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Rape Joke Incites Laughter on 'The View'

11/18/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Inappropriate: Sofia Vergara joking about being raped on "The View" today.
More Inappropriate: Several members on "The View" panel LAUGHING about it!!!!!

Sofia Vergara: Click to watch
For the record -- Whoopi "rape rape" Goldberg was the only one who looked disturbed by the joke. You can hear someone on the set say, "Whoaaa!" -- but it's unclear whose mouth it came from.

Thanks to Jezebel for pointing it out.


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Listen I am not into the PC thing. I really am not. BUT rape is not a joking matter. Rape is serious and a very volent act. Rape is not about sex its about power and control. So I do not think this is a joke. That joke was offensive in so many ways.

1798 days ago


#46 Thanks for letting me know that George Lopez is calling like it is. I now plan on watching his show.

1798 days ago


Yuck, not funny. So not funny. Rape is violence = not funny. For a women to joke about it is more not funny.

1798 days ago


Ugh, she's like the token Latina slut in every movie.

1798 days ago


that was a little shocking, but I love that actress and sometimes when people laugh its just like nervous laughter or their laughing because they think they have to. And what is with Barbara Walters calling her hott and asking about her sons friends liking her? Barbara thats a sick question and I dont like that at all have some respect and who cares what she looks like gosh.

1798 days ago

Truth Hurts    

lighten up!

1798 days ago


Rape is no big deal in Latin countries. It is the equivalent of stealing a kiss here in the states. She was just joking and I thought it was funny.

1798 days ago


This is just despicable! I cannot believe she would be stupid and heartless enough to make such a ridiculous "joke" and then actually get a response of laughter from it! I don't know who she is, I've never heard of her before and hopefully I won't again.

1798 days ago


Sofia is 37, so she DID NOT have a baby at 13.
She said that because she did not want to reveal her age.... if she said she had her son at 19 + 18 (his age), then everyone knows her age.

She said 'I was raped'... because it would be a more reasonable way to get pregnant at such an early age.

1798 days ago


She's an a$$hole.

1798 days ago


This message in Spanish is just to Sofia Vergara.

Como madre de familia,y paisana tuya, me es muy triste verte que hagas este tipo de chiste siendo que hoy por hoy tanto en nuestros paises como aqui mismo en USA estan siendo violadas (y asesinadas) ninas inocentes como Sommer Thompson(6 years old) en FL y Shaniya Davis(5 years old)en NC. Si leyeras u oyeras las noticias de esas pobres ninas, estoy segura no harias NUNCA este tipo de joke. Es simplemente desagradable e inhumano chistes de "underage rape" tanto en Espanol como en Ingles. Deberias asesorarte con tus manejadores como hacer una disculpa publica. Tienes mucho potencial en comedia, no dejes que esto llegue a mayores. Como artista deberia estar full preaparada ante cualquier comentario incomodo para ti. No te preocupes mucho por tu edad. Mas bien en lo que dices y como lo dices. Sinceramente.

TMZ you can feel free to traslate and/or edit my post.

1798 days ago


Would you weirdos please stop defending her. She's a moron. She said a moronic thing. It was in plain English. There is no hidden meaning behind " I was raped". It was a bad joke.

1798 days ago


i seen this sofia girl act and she suckssss.. what a waste of the views time and mine .i will no longer be watching the view for wasting my time of this bimbo.

1798 days ago


I'm allergic to stupidity and just reading "the View" makes me have an allergic reaction. Those women are bottom of the barrel when it comes to the gene pool. I can't believe they still have a big enough audience to remain on TV, but considering what else is on these days I guess it's not that shocking.

1798 days ago


If Rush, Beck, or anyone on FOX did this there would be an outcry in the media & liberal groups protesting the network to have them all fired! But oh no not the liberal/democrats, it was just tasteless lets move on.

1798 days ago
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