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Michael Jackson Gets Butlered

11/18/2009 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now this is funny ....

Gerard Butler in London. Michael Jackson would pee his pants if he saw this.


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I've only been following TMZ since Michael's death - this seems to be the website for breaking news on the MJ front...although, the Chandler suicide doesn't seem to have gotten any play on here yet. Hmm...

Anyway, if the MJ jokes continue, I'm out of here (not that you all care). As one of his fans, I feel like people made fun of him enough when he was alive, and now even in death people continue to do so. It's a bit much, and it really is disrespectful. I cannot imagine people making fun of other dead celebrities so soon after they've passed. Imagine people mocking Patrick Swayze or Farrah Fawcett right would be looked at as distasteful. But because this is MJ, is't okay? No, I don't like this at all. :(

1808 days ago

Congressman ron paul    

not funny no mj jokes are the guys died leave him the f alone stupid pop culture!

1808 days ago


not funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1808 days ago


Not funny at all.

1808 days ago


I don't think Michael would find this funny at all, because it is an exaggeration of what he actually did.

Michael was holding onto Blanket under each arm and around the upper chest. Big difference!

See for yourselves!

We want Justice for Michael! Enough of this crap!

1808 days ago


Melanie, there is a difference...MJ used a REAL BABY, remember?!

If you love MJ's music, that's great but he's not Jesus. Everybody needs to lighten up.

btw, "you are so ugly" is always a good way to win a flame war, nicely done.

1808 days ago


Seriously... no humor in this...I used to like UGH... tasteless, classless... I love you forevermore Michael!!!

1808 days ago


It"s sincerely a pity to me of defective people which try to become famous at the expense of others! NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!! SHAME ТМZ!!!!

1808 days ago


WTF. Not funny at all. @sshole.

1808 days ago


This is so stupid!!! WTF! This is not a story.
Where is the story on Evan Chandler????
I know you have confirmed his suicide by now!

Now I know you guy are anti-Michael and even if you are you should do decent stories that everyone wants to know about. I have lost all respect for you guys there at TMZ!!!!!

If your not going to be fair to MJ then let him rest in peace and leave him and his kids alone!!!

1808 days ago

Why are you braindead MJ fans playing down the STUPIDITY of what HE did? I guess you don't like to bring up the fact that MJ could have KILLED his own child by his OWN gross negligence. Oh, but that makes him _look_ bad, so we'll just sweep that under the carpet.

Not sure what you'd be saying if it were Uncle Cracker doing it.

1808 days ago


Who is this guy? Somebody who needs a little attention in his dingy life?

Maybe there are some people out there who are amused about it. But seriously Mr. G. Butler and tmz would you like to be admired by those people??? No??? Hahahaha ... you are! 2BAD for you!


Michael Jackson is unbreakable!

1808 days ago


sooo...I guess the fact that he held him "under each arm and around the upper chest" is a good excuse. That makes dangling a baby off of a balcony MUCH safer in my experience. I mean, c'mon people, he didn't die right?.....right?

1808 days ago

For Sure    

Now I have a sense of humor but I do not get it????

Could some one please explain to me How this is funny?

Did I miss something???

1808 days ago


This is the nasty M**herF**ker that was so disrespectful towards MJ right after he died. I won't watch another Gerald Butler movie ever again...Oh wait what movie has he been in lately not that shi**y movie with Jen Aniston AND 300 SUCKED!!!!!!!!!

1808 days ago
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