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Janet Jackson -- Family Interventions Failed

11/18/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Janet Jackson, her family had tried several times to stage interventions before Michael died of a drug overdose -- but, obviously, they "weren't very successful."

Janet Jackson: Click to watch
In an interview with Robin Roberts, Janet talked about their attempts to get Michael clean, and though she says he understood "that it was out of love," she added "people tend to be in denial."

As we previously reported, Janet holds Dr. Murray responsible for killing her brother.


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janet seems sweet, i think she really cared for ehr brother.

1765 days ago


Posted at 11:44AM on Nov 18th 2009 by The Red Queen

Read ..themore:

i know what you mean .when i saw him promoting the this is it tour , i thought ..oh my God..look at him .he is messed up..then i turned the channel..then he died ..then i went to youtube and saw the other side of what he went through and felt even worse..i never really checked into any of this stuff until he died.that is just me ..what can i say..i wish he was able to accept help but to be honest ,when you are supporting your extended family for all those years and they start telling you stuff you dont want to hear...probably pisses you off because i am sure in his head he could have said he had some concerns get a f@@@ing job people..i probabaly would not have listened to people on the tit either

1765 days ago


Eve has a point, professional help should have been sought. I can't help but wonder if they didn't go that route because Michael was a functioning addict? As long as he was able to function he could still make money to share with the rest of the family. Sadly, once the hooplah over his demise (all the money that is currently being made)winds down, there will be no more money...especially if the family isn't wise with how they manage it. There is a chance that Michael will continue to be successful decades from now, like Elvis, but only time will tell. Still, he money will only go so far. Eventually someone, his family, his kids when they get older, will have to be smart in managing the money to make it continue to generate revenue.

1765 days ago


83. Liz Taylor in 1993 convinced Michael to cure his addiction and they went in UK, I think that if the family should have really tried to intervene they should have succeeded and why not to get some help from Liz Taylor, I am not convinced of the good will of th Jackson family.
Posted at 11:50AM on Nov 18th 2009 by Andreemyrian

Neither am I.
I'm convinced that there were people who really could get through to MJ.
Maybe Liz, or Diana Ross, I mean when Katherine dies he wants her to bring up the children!! So he took her very seriously if he trusted her enough to be with the ones he loved most of all, his kids.
So don't tell my to believe the family tried hard enough, Janet cannot convince me on this one.

1765 days ago

MJ's PYT    

Hi Irene, the autopsy that was leaked showed no demoral(sp)
in his system .Does anyone knows how long it stays in the body?
We all know Klein admitted to giving him these injections. Its
weird that would'nt show.He was just there a few days before his death.

1765 days ago

They were in it for the money    

That is correct. Dr. Murray could not despense any drug in California so where he got those Benzo's is anyone's guess. Now you know the reason why he had to get the Propofol in Las Vegas! Probably got the others there as well, (unless those did come from Klein-the Versed, etc.) And he STILL couldn't get the drug there himself. No Dr. without the right qualifications can prescribe Propfol. He wasn't versed in Anesthesia. The drug prescriptions were written by another Dr. in Las Vegas that does work in Anesthesia, the link is right there-there is a Dr. there that is being investigated. Now, I want to know how did he secure the Oxygen tanks/ what company delivered those? Who paid for those? Ya just don't walk into a drug store and buy it! So, who wrote that prescription? Who picked them up? Who are these guys?

1765 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

@ #82 - "You Get what You Sow"

You are absolutly right 'You Get what You Sow', Michael has indeed reaped what he had sown - as he is now dead.

See how that works both ways?

1765 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

I was going to bring that up too about Liz Taylor getting Michael to rehab in the past and not his family. It does seem that the Jacksons' attempts at interventions were halfhearted at best. They definitely did not pull out all the stops as Britney Spears' parents did. I bring up Britney because it shows when there's a will there's a way. They were met with the same resistance from her, but that didn't stop them.

If anything, the Spears gave the Jacksons the road map on how to help Michael.

1765 days ago



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1765 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

I beg your pardon - that should have read:

'absolutely' not absolutly

Corrected because proper spelling does count.

1765 days ago


Hi Irene, the autopsy that was leaked showed no demoral(sp)
in his system .Does anyone knows how long it stays in the body?
We all know Klein admitted to giving him these injections. Its
weird that would'nt show.He was just there a few days before his death.
Posted at 12:19PM on Nov 18th 2009 by MJ's PYT
Hi PYT, nice to see you!
No, I don't know anything about this but maybe there's a doctor in the house??
What I do know is that I don't believe the leaked autopsy was the real one. Just a feeling I have from the moment it "leaked".
I think there's so much at stake here, so many people involved, so much money and so many stories.............
Maybe I'm too suspicious but that's how I feel and I'm afraid the truth will never come out completely.

1765 days ago


I find it bizarre that TMZ has yet to report about the death of Jackson's accuser / extortionist Evan Chandler.

TMZ, you're slippin'.

1765 days ago

Tom Jones    

Not much will power in this family. Should have kept on intervening until it worked.

1765 days ago


Ok sooooo in one breathe you say The Doc killed your brother and in the other breathe you say we new he was a junkie and tried to help him.



Promote that CD girl...YEAH ! promote it.

1765 days ago

so wrong    

Michael was clean a the time of his death as the autopsy report showed.

This is what happens when people try to distort facts for sensationalism.

Posted at 11:15AM on Nov 18th 2009 by JuanCarlos

First of all people, NO autopsy has been released, everything stated thus far has been false.

Secondly, no life insurance money paid out, as it only was effective once show started in UK and did not include death relating to drugs.

This is a HOAX

1765 days ago
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