alleged Peeping Tom Officially Charged

11/18/2009 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who allegedly secretly filmed ESPN reporter Erin Andrews naked in various hotel rooms followed her around the country ... according to federal charging documents obtained by TMZ.

Erin Andrews

In the docs, the feds claim Michael Barrett called 7 hotels in Columbus, Ohio on January 28 and 29 of 2008, trying to find out where she would be staying. The documents officially charge Barrett with 1 count of interstate stalking.

After striking gold with the Columbus Hotel, Barrett got a room next door to her, altered the peephole device and secretly shot video of Andrews.

Barrett then used the Internet to send the video to his email account.

Fast forward to July. He called 14 hotels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and found where she was staying there. Again, he checked in, altered the peephole device in her room and shot video.

Then again on September 2, Barrett called a hotel, located Andrews' reservation, requested the room next door and on September 4 he altered the peephole and shot video of Andrews naked.

The email he sent the video to -- handsfouryou@yahoo.com. He eventually sent TMZ the video but we did not post it.

The feds say Barrett then posted the videos on a Google video account calling the video, "Erin Andrews Naked Butt."

TMZ received a statement from Barrett's lawyer, saying, "Mr. Barrett would like to express his deep regret for the circumstances that have caused the issuance of the charges against him today. It is his sincere hope that this matter can be resolved as soon as possible."

erin andrews pics

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Slutty Whores Rock    

Erin should be happy for all the publicity she got for shaking her fat ass around. She's a no-talent cupcake who got her job by having sex with ESPN VP's and producers.
She's flabby and full of cellulite from all the drinking she does to make her nightmares go away.

1764 days ago


Sickos in a tizzy that this sicko got caught. An apology is meaningless. Throw the book at him. They need to seriously harsh up the laws against this kind of voyeur sickness.

1764 days ago


I hope that creep goes to jail. I'm tired of the way women are treated in this country. It's despicable the way many males in this culture behave. They act more like animals. Just reading over some of the comments here it's obvious there is a lot of weird and scary hatred gainst women in this country. It's disgusting. Those sexists need to get into therapy and deal with their apparent mommy problems.

1764 days ago


Really..,, how did this guy,drill out a peep hole,in someones hotel room door, and is not seen or heard, doing it,
what kind of drill is that silent(please if you know lets not put that out to all the weirdos)but really,...why did the hotel manage ment, give him her room number (dah!).let alone give him the room
next to hers. really!!!!! She should sue the hotel,or the D.A should bring acessory charges on the hotel or the employee of the month, who gave out the info. really!

1764 days ago

Sad sad    

Dude, that has to be the most f-in creepiest picture. Those beady little eyes. Which ever way you move they follow. Ewwwwwwwwww! can you imagine that guy slapping his salami to you? vomits vomits vomits. He's like the 2 finger type of guy. I feel for her completely.

".........It is his sincere hope that this matter can be resolved as soon as possible."

Yes, hurry and lock him away now. gross

1763 days ago

Sad sad    

Is he crossed eyed from staring through too many peepholes?

1763 days ago


This chick is ugly

1763 days ago


This guy's a piece of crap...

1763 days ago


Michael Barrett thank you for all your efforts in bring Ms Andrews nude to the male population. A million thanks,

1763 days ago


The video leaked again, it's at www.tinyurl.com/erinpeep

1763 days ago


Jennifer Bouldack,

I never comment on message boards, but the comments on this story have baffled me. I just wanted to thank you for having class... I completely agree with your statements, and LOVE the itemized list of telling people to F off! HA!

The only thing I would add the pathetic people who are writing terrible things about a VICTIM OF A HORRIBLE CRIME is:

One day-- if something like this happens to your mother/sister/girlfriend/wife... I hope you remember your comments on this board

1763 days ago

jennifer frampton    

Hey GMA, Roberts, are you gonning to have him on the show and discusse this, are you Ms robert's going to push him over and over like you did Chris Brown, I bet you're not he's white. Well some men have those freaky things going on in their heads.I don't know what to say about that, he 's perverted, this lady must have really turnt him on. He is a human being that needs to be delivered, more stuff than this is going to start coming out about people, God is just removing the covers, He is exposing everything rather it be good or evil. It is time to repent and draw closer to God. Look at the signs of the times, God is exposing everybody, you better look out, repent.

1271 days ago
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